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It’s official: I’ve seen it all

Headline reads “Hillary Clinton: I Tried to Join the Marines”. I’ll wait for you to pick yourself up off of the floor, wipe your eyes, and return to your chair. Ready for me to continue? OK.

USA Today’s report on Sen. Hillary Clinton’s newfound appeal as a possible commander in chief omitted a key part of her resume that proves she’s long been a hawk on military and defense issues: her attempt to join the Marines 30 years ago.

Or at least that’s what she claimed.

Seated beside her husband, the former first lady recounted her military experience during a 1994 TV interview.

“Gee, now it was probably 19 years ago – in 1975,” Mrs. Clinton recalled. “I decided that I was very interested in having some experience in serving in some capacity in the military.”

“Because we all love the military so much,” Mr. Clinton interjected helpfully.

If her and her hubby “loved the military so much”, then I love the French!

Anyone recall boy Clinton’s letter stating his loathe for the military? Or her insistence on a uniformed soldier getting out of her sight? Or his half-assed salutes to every Marine he encountered at the steps of Air Force One? What about withholding equipment and support in Somalia that resulted in that tragedy (not to mention furthering Islamic terrorists’ belief that America was a cut-and-run nation)? Massive proposed defense spending cuts? Sending troops to a war (Bosnia) where there was no American interest? Using the military as “Meals on Wheels”? Shall I continue?

Yeah, they love the military the way that Ted Kennedy loves blue laws and dry counties.

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