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Bumbling La. guv not seeking re-election

This kinda puts the kibosh on that whole “post-Katrina screw-ups were Bush’s fault” crap, doesn’t it? From Fox News:

Louisiana Gov. Kathleen Blanco, whose popularity plummeted after two hurricanes devastated Louisiana during her term, announced Tuesday that she will not seek re-election.

The decision will let her get what she called important initiatives through an upcoming legislative session without having to worry about political considerations, she said.

“I am doing this so we can work without interference from election year politics,” Blanco said.

Blanco, 64, had been widely criticized not only for her immediate response to the storms, but also for a bureaucracy-bogged recovery effort. (Don’t forget about the primo remodeling job, fresh after Katrina hit and after hinting at cutting state personnel and services. – Ed.)

That effort included the “Road Home” program, designed to funnel billions in federal dollars to pay hurricane-struck homeowners for repairs or buyouts. More than 115,000 people whose homes were damaged in 2005 by the hurricanes have applied for the aid. As of this week, about 3,000 have received grants.

Her decision not to run again didn’t, by chance, have anything to do with this, did it?

In a poll of 600 likely voters taken Jan. 12-14 by Southern Media and Opinion Research, Blanco had a job approval rating of 50 percent approval rating. But in a head-to-head hypothetical race with Republican U.S. Rep. Bobby Jindal, 59 percent chose the Metairie congressman and only 35 percent selected Blanco. Democrats have said that Blanco would likely lose to Jindal and have encouraged [former US Senator John] Breaux to run.

The good people of Louisiana deserve kudos for holding Blanco accountable for her bungling of the hurricane-related situations of 2005. Too bad that the citizens of New Orleans didn’t have that same mindset of accountability.

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