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Andy Rooney: Christians "uneducated"

Yes, Andy Looney doesn’t think too highly of Christians. While reflecting on the recent election, Rooney told his Tufts University audience that Christian fundamentalism is a result of “a lack of education”, and that “They (Christians) haven’t been exposed to what the world has to offer.”

Bernard Moon of San Francisco has a great column on lessons that the liberal elite can learn about those of us who are of faith. An excerpt:

Rooney is reflective of the “liberal elite” in America that suffers from an odd disconnect with much of America and those who voted for President Bush. With respect to Isaac Asimov, I have decided to create “The Three Political Laws of Christian Fundamentalists” for the confused “liberal elite”:

  • A Christian is a human being capable of independent, logical reasoning to the highest order.

  • A Christian is not a mindless entity seeking to obey public religious leaders, such as Pat Robertson, John Paul II, or Ralph Reed, when voting on the future of America.

  • A Christian must protect his own existence as long as such protection does not conflict with the Bible.

    These laws might serve a good base as these elites attempt to reach out to those in “Jesusland” over the next four years and work to correct their lenses that only allows them to see “homophobic knuckle-draggers.”

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  • Howard Dean…a "centrist"?

    Boy, just when you thought liberals couldn’t get any more condescending!

    I have maintained that liberals get elected to statewide or national public office by distancing themselves from their liberal labels as much as possible. Why? Well, it’s simple, really…no one likes liberals. Even Southern and many Midwestern Democrats are proud Dems…they’re just not liberals.

    Well, Eleanor Clift proves my point. She thinks naming Howard Dean as DNC head honcho would be a good thing. She also realizes that Dean’s a “screaming liberal” (literally and figuratively!), and that’s why she would like to see him as DNC chief. She also is no idiot (unless you consider her ideology), so she knows that having an unabashed (or “outed”) liberal as the leader of a party trying to run from the label…well, it’s a recipe for Dems to lose even more seats.

    That’s why on The Mclaughlin Group, she made the side-splitting, guffaw-inducing assertion — and with a straight face, no less! — that Howard Dean is a “centrist”! Dean was ambivalent on whether it was truly a good thing that Saddam was deposed: “I suppose that’s a good thing.” Dean also found the theory “interesting” that Bush knew about 9/11 in advance. Sound like a “centrist” to you, or a certifiable left-wing nutbar?

    When Pat Buchanan called Dean “radical”, Clift fired back with this gem: “What you call radical, most of us call mainstream.” Sorry, but I have yet to see the “mainstream” in red-faced rants and blood-curdling “EAAAAHHHHHHH!” screams. Clift’s “mainstream” quote is further proof that liberals live detached from the real world and wouldn’t know “mainstream” if it bit them in their posteriors.

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    Liberals: "To hell with values!"

    That’s the name of a column by leftist Michael Kinsley in the LA Times. Yes, the same LAT that tried to pass off discredited slime as gospel back in ’02 when they tried (unsuccessfully) to derail Arnie’s “Kaleeforneea” governor campaign.

    Anyway, you can read the whole column for yourself, but they make you register with the site to read. So I’ll paste in one line, a line that I think sums up liberal attitudes about the role of government:

    Liberals’ actual motivation — the instinct that a prosperous society ought to mitigate the unfairness of life to some reasonable extent — isn’t considered a value.

    Kinsley was being sarcastic, in that he felt that said “motivation” by liberals was indeed a value…just not a value as defined by us red-staters.

    That line is telling, though, in that I firmly believe that most libs feel that way: the role of government is to “mitigate the unfairness of life.” For the love of Pete, how freaking naive can these people be?

    A prosperous society is a generous society, but it must always derive from the private level. Note that I had a previous posting about how the rich blue-staters don’t give much to charity, but the more modest-income red-staters give the most. A federal government that confiscates the fruits of labor of the producers to “distribute” (a term that should be offensive to all decent Americans) to the non-producers is a government that is paving the road to Hell with good intentions.

    Look, we all want to help the less fortunate among us…some of us (red-staters) more so than others (blue-staters), at least when it comes to putting one’s money where one’s mouth is. One of the main difference between liberals and conservatives is how best to achieve such an admirable goal. Libs want more government, non-libs want more citizen (i.e. private) participation.

    Also, like Kinsley says, libs believe that it is the role of government to “mitigate” such (perceived or real) unfairness “to a reasonable extent.” Who gets to define what “reasonable” is? Not Clinton, since he doesn’t even know how to define “is”…but I digress.

