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Feeding tube ordered for Cuban detainee

From NewsMax:

A judge cleared the way for federal officials to have a feeding tube inserted in a Cuban exile who is on a weekslong hunger strike to protest his detention as a suspected spy.

Juan Emilio Aboy was at Jackson Memorial Hospital’s inmate ward, hospital spokeswoman Lorraine Nelson said Friday.

A day earlier, U.S. District Judge Paul Huck agreed with another judge’s order to “involuntarily administer nutrients” to Aboy through a stomach or intravenous tube, and to restrain him if he attempts to remove it.

“The decision to not eat was his choice. A court order was issued allowing the U.S. Public Health Service to take any necessary precautions in the interest of his health,” said Nina Pruneda, spokeswoman for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement in Miami.

It was not immediately known when a feeding tube might be put in. A hearing was tentatively set for next Friday to hear from Aboy and consider whether the government has legal authority to feed him.

His attorneys didn’t immediately return calls seeking comment.

Aboy, 44, has been held for three years without criminal charges but faces immigration charges. Federal investigators claim he worked as a Cuban spy in the 1990s.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Dexter Lee requested a court order on April 8, saying Aboy had lost 29 pounds. Aboy has said he has lost 35 pounds and is becoming weak. Judge Shelby Highsmith then issued a temporary order that was upheld Thursday by Huck.

Aboy denies the espionage claims.

I hate to touch on the Schiavo thing again, but this once, I will: Does anyone think it’s a tad bit inconsistent (to say the least) that an American citizen can be deprived of food and water and starved to death, while a non-citizen who doesn’t want food or water has a judge force it upon him?

I don’t care what your views were of Terri Schiavo…I’m interested in your views of this Cuban detainee. Just so long as you don’t say that it’s OK to force-feed the Cuban because it’s for “national security” purposes!


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