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Teddy "the drunken murderer" Kennedy recalls Abu Ghraib

From Neal Boortz:

Do you know what yesterday was? Just another day? Nope. Massachusetts Senator Edward M. Kennedy (known to his friends as ‘Teddy’ and to some friends of Mary Jo Kopechne as ‘murderer’) took time out of his busy schedule to issue a press release reminding us all that it was the first anniversary of the scandal at Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq. Thank you very much, Senator Kennedy.

Did Ted Kennedy say anything about the first anniversary of the liberation of Iraq? The capture of Saddam Hussein? Nope. When this slime ball wants to celebrate an anniversary, he looks for one that can be cast in anti-American terms.

Make no mistake, Ted Kennedy and his liberal buddies hate the United States of America and especially despise the Military. They will never pass up an opportunity to bash the U.S., make us look bad, or draw attention to what they perceive as our shortcomings. All of this on top of the fact that Ted Kennedy is a backstabbing partisan Bush-hater. Back to his press release, though.

It was filled with all sorts of outrageous claims and outright lies. Right off the bat, he refers to the “torture” at Abu Ghraib. Actually, most of what went on there would barely qualify as prisoner abuse. He also compared the United States Military to Saddam’s henchmen. Nice going. He also bemoaned the damage to our reputation in the Middle East. You see, liberals constantly worry what Islamic terrorists and assorted hate-mongering Muslims might think of us.

Like racism, the left must continue to dredge up problems so that they can continue to draw power from the “problem.” Exploiting the men and women of the U.S. military for political gain is no problem for hardcore leftists like Teddy Kennedy.

Not that anyone seems to care. His brain-damaged constituents have been sending this national embarrassment to Washington for over 40 years.

I detest liberals who think they’re smart and everyone else is stupid, so I can’t accept Boortz’ premise that people of MA are idiots. Shameless, perhaps, but not stupid. I just think they’re so hopelessly partisan and liberal that they could never vote for a Republican for national office. Governor, yes, but never national office.


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