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Daschle campaign leader: Ordinary South Dakotans "not nice people"

Hat tip to South Dakota Politics blog for this one. The following excerpt is telling. The post on SDP here references a blog that is run by Democrats in South Dakota:

However, it is also time for people to take a good, hard look at its citizens. People involved in the Daschle campaign said they became alarmed during the last month preceding the election at the downright viciousness and hatred exhibited by ordinary people. One campaign leader said, “The fact is that these are not nice people. Why would anyone want to live among them?” Again, South Dakotans tend to mouth all the cliches about the clean and crime-free way of life they cherish while some of the meanest and most bigoted people in the nation are setting a malicious and perfidious tone to everything they touch. It is time to address what some of the citizens of South Dakota are really like.

And this, observes SDP of the above post:

That right there is the contempt and condescension that Daschle and his supporters had for South Dakotans. No doubt that contempt and condescension were factors in his defeat.

Yet another instance of how liberals ooze with arrogance and contempt for ordinary (especially rural) Americans. Also another instance of how Dasshole was putting on a facade to get elected in South Dakota, and once the election was lost, there was no need to keep up the facade anymore. While many are outraged by this, I’m actually amused…no, I’m downright giddy at how much this clearly sticks in the craw of liberals. Heck, Dasshole losing seems to make them a helluva lot madder than Kerry losing!

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