    Seriously, who defines “reasonable”? To me, affirmative action is no longer a “reasonable” response to discrimination, past or present…yet there are judges that shove this bigoted policy down our throats! Is that what Kinsley means by mitigation to “a reasonable extent”? Since he’s pro-AA, I’d say that yes, it is EXACTLY what he means.

    These are the people that must be stopped. Let them be wrong in the op-eds, at the dinner table or family reunion, or over a game of checkers…just don’t let them into power to implement their demonstrably-failed ideology into law.

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    ‘Unfit for Command’ Author Considers Challenging Kerry in Senate Race

    Woo-hoo, what fun this would be! From NewsMax:

    John Kerry’s nightmarish challenge by his Swift Boat veterans and their allies may not be over.

    NewsMax recently chatted with Jerry Corsi, the co-author with Swiftee John O’Neill of “Unfit for Command” – the runaway New York Times best seller that torpedoed Kerry’s presidential campaign.

    Attending a conference in the suburbs of Washington recently, Corsi let it be known that he is actively considering a run against Sen. Kerry when his term is up.

    Corsi is not a Massachusetts native, but says he has already scouted for property to declare his residence there.

    He appeared excited about the challenge. Federal law allows him to declare his candidacy at any time and open up a full fusillade against the Senate’s most liberal member.

    Corsi thinks his criticisms of Kerry will be well received in the state that elected Republican Mitt Romney. Even Bush fared better in Massachusetts in 2004 against its home state candidate than he did against Gore in 2000.

    Corsi also notes that his Italian-Irish ancestry will give him an edge in a state given to ethnic voting. Kerry is neither Irish nor Italian, Corsi notes.

    As word has circulated about a possible candidacy, Corsi says he has been flooded with e-mails of support.

    Corsi said he has read news reports that Kerry is considering a lawsuit against him, O’Neill and the Swift Boat Vets.

    Presumably the suit would be for defamation. The New York Post’s Page Six quoted a top aide to Kerry saying the senator would need to file such a suit if he has any prayer of making a presidential bid in 2008. Incredibly, Kerry is said to be considering such a run.

    Corsi said he and O’Neill have discussed the possibility of the lawsuit, and both said they might offer to pay Kerry for the FedEx charges to serve them with any court papers.

    “Quote me: Bring it on!” Corsi said with a chuckle.

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    Media collective yawn at Zarqawi’s admission

    So al Zarqawi admits that their stand at Fallujah was a major failure, and that the “infidels” have him and his terrorist network on the ropes. The MSM in this country buries the good news…naturally.

    Full story, including The Decapitator’s own words, here.

    Folks, we are winning. Do not ever let the MSM or the left (forgive the redundancy) tell you otherwise.

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    Godless liberals

    No, I’m not saying that all (or even most) liberals are atheist or agnostic. That would be untrue, and disingenuous of me to assert such. Granted, their failed policies can be argued as such, but most of us who know any liberals can probably attest that they do believe in God.

    Well, I had the misfortune of being accosted by a foreigner who not only is a socialist, but also ridiculed my belief in God. I won’t give this person any more notoriety, but it did bring to mind an observation on my part:

    Have you ever known an atheist who loved life?

    Think about it. Most times, whether you know an atheist or you see them on TV (such as an ACLU attorney or granola-eating, green-tea-sipping, burlap-wearing enviro-weenie), don’t they just seem like the most miserable people in the world?

    Rarely do you meet one who simply accepts that you believe in God and he/she does not. I have known but two such people. One is a dear friend of mine on the Left Coast, who is not of faith but accepts that I am and does not marginalize me for it. Another is a girl I dated when I first got to FSU, and while she is not of faith, she also never attempted to make me feel foolish for having faith in God.

    Aside from those two, nearly every atheist/agnostic I’ve ever had the misfortune of meeting has been such a horribly unhappy wretch. Those people are the ones who are hostile to us for having the temerity to believe in God.

    I wonder why.

    Actually, I know why…I just felt like closing on a rhetorical note! 🙂 Anyway, God bless everyone!!! LOL

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    More on the Ohio recount

    Yes, the Ohio recount will soon be under way. While Kerry has kept a low profile and has sandbagged expectations of an overturning of results, he has no doubt not discouraged the peon third-party candidates from doing his dirty work.

    Of course, this has triggered more than conspiracy theories. It has also triggered requested recounts in New Hampshire, and possibly Florida. Take it from this Floridian…there is no reason to think that 350,000 votes (Bush’s margin of victory in FL) will be overcome by a single vote. Florida went from being the laughingstock of the world in 2000, to a model of how to properly administer an election. The optical scanner machines, and even the liberal-derided touch screen machines, are near flawless…and what individual cases of errors exist (almost exclusively human-induced), they certainly can’t account for Kerry’s convincing defeat here.

