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House Dems defend corrupt Annan

Leave it to American liberals to defend the indefensible. The overseer of the scandal-plagued and misery-perpetuating “Oil for Food” program at the UN, Kofi Annan (whose son personally profited from this program at the expense of the well-being of the Iraqi people) has found a friend. Actually, a series of friends. House Democrats are asking their fellow Americans to cut Annan some slack and allow him to continue his job as UN Secretary-General.

Full story here.

This bolsters my argument that American liberals believe in UN superiority over the United States. Kofi is their hero, despite his impotence as leader.

Look at it this way: Annan’s biggest defenders have been Syria, Libya, and Iran. Looks like liberals keep “good” company, huh?

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Liberal racism: their true "colors"

Ann Coulter points out how, in their attacks on Dr. Condi Rice and Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, liberals are now guilty of racism that they usually accuse their GOP counterparts of possessing. Case in point:

On the Sean Hannity radio show, Democratic pundit Pat Halpin defended Sen. Reid’s laughable attack on Thomas by citing Bob Woodward’s book “The Brethren,” which – according to Halpin – vividly portrays Thomas as a nincompoop.

I return to my standing point that liberals don’t read. Harry Reid clearly hasn’t read any of the decisions Justice Thomas has written, and Pat Halpin clearly hasn’t read “The Brethren.”

“The Brethren” came out a decade before Thomas was even nominated to the Supreme Court. The only black Supreme Court justice discussed in “The Brethren” is Thurgood Marshall. That’s one we haven’t heard in a while: I just can’t tell you guys apart.

How many black justices have there been on the Supreme Court again? Oh yes: two. It’s one thing to confuse Potter Stewart with Lewis Powell. After all, there have been a lot of white guys on the court. But there have been only two black justices – and Democrats can’t keep them straight. Two! That’s like getting your mother and father confused. I can name every black guy on a current National Hockey League roster: Is it asking Democrats too much to remember the names of the only two black Supreme Court justices?

The full column is here, and I insist you read it! OK, I humbly request that you read it! It’s poignant and hilarious, in typical Coulter fashion. Just read the excerpt above again if you doubt it.

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