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Toledo race riots

A group called American Nazis marched through a gang-riddled and crime-infested predominantly black neighborhood in Toledo to protest the gang violence and black-on-white crime. So what’s dumber than a group of racist white skinheads marching in a black neighborhood to hurl ignorant racial epithets in a galling and mocking display of “social concern”?

How about when the residents there lend credence to the bigots’ accusations? Yes, that will trump the stupidity and gall of the skinheads, all right! The Toledo Blade reports of black residents looting, attacking cops, rioting, and burning and pillaging white-owned businesses. Just ask Lou Ratajski, owner (or, as a result of the carnage, former owner) of Jim and Lou’s Sportsmans Club, what he thinks of his business having been burned down by the rioters. Story here.

…those protesting were mainly male gang members in their 20s…

A mob of at least 500 people threw bricks and rocks at police and vehicles, looted a bar at Central and Mulberry and started it on fire, and overturned a car at a North Toledo gas station and burned it.

“So you think we’re an inferior race, and all we do is loot, burn, riot, and plunder? We’ll show you white racist bastards! We’ll teach you a lesson you’ll never forget! We’re going to…uh…well, we’re going to loot, burn, riot, and plunder!”

What does one of the black residents say in defense of the actions of his neighbors?

“You can’t allow people to come challenge a whole city and not think they weren’t going to strike back,” said Kenneth Allen, 47, who watched the violence begin near his home.

“Not going to strike back”? Strike back at whom, dumb ass? Jim and Lou? They’re not the American Nazis! They are, however, white…and for some reason known in the dark nether-reaches of the minds of the politically correct MSM, this shared trait with the American Nazis somehow was sufficient reason for Jim and Lou to lose their business.

That’s right, the MSM doesn’t hold the black lawbreakers responsible for their part of this race relations nightmare. Instead, the ABC headline (online) incorrectly blared “White Supremacists Riot in Ohio”!

As Michelle Malkin points out more pointedly than I could: “Pat yourselves on the back, Toledo rioters/looters/gangsters. You probably stoked more racism than the idiotic white supremacists could have ever dreamed of spreading–and you made their inconsequential demonstration of hatred a smashing success. Literally.”


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