    As for Ohio, I’m not sweating it in the slightest, especially since any recount results won’t be released until after Ohio certifies the results. Seems stupid, sure, but that’s what those attention-starving third-party guys want.

    Oh, yeah…I almost forgot. Full story here.

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    Happy Thanksgiving!

    I’d like to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving! We have so much to be thankful for in this country, so let us reflect on that today.

    As such, I will not be posting today (barring any monumental news that can’t wait for tomorrow). Until then, enjoy the day!

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    Dem Congresswoman: Media "no longer in our hands"

    Boy, talk about stepping in it! Hat tip to King Blogger himself, aka Instapundit:

    THE FINAL WORD ON RATHERGATE, I think, is found in this statement from Rep. Loretta Sanchez (D-CA) on Wolf Blitzer’s CNN program: “The media certainly is not in our hands any longer.”

    Funny…the MSM (mainstream media) hasn’t got the memo yet, Ms. Sanchez! Granted, though, I actually agree with you on this one!

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    Republican wins Washington state governor race, but…

    Leave it to a Democrat to be unsatisfied with a losing election result, and request yet another recount. For those who haven’t followed, here’s the condensed version.

    Election Day ended for most folks on Wednesday, Nov. 3. Washington state had a gubernatorial race that was tight. The final tally was that the GOP won by about 160 votes or so, out of 2.8 million votes cast. All absentee ballots and provisional ballots (the ones ruled eligible to be counted) were tallied, and the GOP won by about 260 votes. By law, the state had a machine recount. The GOP won again, though this time…by a mere 42 votes!

    Wow…only 42 votes! Anyway, the Dem is now requesting a hand recount. To be fair, I guess I can see why. When you’re that close, you want to make sure it’s correct.

    Awww…who am I kidding? This is a liberal who lost, therefore she’s attempting to engineer a theft of a close election! You watch…she’ll be challenging the hell out of the GOP votes, to get them rejected!

    Full story is here.

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    "Red states" more free than "blue states"

    No surprise there. Pacific Research Institute’s “U.S. Economic Freedom Index: 2004 Report,” published in association with Forbes magazine, figures in more than 100 variables in calculating economic freedom, including regulatory and fiscal burdens imposed on residents.

    The report, written by Ying Huang and Robert E. McCormick of Clemson University and Lawrence J. McQuillan of PRI, shows how more economic freedom leads to more economic security. Such findings are a wake-up call to old-fashioned politicians who still want voters to believe that more government and less liberty means more economic security.

    In order, America’s top 5 most free states: Kansas, Colorado, Virginia, Idaho and Utah. All Bush states.

    In order, America’s top 5 least free states: New York, California, Connecticut, Rhode Island and Illinois. All Kerry/Gore states.

    The index shows that the 25 states with above-average freedom include only two “blue” states, New Hampshire (which Kerry barely won and Bush won in 2000) and Delaware. The 25 subpar states included 17 Kerry states.

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    Kathleen Willey to Hillary: Beware the Swifties

    Kathleen Willey has a heads-up warning for Shrillary should she plan on running for president in 2008: Remember the Swiftboat Vets’ successful tactics this year.

    From NewsMax:

    When Hillary Clinton runs for president, she may have to face her own version of the Swiftboat Veterans for Truth – in the form of her husband’s accusers, the women the Clintons have been trying to erase from the national memory of Bill’s presidency.

    Reacting to Sen. Clinton’s efforts to use the opening of her husband’s presidential library last week as a springboard for her campaign for president, star impeachment witness Kathleen Willey told NewsMax, “I have some words of advice for the former first lady: Remember the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth.”

    Willey said she was struck by the fact that the Clinton library offers visitors a record of the ex-president’s schedule for each day of his administration.

    “I wonder what would happen if November 29, 1993 at 2:30 p.m. was researched,” she said. “That was the fateful day, the day on which my life was forever changed, the day I went to see him about a paying job. I need not go into any further detail.”

    Willey suspects she’s been written out of the script as part of the Clintons’ ongoing efforts to rewrite history, along with Paula Jones, Juanita Broaddrick, Dolly Kyle Browning and other key impeachment witnesses. “We just DO NOT exist!” in the Clintons’ version of events, she lamented.

    But just like John Kerry’s former Swift Boatmates, the Clinton accusers could come back to haunt Hillary when her presidential bid gets under way.

    Remember the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, indeed.

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    Norfolk paper bans Michelle Malkin

    For those who don’t know, Michelle Malkin is an Asian conservative columnist. I’m pretty sure I recall hearing that she’s Filipino. Her latest column is here. It’s short, and it best reflects her intellect, as well as her observant AND oftentimes humorous style of writing.

