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News bytes

  • Sirius Satellite Radio is planning on putting a TV service in 2008 automobiles. Thank goodness! It’s not nearly distracting enough to talk on a cell phone while driving, so let’s go ahead and watch TV while we’re driving, too.
  • Trying to bolster her anti-war credentials (which are shaky, considering she supported the war), Her Highness has procured the endorsement of George “One State” McGovern. What a feather in her cap, huh? Now if she can only work on other huge presidential election losers like Jimmy “the Dhimmi” Carter (6 states), Walter “One State” Mondale (hey, unlike Gore, he DID win his own state), Michael “Tank” Dukakis (6 states), she’ll be a lock for the Dems’ nominee.
  • Club Gitmo’s jihadis love Harry Potter. Personally, I thought being subjected to it would be considered torture, but apparently Mohammed is a big fan.
  • The Congressional Black Caucus is teaming with Fox News for two 2008 primary debates. The nutroots are getting their patchouli in a lather. To add insult to injury, the CBC explains their partnership with the scourge of the left because they are “committed to presenting the presidential candidates to the broadest audience possible.” Ouch.
  • Bush is a fan of the blogosphere. The MSM objects, and describes blogs thusly: “Most operate without editors and give instant reaction to the news. Their freewheeling, open nature makes them popular but also ripe for unverified statements.” The MSM is accusing blogs of “unverified statements”? Pots and kettles are coming to mind right now.
  • Imus accuses David Gregory of largely contributing to the downward spiral of NBC News. Gregory squirms. Hilarity ensues. Couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy.
  • Did John McCain almost bolt the GOP before Jumpin’ Jim Jeffords did in 2001? Dems say yes. Johnny Mac says no. Read into it what you will.

    March 30, 2007 - Posted by | Fox News, Hillary, McCain, media bias, moonbats, news bytes, religion of peace

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