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ACLU: Pro-gay shirts "free speech", but not Confederate shirts

Leave it to the ACLU (#ssholes and Crazy Leftists United) to expose themselves once again for they hypocrites that they are.

According to an AP article appearing here, a student in Missouri was sent home for wearing a pro-gay t-shirt because the school administration found it to be distracting and not conducive to keeping focus on educational activities (for those of you in blue states, which does NOT include Missouri, that means “learning”). The ACLU is suing the school, saying that the girl’s free speech rights are being violated and the school has no right to limit this kind of speech.

What a difference 10 months makes! In Wisconsin (a blue state, which would explain what you’re about to read) in June of 2004, a Pewaukee High School senior, who submitted a yearbook picture (paid for by him, in a paid ad) showing himself with a rifle and a confederate flag, was told he would have to submit another picture. According to the ACLU, this was an appropriate course of action. Link here.

Sure, they mentioned the gun (which is dumb, but for the purposes of the free speech component to this column, I’ll let that one pass), and how the school was obligated to keep their students safe (sidebar: when was the last time you saw a picture of a gun shoot a real person?). But here’s the gem:

It (the school) should also indicate that the confederate flag is regarded by many as a symbol of intolerance and bigotry and that intolerance and bigotry are contrary to the civic values taught by the school.

Really? “Regarded by many”, huh? So that is a reason to refuse a photo? I thought free speech wasn’t concerned with popular speech or how it was “regarded” by anyone…isn’t that what the ACLU kooks have been telling us?

How about this, then? Homosexuality is a lifestyle regarded by many to be incompatible with civic values in society. It’s patently offensive to most Americans, and the overwhelming majority of parents with kids in school feel that it is not appropriate for kids in school to be exposed to pro-gay OR anti-gay messages (if kids want to talk outside of class about it, who cares?). But now we’re back to “Screw the majority…it’s free speech!”

By embracing the pro-gay t-shirt as free speech and deriding the Confederate flag shirt, the ACLU is saying that Southern pride is hateful, bigoted, and intolerant…and gay pride is welcome, tolerant, and conducive to good brainwashing and propoganda…er, education! So I, as a Tennesseean, can have no pride in my culture…unless I boinked other men.

What a bunch of left-wing hypocritical nut jobs!


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