    Anyway, the Norfolk daily paper has banned her columns…which is interesting, considering that the city of Norfolk is mostly conservative, with the military base being there. Further proof that the media uber-elite is far removed from media consumers, and in the case of the Norfolk paper, far removed.

    The full story is here: link.

    Basically, a reader of the op-eds got mad and asked the editors to ban future columns. Consider it done. Their rationale? Virginian-Pilot editorial board member Bronwyn Lance Chester, who went so far as to invoke Malkin’s race, sums it up thusly: “She’s an Asian Ann Coulter. … She says outrageous things just to get TV appearances and book deals. She’s the worst of what’s wrong with punditry today. She adds absolutely nothing to genuine political discourse.” Of course, Chester had a column recently that was entitled “For country’s sake, ‘liberal’ shouldn’t be a slur.” For WHOSE sake??

    The Asian Ann Coulter? Is that supposed to be insightful, or maybe funny, or an attempt at a “put her in her place” cutdown?

    I’ve done my part to voice my disgust at their bigotry and their bias. Chester can be reached at Marvin Lake, the public editor over the editorial department, can be reached at They’ve heard from me…let them hear from you, too.

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    Why the end of the election is NOT the end of the fight!

    The fight against liberalism rages on, and the following situation illustrates this point clearly…along with the point that the MSM still does NOT get it! They continue with their bias, refusing to see how they contributed to the demise of Kerry and the rest of the Dems who ran in ’04.

    Gallup poll: Bush is at 55% job approval and they say here that this is “his best job rating since last January.”

    NYT headline: “Americans Show Clear Concerns on Bush Agenda.” Story here. It’s a result of a CBS/NYT poll (CBS aka “See? B.S. !”). And a loaded push-poll at that.

    See, folks? The battle rages on, and the education continues! As long as there is a clueless MSM, people like me will always have something to flap our gums about.

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    Dan Blather signing off

    Looks like the poster boy for media bias is calling it a career. Full story here.

    I don’t know if the forged Bush National Guard documents had anything to do with it. Knowing CBS brass, I doubt it. I’d like to think it hastened his retirement, but I won’t give the MSM that much credit.

    I do disagree vehemently with the NY columnist who said “It must be frustrating for a guy like this who has spent 24 years doing this and building up his career to be tainted by an event that he didn’t have control over.” He had no control over it? For the love of Pete, he refused to do any verification at all, passed the buck to the producer, ferociously defended the clearly discredited forgeries, impugned his detractors instead of answering their allegations…and to this day, still maintains that the documents are real. And yet Rather was some sort of innocent bystander here?

    If you want a littany of examples of Rather’s biased reporting over the years, there’s an e-shrine dedicated to such a littany: .

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    Kerry: bin Laden video sunk me!

    Despite evidence that shows the OBL tape had virtually no impact on the electorate, Kerry asserts that the tape cost him the election. Libs thought it would help Kerry, but were wrong…so will they now pull a Kerry and flip-flop, saying that the Bush team leaked the video before the election in order to help W win?


    Failed presidential candidate John Kerry is blaming Osama bin Laden for “scaring” voters into re-electing President Bush.

    Fox News Channel’s Geraldo Rivera caught up to Kerry on Thursday in Little Rock, Ark., where he was attending the opening of the Clinton Presidential Library.

    “Tough luck, senator,” Rivera said to Kerry, referring to his Election Day defeat.

    According to Rivera, Kerry replied:

    “It was that Osama tape — it scared them [the American people].”

    Kerry told the Fox host that the terror master’s October surprise came too late – just four days before the vote – for him to counter.

    “Senator Kerry clearly believes not only is it the security issue that cost him the election, but very specifically the Osama tapes coming out in the 11th hour,” Rivera reported Friday.

    The bin Laden tape echoed attacks by Kerry and other Democrats on President Bush, including references to the disputed Florida election in 2000, Halliburton and a scene from Michael Moore’s “Fahrenheit 9/11.”

    At the time, Democrats said the video would likely help Kerry, because it would remind Americans that Bush had failed to capture bin Laden.

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    Give that Marine a medal!

    This gem from Libertarian talk radio host Neal Boortz:

    Remember that marine who shot an Islamofascist (affectionately referred to by our left-wing MSM as “insurgent”) in Fallujah last week? He thought that the Islamic terrorist might be playing dead and could pose a threat. You leftist pro-Saddam nutbars out there will never be convinced, but for those of you have honest doubts about this Marine and what he did, here’s another one. This insurgent was playing dead … right up until the time he pulled out his gun.

