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Time to give up the keys

A 93-year-old man in Tampa hits a pedestrian with his car, drives three miles with the man’s severed body stuck in his windshield and roof, before a toll worker sees the carnage and calls the cops. Full story here.

The old man didn’t realize he’d hit anyone. He thought a body fell from the sky and hit his car when he stopped at the toll bridge. I hate it when that happens! The old fart is 93, was driving miles in the wrong direction from his house, then hit and killed someone…and he didn’t have the first clue.

Anyway, the old man won’t be charged. He should have his license revoked. However, anytime a politician tries to pass a law that requires people at and beyond a certain age to get retested for renewal of their driver’s license, the AARP and other wizened citizens get madder than they do when they lose their favorite Bingo Night bonnets!


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