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Horowitz fires back at "racist" Al Franken

Horowitz notes that Franken referred to him in Franken’s book “Lying Liars” as a “racist.” Well, Horowitz usually ignores such invenctive, but Franken’s used it one too many times. Horowitz’ response:

There is not a single sentence, or phrase, or comment of mine that could be cited to justify Franken’s attack.

Nonetheless, Franken isn’t alone. A cottage industry has sprung up on the Internet that is a left-wing version of “Red Channels,” the infamous newsletter that provided lists of Communists in the McCarthy era. Web sites like Public Eye, NameBase, MediaTransparency, People for the American Way and the Southern Poverty Law Center store up distortions like Franken’s and keep the witch hunt going. This version of the McCarthy blacklist could be Franken’s source.

Their metier is spinning policy differences into questions of character and basic human decency. Their side is the side of reason and virtue, ours that of venality and sin. No matter. My answer to Al Franken is this: I am going to post your photograph on, which is viewed by a million visitors monthly. The photo will be identified with these words: “Al Franken: Racist.” The photo will be prominently posted until you apologize to me publicly for this attack. When you have made an apology, I will either disclose my evidence for characterizing you as a racist or withdraw the charge.

He’s not lying. I went to and lo and behold…there it is, front page!

You go, dude! Don’t let that liberal sleazeball get away with his baseless invective any more!

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