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Soldiers give Ted Kennedy a piece of their mind

This is awesome! Story here:

Soldiers from Massachusetts and Hawaii who work at the U.S. military detention facility at U.S. Naval Base Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, gave visiting home-state senators a piece of their mind last week.

Sens. Edward M. Kennedy, Massachusetts Democrat, and Daniel K. Akaka, Hawaii Democrat, met with several soldiers during a visit led by Armed Services Committee Chairman Sen. John W. Warner, Virginia Republican.

Pentagon officials said soldiers criticized the harsh comments made recently by Senate Democrats.

Sen. Richard J. Durbin of Illinois, the Senate’s No. 2 Democrat, last month invoked widespread military outrage when he compared Guantanamo to the prison labor systems used by communist tyrant Josef Stalin, Cambodia’s Pol Pot and Adolf Hitler.

“They got stiff reactions from those home-state soldiers,” one official told us. “The troops down there expressed their disdain for that kind of commentary, especially comparisons to the gulag.”

A spokesman for Mr. Kennedy had no comment. A spokeswoman for Mr. Akaka confirmed that the senator met with soldiers from Hawaii but did not recall receiving any complaints during the meeting.

Both senators made no mention of the incident in press statements after the visit. Mr. Kennedy, in his statement, said that he is “impressed with the courtesies and professionalism of the men and women in our armed forces.”

Mr. Kennedy has been a leading advocate for closing the prison facility. Mr. Akaka in April voted for an amendment that would have cut funds for the prison.

Those damned liars in the military! The Senator says no one complained, so who are you going to believe: a politician who voted to cut funds for their mission, or those gung-ho amateur goose-stepping jackbooted brownshirts in our armed forces?

I can believe it if Teddy didn’t remember it, though. Years of alcohol abuse and flagrant disregard for the truth will do that to you. The overpowering stench of brandy breath (more powerful than Taliban B.O. or al Qaeda flatulence, I’m told) gave him away.

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This isn’t liberal or conservative or libertarian. This is just one of those “Huh?” stories:

Roman Polanski has been awarded £50,000 libel damages from a magazine which said he propositioned a woman shortly after his wife was murdered in 1969.


Outside court, Vanity Fair editor Graydon Carter said: “I find it amazing that a man who lives in France can sue a magazine that is published in America in a British courtroom.

“As a father of four children, one of whom is a 12-year-old daughter, I find it equally outrageous that this story is considered defamatory, given the fact that Mr Polanski cannot be here because he slept with a 13-year-old girl a quarter of a century ago.”

Sidebar: Note how Vanity Fair uses the CBS defense? “Vanity Fair publisher Conde Nast had conceded the article was inaccurate, but said the gist of it held true.”

A man on the run from the American legal system for sleeping with a 13-year-old can evade justice in American courtrooms, gain access to European civil courts, and win a civil suit against an American publication!

Tell me again why we need to be like the Europeans?

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Hatch: Chucky asks "dumbass questions"

I’m not a huge fan of Orrin Hatch. Strike that. I wasn’t a huge fan of Orrin Hatch. I think I am now. From NewsMax:

Sen. Charles Schumer’s questioning of Supreme Court nominee John Roberts was so hostile during Roberts’ 2003 appellate court confirmation hearings that Sen. Orrin Hatch blasted his New York colleague for asking “dumbass questions.”

In a audioclip of the exchange unearthed Wednesday by ABC Radio host Sean Hannity, the normally mild-mannered Utah Republican complained:

“Some [of Schumer’s questions] I totally disagree with. Some I think are dumbass questions, between you and me.”

“I am not kidding you,” Hatch continued. “I mean, as much as I love and respect [Schumer], I just think that’s true.”

Taken aback, the New York Democrat asked if Hatch would like to “revise and extend his remark” – i.e., offer a retraction for the congressional record.

But Hatch refused to back down, telling Schumer:

“No, I am going to keep it exactly the way it is. I mean, I hate to say it. I mean, I feel badly saying it between you and me. But I do know dumbass questions when I see dumbass questions.”

Honestly, I don’t know what Schumer’s questions were, but I reflexively believe that since he was the one asking them, they probably were “dumbass questions.”

Wonder how this affects the Senate comity that the “Gang of 14” wanted to preserve? It’s more like “Senate comedy” to me!

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Leftists on gay witch hunt

I thought liberals were supposed to be the tolerant ones when it came to gayness? Guess not. Link here, excerpt follows:

Just a caution for my male readers: if there are any extant photos of you from the ’70’s in plaid pants, better get rid of them now. And it’s not just the evidence of questionable fashion sense. Apparently now that’s the goods on being gay.

Call it the Mary Cheney Strategy. Call it desperation. Some on the Left have started a “maybe he’s gay” whisper campaign against John Roberts.

It started with Manhattan Offender in a post yesterday asking “How Gay is This Guy?” and then he quoted Wikipedia’s entry for Judge Roberts. He zeroed in on some really damning evidence from Roberts’ youthful past: the all-male boarding school, studying French and Latin (gasp!), being a wrestler and, oh the horror, participating in choir and drama.

Damn. I studied French in college (as a minor), like watching wrestling, sang in the church choir as a kid, and was in the drama club my senior year of high school. I didn’t realize that these things made me a pole-smoker. I guess the number of females I’ve boinked in my life is irrelevant…they were all a cover for my latent gayness. Dammit! I’ve been outed!

Also, these slimeballs sink even lower than Ted Kennedy’s car off a certain bridge. They bring a little boy into it. The moonbats at Kos had some awful comments about John Roberts’ son, Jack:

When Roberts thanked his family, he mentioned his son, Jack…Roberts’ wife’s face fell. It was like a poker tell. I think we should research Jack.

Wow. Digging up dirt on an innocent child, just to score some points against his old man. Have these people no shame?

Does it matter if John Roberts is gay? Does that make him more likely or less likely to adhere to the Constitution, even on gay-related issues like marriage, civil unions, adoption of kids, etc.? I thought the left always told us “Don’t ask, don’t tell!” I guess that only applies to trivial things like national defense, not monumentally important things like a Supreme Court nominee’s toddler.


The Left didn’t learn their lesson when they tried this with Mary Cheney and it backfired. John Roberts may have played Peppermint Patty back in the day, but here and NOW, the Left is playing Lucy with the football.

Knowing my two liberal friends on my blog, I am confident they vehemently condemn the kind of moonbat leftist rhetoric I’ve described above. I am confident that a good chunk, if not majority, of liberals read this kind of stuff and cringe, knowing it unfairly gives them a black eye.

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