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Dems appear to have successfully stolen Washington governor’s race

Looks like my earlier prediction was correct. King County (Seattle) waited until last to release their hand count results, presumably so they could determine how many votes they needed in order to deliver a fraudulent win to the Democrat.

Tuesday night, the King County elections office released their preliminary findings, which says that their hand count is complete, and the Democrat shaved the winner’s margin from 49 votes to -8 votes. That’s right. The Democrat is claiming a whopping eight-vote win.

To add insult to injury, not only do these people have no shame in perpetuating vote fraud on the people on Washington state, but now they’re calling for the Republican to concede! The sheer, unadulterated gall of these animals! The message is clear: “We’ve finally gotten the result we wanted, so we can now stop everything and officially declare the race over.”

I’m not one to advocate suing one’s way to victory, but I’m also not one to advocate sitting back and allowing the other side (who lost both the original count and machine recount) to mine for votes in the biggest county (and biggest partisan county) that aren’t even valid. Much as I hate to say it, I hope Rossi sues to keep his well-earned and legitimate gubernatorial victory. Time will tell what will happen here.

Oh, yeah…the story is here. I’m sure that like Florida in 2000, much will happen here over the next several days. As a Floridian (albeit non-native) who was embarrassed by the debacle in 2000 here, I’m glad to see this mess happening somewhere else.

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