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    The Folklore of Election ’04

    From Neal Boortz:

    The current issue of Time has a small piece entitled “The Folklore of Election ’04“. Frankly, I’m a bit surprised Time even printed this piece. It shatters some of the popular excuses offered by Democrats for their loss. Some examples:

    • Did those pesky Christians show up in overwhelming numbers to defeat the Godless Democrats? Nope. A Democratic pollster shows that the percentage of voters in 2004 who attend church regularly was 42%. That’s exactly the same as the percentage who voted in 2000.

    • Was the election all about moral standards? Some 22% of voters cited morals as a reason for their vote. Iraq and terrorism were cited by 34% of the voters.

    • The election was stolen. How did Bush win those Florida counties where the majority of the voters are registered Democrats? Oops. It seems that those Florida counties have been voting for Republican presidents for decades.

    Oh well … I suppose the Democrats and the left will keep trying to come up with excuses. Anything is better than admitting that you were simply rejected by the American people.

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    Clinton throws temper tantrum in front of Peter Jennings

    Bill Clinton is a little paranoid these days. He thinks everyone is out to get him, and during an interview exchange with Peter Jennings of ABC News, he accused Jennings of leading the attack dog pack against him back in 1998 – 99.

    What? Jennings was one of Clinton’s biggest defenders! Talk about biting the hand that feeds you!

    The full exchange:

    JENNINGS (Discussing rankings by presidential historians]: They gave you a forty-first in terms of moral authority – after Nixon.

    CLINTON: They’re wrong about that. You know why they’re wrong about it? They’re wrong about it.

    JENNINGS: Why, sir?

    CLINTON: Because we had $100 million spent against us in all these inspections . . . In spite of it all, you don’t have any example where I ever lied to the American people about my job, where I have let the American people down. And I had more support from the world when I quit than when I started. And I will go to my grave being at peace about it. And I don’t really care about what they think.

    JENNINGS: Oh, yes you do.

    CLINTON: They have no idea . . .

    JENNINGS: Excuse me, Mr. President. I can feel it across the room. You care very deeply.

    CLINTON (through angry squint): No, no. I care. I care. You don’t want to go here, Peter. You don’t want to go here. Not after what your people did. And the way you – your network – what you did with Kenneth Starr. The way your people repeated every little sleazy thing he did. No one has any idea of what that’s like.

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    Why Kerry lost Iowa

    Articles are out today showing that Bush has “unofficially” won Iowa. Uhhh…didn’t we know that already? Anyway, the Des Moines Register has a great column. They say , then they list a few reasons. I’ll give only the last two, which in my view, are the most telling and the most important:

    • Elitist images. Related to this is an image issue. Elitism. Too many on the left have a snooty, we-know-better attitude. They post Internet images of Bush states as “Jesusland.” You can hear it as they grumble over the outcome and complain about how stupid people are. It’s a turnoff. Having rock-star celebrities touring the country for their candidate may appeal to the elites, but it also signals to other voters a message about their candidate.

    • Kerry himself. He wasn’t as good a messenger as he needed to be. From his windsurfing to his left-of-center Senate voting record to his avant-garde wife, everything worked to make the reserved New Englander seem strange to many – a guy who just didn’t relate to many people.

    For example, in Polk County, Kerry defeated Bush by only 9,400 votes. That’s not nearly the margin a Democrat needs out of Iowa’s largest county to offset rural Republican votes and win a statewide election. But Democratic Congressman Leonard Boswell defeated his Republican challenger, Stan Thompson, by almost 26,600 votes in the county.

    Boswell got 7,100 more votes than Kerry in Iowa’s largest county. In other words, thousands of people who voted for Bush then crossed over to vote for Boswell.

    Leonard doesn’t windsurf.

    If he does, he keeps it to himself.


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    Coulter on "The Loss that Keeps on Giving!"

    Brilliant and hilarious, as usual, from Ann Coulter. A couple of excerpts below, but please read the column in its entirety:

    As we wait for CBS to concede the election, Democrats are claiming Kerry lost because Americans are stupid – and if there’s one thing voters respond to, it’s crude insults.

    This is not only the first step of a brilliant strategy to win the red states back, but also inconsistent with the Democrats’ theory that Bush was an illegitimate president for the last four years because Democratic voters in Florida were too dumb to follow an arrow to the circle by Al Gore’s name. How stupid were the alleged Gore-supporters who couldn’t figure out how to cast a vote in the 2000 election?

