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Liberalism: Why think when you can “feel”?

Autorant Moonbat Machine

Hat tip to Mike’s America. Check it out (link), because it’s just damned funny. The output looks like stuff you’d see from the Kos kiddies, Media Matters mental midgets, MoveOn morons, and recent dipsh#t visitors here.

Basically, you ask the robot a question (or just say anything), and it replies with moonbattery. Here’s a couple of gems it spewed back to me:

ME: How are you?
ROBOT: Shut up already!!! Unlike GROVER Norquist, I AM not in love WITH fur. Bu$$$h wants Abu Ghraib for the oil!!! Sorry, world!!!! Bill O’Reilly! Bill Frist!? I can’t tell one cheerleader for the Military-Industrial Complex from the other!! Halliburton can neglect 11,642 bunny rabbits, all in the name of “God Bless America”?

ME: What?
ROBOT: Shut up!!!! I reject violence and division! I believe, Chimpboy can talk about “Patriot Act” all he wants, all the while eating minority bilingual workers!!!! Sorry!!!

ME: O-kay then!
ROBOT: Wrong. U.S. get OUT of Norway!!! I presume, Susan Sarandon’s book, “Stoned: How the Justice Department Controls the Logging Industry,” should be required reading for Rechimplickins!! This administration can impoverish prisoners of war, in the name of “Jesus”?

I swear, this could keep me busy for hours! But alas, I must return to work, for some welfare queen in Detroit needs me to keep working to sustain her lifestyle!


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