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bin Laden tried to kill cokeheads

From Drudge:

PAPER: Bin Laden Had Plan To Sell Poisoned Cocaine To Americans In 2002
Tue Jul 26 2005 09:43:35 ET

Osama bin Laden tried to buy a massive amount of cocaine, spike it with poison and sell it in the United States, hoping to kill thousands of Americans one year after the 9/11 attacks, the NEW YORK POST reported on Tuesday.

The evil plot failed when the Colombian drug lords bin Laden approached decided it would be bad for their business – and, possibly, for their own health, according to law-enforcement sources familiar with the Drug Enforcement Administration’s probe of the aborted transaction.

The feds were told of the scheme earlier this year, but its existence had never been made public.

The Post has reviewed a document detailing the DEA’s findings in the matter, in addition to interviewing sources familiar with the case.

Damn, imagine the boredom that would have resulted from that. I mean, with half of Hollywood and the music industry wiped out, just what in the hell would the rest of us have done for entertainment?

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