    Garry Wills – who fills in “occupation” on his federal tax return with “self-hating Catholic” – denounced America in the New York Times as an unenlightened nation full of people who believe “more fervently in the Virgin Birth than in evolution.”

    By contrast, apparently, “enlightened” people believe in the Aborted Birth more fervently than they believe in national defense. And just in the interest of fairness here, Garry: At least there’s some documentation on the Virgin Birth story. For people who believe so fervently in evolution, these Bush mandate-deniers sure are resistant to it on a personal level.

    On the same day, on the same nuanced Times editorial page, both Wills and Maureen Dowd wrote that Kerry was defeated by a “jihad” of Christians. The jihadists, according to Wills, were driven by “fundamentalist zeal, a rage at secularity, religious intolerance, fear of and hatred for modernity.” Dowd said they were “a devoted flock of evangelicals, or ‘values voters,’ as they call themselves … opposing abortion, suffocating stem-cell research and supporting a constitutional amendment against gay marriage.” Finally – a jihad liberals oppose!

    One depressed Kerry voter committed suicide at Ground Zero. Meanwhile, the entire Democratic Party is also contemplating political suicide by making Howard Dean its next chairman.

    Some Democrats are so despondent they’ve contemplated (hushed whisper) prayer. They’re just not sure if they’re supposed to pray to Bill Clinton or to their “Higher Power.”

    Again, puh-LEEZE read the column!

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    Arkansas trailer trash

    That’s what the Clintons are, and more specifically, Bill Clinton. He defined his legacy with a stained blue dress, cop-a-feels on women he wasn’t married to, and perjury…to name but a scant few.

    So now he has his own presidential library, and he’s using it not for historical purposes…but for petty, childish, and myopic purposes. Specifically, for settling old scores.

    This is not unexpected, of course. His memoirs (isn’t it funny that a man who always testified that he didn’t recall saying or doing anything can publish “memoirs”?) were nothing more than gratuitous PR work to try and rehab his disgraced image. So why shouldn’t we expect the same when it comes to his library? For this man, it’s always been about him!

    Apparently the exhibits repeatedly take aim at Newt Gingrich, and one characterizes his impeachment this way: “The impeachment battle was not about the Constitution or the rule of law, but was instead a quest for power that the president’s opponents could not win at the ballot box.” Oh really? That sounds so neat and tidy, doesn’t it? The problem is, it’s a lie. The impeachment battle was about a sitting president of the United States lying under oath.

    Here’s the Cliff Notes version: Bill Clinton made a huge deal .. big ceremony and all .. out of signing a piece of legislation that gave women who were victims of sexual harassment on the job access to the federal courts. He then lied under oath in order to deny a women who was subjected to sexual harassment on the job her access to the courts under the very law he had signed with so much fanfare. If you believe that a president should be allowed to commit perjury in order to deny a citizen access to legal process, then you are beyond hope.

    I think that Newt Gingrich’s spokesperson pretty much got it right: “Why should anyone expect that a dishonest administration would produce an honest library? It looks like we have the first ‘I pity me’ presidential library.” The library also has exhibits that attack Kenneth Starr, including one that says “Starr repeatedly expanded the scope of his investigation. Witnesses complained that Starr and his staff would threaten them with jail in an attempt to get them to change their stories. In January 1998, Starr began to look into the President’s testimony about his relationship with Monica Lewinsky.” Another lie…. It was Janet Reno and a panel of judges repeatedly expanded the scope of his investigation, as the circle of corruption grew wider.

    Our cursory look at the Clinton library hasn’t yet revealed any exhibits about Clinton raping Juanita Broaderick, or the sexual harassment of Kathleen Willey or Paula Jones. Yeah…keep looking. After all, Clinton has never personally denied raping Broaderick, so why not make it a part of the library exhibits? Maybe a bloody pillowcase. No blue dress, either. The most corrupt presidency in the history of the United States now has a library that is being used to settle political scores.

    Like I said…pure trailer trash. Note that damned near every person for whom he campaigned, that candidate lost. And though normal and decent America has since rejected him, Dems still treat him like a rock star…and wonder why they continue to lose elections!

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    Grotesque racism and bigotry by the left

    This just steams my hide royally! Words cannot describe how pissed off I am at the liberals in the media! Bias is one thing…but racism is another!

    You must go to to see this for yourself. Specifically, look at the cartoons done by liberals such as Oliphant and Danziger.

    What pisses me off about the overt racism is that if it were done by a conservative or libertarian, all of ever-loving HELL would break loose! I’m still waiting to hear from so-called “civil rights” leaders like Sharpton and Jesse (a couple of race-hustling poverty pimps).

