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I’ve often noted that, despite the risk of being branded as a bigot by total strangers (remind me later to give a flying fornication what liberal strangers think of me), it seems as though your average white person doesn’t feel the need to defend the indefensible…specifically, when another white person commits a heinous act (i.e. Ted Bundy, Charles Manson, pedophile priests, etc.). Generally, white folks are not very forgiving of deprave acts against humanity, irrespective of the race of the predator.

Yet let a black (or a woman, or a gay, or a gay black woman…you get the idea) commit an attrocious and horrific acts, such as killing an ex-wife and her waiter, and the black community comes to the defense…but not of the victims. No, of the perpetrator.

I’m not trying to imply that blacks are somehow more accepting of acts of depravity than are whites or other ethnicities. Not at all. Actually, Coulter has a column whereby she ends with this obervation, which sums up my point:

Speaking of O.J., I keep hearing TV commentators say the Scott Peterson jury was influenced by the O.J. jury. Besides the fact that the jurors themselves say O.J. never crossed their minds until the press started asking them questions, the comparison is absurd. Among the burdens liberals have placed on blacks is the nutty idea that all blacks are obliged to defend the worst elements of their race.

White people don’t feel a need to defend Jeffrey Dahmer or Scott Peterson. Go ahead, kill him. If we did, the Judgment at Nuremburg would have ended in a hung jury. In fact, the biggest dilemma we usually face after a case like Scott Peterson’s is, “Lethal injection, or Old Sparky?”

I agree. It seems as though liberals have put such a burden on blacks by convincing them that if a black person is accused of commiting a heinous act, it must be a racist attempt to frame an innocent black man. Does it escape the realm of possibility that O.J. Simpson or Rae Carruth (former NFL player who had his pregnant girlfriend and unborn child killed) or others like them are actually really guilty as charged? And if they’re guilty, shouldn’t they pay?

Reasonable people can disagree on the death penalty, no doubt. But why do seemingly reasonable people become downright irrational when it comes to determining guilt of the clearly guilty? I reject the notion that one’s race should be a factor at all when deciding guilt or innocence, either in criminal court or the court of public opinion.

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