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GMA Features "Outraged 9/11 Wives," Don’t Note They Backed Kerry

From the Media Research Center:

With “OUTRAGED 9/11 WIVES” as the on-screen heading, Monday’s Good Morning America featured Kristen Breitweiser and Patty Casazza, to denounce those opposed to the intelligence reform bill, without bothering to mention how both endorsed John Kerry. (In a Kerry ad, Breitweiser declared that since “I want to look in my daughter’s eyes and know that she is safe…I am voting for John Kerry.” Casazza had pined that “on 9/11, my life was in a long, dark tunnel. Now I can see some light. John Kerry has the answers” and after Bush won she worried the public was in more danger.) On GMA, Breitweiser launched into left-wing paranoia about how “Defense contractors need to recognize the fact that with $40 billion of a budget being spent on things that are not making us safer, we need a director of national intelligence to reallocate those funds to human intelligence on the ground.” Casazza demanded: “What do we say to our children at this point in time? My son is 14. In three years he could be drafted to go to the war if that is brought back — you can go to war, but we will not protect you here at home. That’s unconscionable.”

It isn’t as if ABC were unaware that there are many 9/11 families who oppose the bill. On last Tuesday’s (November 30) World News Tonight, Linda Douglass reported: “The legislation is still being blocked by the two committee chairs. Armed Service Chairman, Duncan Hunter, who argues the bill dilutes the power of the military. And Judiciary Chairman, James Sensenbrenner, who is demanding national standards for driver’s licenses to deny them to illegal immigrants. Some September 11th families support that.”

ABC then played a soundbite from Peter Gadiel at a Capitol Hill press conference: “No bill should pass this Congress, unless it includes border security and driver’s license measures.”

In a December 1 Washington Times story headlined, “9/11 kin support provisions on illegals,” reporters Stephen Dinan and Brian DeBose explained (an excerpt):

A group of families of September 11 victims yesterday told Congress to scrap the entire intelligence overhaul effort this year and start over next year rather than pass the pending bill, which omits strong immigration security provisions.

“You allowed the murder of my son. I will not allow you to kill my daughters,” said Joan Molinaro, mother of a New York City firefighter who died September 11, as she first held up a picture of her son and then a picture of her two daughters. “No bill should pass the Senate, the House, anywhere, unless it contains immigration reform — you secure our borders, you keep my girls alive.”

She and fellow leaders of the 300-member 9/11 Families for a Secure America sought to counter the publicity machine of those who support the bill by running radio commercials praising key House Republicans who blocked the bill from coming up for a vote on Nov. 20. The ads instead blame senators…

That Good Morning America is exploiting the pain of 9/11 victims to advance their liberal agenda is not shocking…but it is sick!

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