    Oops…looks like I just used an insult that can be misconstrued as bigoted. Tell ya what: I’ll retract that characterization of said pimps if either one comes out and denounces the racist overtones listed about Dr. Rice.

    Fat chance of that happening, huh?

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    Sarin (a WMD) found during Operation Phantom Fury…where’s the MSM?

    From Neal Boortz:

    If you use this link to visit the USA Today website you will be treated to a flash presentation of several pictures taken during the siege of Fallujah. Picture number two in this presentation shows 40 vials in boxes labeled “Sarin.” That’s sarin gas, my friends. One drop of this stuff on your skin can kill you. The boxes have Cyrillic and German characters on them, indicating they may have come from our good friends the Russians or the Germans. The caption under the photo reads “Marines discovered 40 vials of suspected Sarin gas while searching a house in Fallujah, Iraq. It was secreted in a briefcase hidden in a truck in the courtyard of the house.”

    So … there you go. Weapons of mass destruction. Chemical weapons. This Sarin gas could, with an effective application, kill thousands. And where do they find it? In a briefcase! A briefcase in a car trunk. And you wonder why our troops have had some difficulty finding Saddam’s weapons? You still think inspections could have worked? Yeah, sure they would. The inspectors were going to look in every car trunk and every briefcase in Iraq.

    What you see in that picture is proof that the only way to even come close to neutralizing the threat that Saddam posed was to remove him from power. Nothing else was going to work.

    Meanwhile … just watch the critics whistle past this one. If you don’t mention the vials of Sarin gas, they just don’t exist … do they?

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    Ohio WILL recount all ballots, but…

    …it won’t affect the outcome, since the recount will occur after the certification of the results, which was a Bush 136,000 vote win. Seems like the third-party guys raised more money for a recoun than they did for their campaigns. Dem contributions, anyone?

    Story below (link here):

    A statewide recount of the presidential vote appears inevitable after a pair of third-party candidates said they have collected enough money to pay for it.

    The recount would be conducted after the election results are certified in early December.

    Libertarian Michael Badnarik and the Green Party’s David Cobb said on Monday they raised more than $150,000 in four days, mostly in small contributions.

    Ohio law requires payment of $10 per precinct for a recount, or $113,600 statewide.

    Badnarik and Cobb said they aren’t trying to overturn President Bush’s 136,000-vote victory in Ohio, but just want to ensure that all votes were counted properly in the face of concerns about Election Day irregularities.

    “Our bottom line is to stand up for the integrity of the voting process because the voting process is the heart of the democratic process,” said Blair Bobier, spokesman for Cobb.

    Bobier said it will be worth the price to ensure the final outcome can be trusted.

    Carlo LoParo, spokesman for Secretary of State Kenneth Blackwell, said the actual cost to county election boards combined will be about $1.5 million.

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    That mean ol’ Rush, terrorizing traumatized victims!

    You have to read this to believe it. It’s in the Boca Raton newspaper, which makes the level of outrage by the liberals even funnier.

    Here’s an excerpt, but please, read the whole article here:

    Mental health officials in South Florida blasted Rush Limbaugh on Monday, saying the conservative talk show host’s offer of “free therapy” for traumatized John Kerry voters has made a mockery of a valid psychological problem.

    “Rush Limbaugh has a way of back-handedly slamming people,” said Sheila Cooperman, a licensed clinician with the American Health Association (AHA) who listened Friday as Limbaugh offered to personally treat her patients. “He’s trying to ridicule the emotional state this presidential election produced in many of us here in Palm Beach County. Who is he to offer therapy?”

    The Boca Raton News reported last week that more than 30 distraught Kerry supporters in South Florida contacted the non-profit AHA following their candidate’s Nov. 3 concession to President Bush. AHA officials have diagnosed the disorder as Post Election Selection Trauma (PEST) and have scheduled the first of several free group therapy sessions for just after Thanksgiving.

    PEST? A “valid psychological problem”? Maybe voting for Kerry (as well as for liberals in general) should be classified as a “valid psychological problem”!

    Man, what a nation of wussies we are becoming! Well, not really “we“…just despondent liberals!

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    George Will: Liberals’ belief in American stupidity

    I’m in good company again. George Will notes how liberals believe that the majority of Americans are idiots, and this belief makes them feel better about their own detachedness…which they mistake for “intellectual superiority.”

    An excerpt (full column here):

    A small but significant, because articulate, sliver of the Democratic Party seems to relish interpreting the party’s defeat as validation. This preening faction reasons as follows: the re-election of George W. Bush proves that 51 percent of the electorate are homophobic, gun-obsessed, economically suicidal, antiscience, theocratic dunces. Therefore to be rejected by them is to have one’s intellectual and moral superiority affirmed.

