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Dems are closing in on succesful electoral theft in Washington

The governor’s race in Washington state finished with a narrow 42-vote win for the Republican candidate, out of nearly 2.8 million votes cast. In typical Dem fashion, a fight has ensued. And now, it looks like the latte-sippers in Seattle are willing to abet electoral fraud.

Elections officials in the liberal stronghold of Seattle’s King County have now “found” (after not one, not two, but three counts) 561 “previously uncounted” ballots. Since King County went about 60-40 for the Dems, that would be more than enough to overcome the 42-vote margin they need. How do you misplace, forget, or otherwise neglect to count 561 ballots after three counts?

In the state Supreme Court, Dems are trying to include previously-ruled ineligible votes. The state’s Supreme Court isn’t showing its hand yet. The Democrats’ legal counsel is recommending that WA voters should now go to the polls…with their attorneys! Good grief. The exchange between said counsel (Burman) and Justice Bridge:

Burman: “We are in favor of finality. But we are in favor of finality after it’s done fully and fairly, accurately and civilly, and that is part of the manual-recount process.”

Bridge: “Are voters supposed to take a lawyer now when they go to vote just to make sure everything” is done correctly?

Burman: “If they care enough, if they are worried enough about the errors, perhaps they should.

Emphasis is mine. Full story here.

State GOP Chairman Chris Vance correctly observes: “It’s either gross incompetence or vote fraud. I guess we should just keep expecting King County to find votes until they find enough.”

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