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Rahm tells reporter to go f*** himself

From Hot Air:

What deeply personal subject did the reporter broach to warrant such a stern upbraiding?

Lobby reform, naturally:

Before a Democratic caucus meeting, a Politico reporter asked House Democratic Caucus Chairman Rahm Emanuel of Illinois about the language of the bill’s main provisions. After Emanuel demurred on the specifics, this reporter asked — in the effort for openness and disclosure — if a journalist could sit in to hear debate on the language.

“Why don’t you go f— yourself?” Emanuel replied, as he entered a men’s room in the Capitol basement.

Exit question: How will the nutroots distinguish this from Cheney’s similar remark to Pat Leahy?

(a) By youth. Rahm’s a sprightly 47, Cheney a wizened 66. We can forgive the former the excesses of youthful immaturity, but an adult really should know better.
(b) By stature. No one cares what a congressman says, even if he is one of his party’s leading spokesmen and the architect of their recent national election victory. Whereas the vice president is a moral example to us all.
(c) By the target’s stature. Greeting some no-name reporter’s question about ethics with the F-bomb is perfectly understandable, but dropping it on Senator Pat Leahy? Disgraceful!
(d) By temperament. Oh, that’s just Rahm. You know Rahm.
(e) By completely ignoring it.

Look, I have to admit I get a kick out of reporters being told to go self-fornicate, regardless of party affiliation of the one inviting him to do so. However, I am interested in seeing which of the above reactions the left will have, especially since they got their Barney Frank Thongs in a bunch when Cheney told Leaky Leahy something similar.

I do find it funny, though, that the topic of lobby reform is what got Rahm angier than Ted Kennedy in a dry county. The Dems haven’t exactly been role models on that “culture of non-corruption” thingy, have they?

May 15, 2007 - Posted by | corruption

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