    This insult directed at the electorate must appall most Democrats, who would prefer to be validated by victories. But disdain for the judgment of average Americans now colors various aspects of American life.

    This disdain for normal America has been flourishing for quite some time, although note how the left likes to point to Clinton’s two terms and above-average approval ratings as proof that Americans were smart enough to see through partisan rhetoric about Billary! For some reason, when Bush enjoys average to above-average ratings and a more sound re-election result than Clinton had in 1996…well, NOW all of a sudden, the same once-before intelligent American electorate has been transformed into a collective of imbeciles. Funny how that works when the numbers don’t support your guy!

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    Hillary in 2008

    Much has been made of Hillary running for President in 2008. Personally, I think 2006 is going to be a more important year for her. It’s when she runs for re-election for her Senate seat.

    Here are some scenarios for ’06:

    1. She doesn’t run for re-election. Too risky, since it would keep her out of the limelight for over a year, which will dim her star.

    2. She runs against Rudy Giuliani…and loses. Her ambitions for President die with her failed re-election bid.

    3. She runs against Rudy Giuliani…and wins. She’s a lock for the Dems’ nomination for ’08, having defeated a real New Yorker and a larger-than-life figure.

    4. She runs against someone other than Rudy…and loses. Her ambitions for President die with her failed re-election bid. This scenario is unlikely, I would think.

    5. She runs against someone other than Rudy…and wins. Even someone as popular as Gov. George Pataki, who probably still cannot beat her. She’s a lock for the Dems’ nomination for ’08, having defeated a real New Yorker (and if it’s Pataki, a popular executive).

    As a family friend pointed out to me yesterday, he thinks the American people are too smart to elect her. I’d like to think so, too, and if you asked me to put money on it, I would think she couldn’t win…her negatives are way too high.

    But aside from the GOP nominee in 2008, much of the speculation will be fueled by what she does in 2006.

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    CBS fires producer…for interrupting "CSI: NY"

    No, not for forged documents. But for interrupting CSI:NY in order to report the death of terrorist Yasser Arafat.

    From NewsMax:

    Note to the employees of CBS: You won’t be fired if you try to topple a Republican president with a fake story, but you will be fired if you disrupt a popular entertainment show because of a dead terrorist.

    CBS’s so-called news division has booted the producer who cut off the ending of “CSI: NY” on Wednesday to announce the death of Muslim terrorist Yasser Arafat, according to a CBS exec.

    “The producer responsible ignored network policy to contact a senior executive before interrupting a regularly scheduled program for a news report, the source said,” the Associated Press reported today.

    The network had to rerun the show Friday night after an outcry from viewers.

    Meanwhile, millionaire Democrat operative Dan Rather still hasn’t been fired despite his latest scandal and despite plunging CBS “News” down the ratings toilet.

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    Glad to do my part to screw the MSM!

    Michael Barone, the Godfather of American political science with his Almanac of American Politics, rightly slams the MSM (mainstream media) for its failures and complicity in this year’s electoral gerrymandering attempts. Barone credits the New Media, among which is the blogosphere…i.e., me!

    An excerpt (full column here):

    Finally, consider the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth story. Kerry strategists are now saying that Kerry should have responded to the Swifties’ charges sooner. But they didn’t because they were confident Old Media would bury the story. Which it did, for months, from the formation of the group in April, the publication of its book “Unfit for Command” and the TV ads that started running in the summer. Old Media loved the Kerry narrative (decorated hero returns from Vietnam and opposes the war) and didn’t want to disturb it by airing the Swifties’ charges.

    But the story got aired on New Media, the Swifties’ book zoomed to No. 1 on and Kerry responded to the charges on Aug. 19. Then Old Media had to cover the story, and while many stories brushed the Swifties’ charges aside as “discredited,” more careful examinations, as in The Washington Post, showed the charges had some substance.

    Kerry would have been better served, it turned out, by apologizing early on for his 1971 testimony that besmirched all troops in Vietnam. He could have done so in the spring when questioned by Tim Russert on “Meet the Press,” but decided not to. Memo to future Democratic nominees: You can no longer rely on Old Media to hush up stories that hurt your cause. Your friends in Old Media don’t have a monopoly any more.

    Amen. Glad I could do my part to contribute to John Kerry’s and Tom Daschle’s “Electile Dysfunction”! I have no delusions of grandeur, so I know that my blog had little to do with the national mood on Election Day. I am but one fish in an ocean of millions. But I will not stop until liberalism is stamped out, and if that means taking on the liberal MSM, then I’m more than happy to do it.

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