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Arnie brings out leftist idiocy

Read this column on the California Democrats’ convention yesterday, and note the tone of the “article.” It’s slanted against the popular California governor, which is to be expected, but note how the writer (Beth Fouhy of the AP) exposes her ignorance.

Some in the convention hall held signs reading “Stop Arnold’s Arrogance!” while others carried bobblehead dolls depicting the Republican governor in a pink dress with an automatic rifle strapped to his shoulder. A video mocking Schwarzenegger’s campaign fund-raising and fondness for cigars drew laughter from the crowd.


During the budget fight last year, he branded Democrats “girlie men,” infuriating some who called the remark sexist and homophobic.

Emphasis mine. First of all, note the remark that he angered “some”. This is a common journalistic practice that allows the bias of the reporter to make its way into a story. When I was in college, there was a story of two lesbians who went to get a FL marriage license. They, of course, were refused. The anchorwoman said that they were going to sue the state, and (I quote) “Many think they will win.” Who were these “many”? Don’t know, because the news refused to show any sound bites, clips, interviews, printed statements, etc., from anyone who thought they would win. So just who the hell were these “many”, when the news couldn’t even find one? So there’s your lesson for today in spotting media bias: ambiguous terms like “some” or “many” when talking about a position or reaction.

The “article” is hilarious, especially since it’s framed with a serious tone. Arnie calls some people “girlie men”, and libs are aghast and call him sexist and homophobic. Yet these same people have Arnie bobblehead dolls of him in a pink dress, and it’s funny? Personally, I think it is juvenile, but not offensive. What is offensive is their hypocrisy, in that a bunch of leftists can put him in a dress and ignore any sexist or homophobic overtones.

In short: liberals can make fun of non-liberals by challenging their manhood and questioning their sexuality (see recent post on Clinton’s outing of Arthur Finkelstein), but let the tables get turned and all hell breaks loose!

One more tidbit:

Two days after the Democrats took a drubbing at the polls in the November election, Schwarzenegger referred to leaders of the party as “losers.”

Uhhhh…he was right! Based on the results of Election Day 2004, whereby nearly every Democrat who ran in competitive races lost (and in most cases, lost miserably), those losses by definition make those who ran and lost…losers! Yet here’s Fouhy, acting like the truth is offensive and reality is disturbing. Then again, for her and her ilk…it probably is!


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