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"Journalists dole out cash to politicians (quietly)"

Journalists are citizens, too, so in and of itself, no big whoop. So just to whom are these purveyors of “unbiased fact-reporting” donating? Glad you asked. From MSNBC:

A CNN reporter gave $500 to John Kerry’s campaign the same month he was embedded with the U.S. Army in Iraq. An assistant managing editor at Forbes magazine not only sent $2,000 to Republicans, but also volunteers as a director of an ExxonMobil-funded group that questions global warming. A junior editor at Dow Jones Newswires gave $1,036 to the liberal group and keeps a blog listing “people I don’t like,” starting with George Bush, Pat Robertson, the Christian Coalition, the NRA and corporate America (“these are the people who are really in charge”).

Whether you sample your news feed from ABC or CBS (or, yes, even NBC and MSNBC), whether you prefer Fox News Channel or National Public Radio, The Wall Street Journal or The New Yorker, some of the journalists feeding you are also feeding cash to politicians, parties or political action committees.

OK, so it sounds like pretty balanced donating going on, doesn’t it? Well, not exactly. You have to look a little farther down to get to this nugget: identified 144 journalists who made political contributions from 2004 through the start of the 2008 campaign, according to the public records of the Federal Election Commission. Most of the newsroom checkbooks leaned to the left: 125 journalists gave to Democrats and liberal causes. Only 17 gave to Republicans. Two gave to both parties.

So out of this sample of 144 journalists who gave, 125 of them (or 87%) gave to Democrats and 17 of them (or 12%) gave to Republicans. While it is true that this is only a sample of journos who donate to politicians (and not inclusive of journos who don’t give money), the numbers virtually mimic other polls taken over the years that show roughly 85%-90% of journalists vote Democrat in presidential elections. Continuing:

What changed? First came the conservative outcry labeling the mainstream media as carrying a liberal bias. The growth of talk radio and cable slugfests gave voice to that claim. The Iraq war fueled distrust of the press from both sides. Finally, it became easier for the blogging public to look up the donors.

As the policy at the Times puts it: “Given the ease of Internet access to public records of campaign contributors, any political giving by a Times staff member would carry a great risk of feeding a false impression that the paper is taking sides.”

Um, a “false impression that the paper is taking sides”? It’s clear from studies like this that the impression is far from “false”, people. While our country’s MSM sources may not exactly be hanging pictures of “Bush as Hitler” in their newsrooms like the unhinged Beeb does, obviously the American people can see with their own eyes what kind of leftist groupthink occurs in newsrooms across the country.

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CNN exposes porker Congressmen

I hate to do this, but I must give CNN props for doing this to the “most ethical Congress in history” (via Newsbusters):

ANDERSON COOPER: Drew, it’s just amazing that nothing has changed. What happened to all those promises about transparency, about having this whole process be open? I can’t believe you had all those interns calling for days and some 330 lawmakers said they just wouldn’t even give out the information.

GRIFFIN: Anderson it’s mind-boggling. One congressional aide even sent us an e-mail saying, listen, my congressman is an advocate of the open process and at the same time said we’re not going to release our earmark requests.

It’s just been an eye-opening experience, but quite frankly the more we’re doing this, the more we’re keeping them honest and other groups are, the more open they are grudgingly becoming so tonight we have posted at the results of our surveys. We’re going to show you who did send us the earmarks and their earmark requests, who said no, who wouldn’t respond and even, Anderson, who was rude to those poor little interns when they called asking what Congress wants to do with our money.

COOPER: The fact that people would be rude, that is really annoying, you know. This is — this is, A, what journalists are supposed to be doing but it’s also what citizens should be able to do, you know, to the people who represent them.

GRIFFIN: Clearly it’s annoying to them. They don’t like to be called on the carpet, especially, I mean, I hate to get political here, but have you to. The Democrats promised in December open, transparent process. Now they are being called to come up with that open, transparent process and it’s been difficult because for so many years and decades, quite frankly, business as usual has been slipped in those earmark requests and we’ll continue to pay for them.

I’m sure CNN will do something to tick me off in the next day or two, but I have to give credit where it is due.

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Double dose of Dilbert

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Beeb’s newsroom Godwins itself

From Moonbattery:

Ray Drake of the highly recommended blog Davids Medienkritik was interviewed in an excellent two-part report by the Christian Broadcasting Network on anti-Americanism in the European media.

Though you won’t be surprised, you will be appalled. Here’s an excerpt:

Polls clearly show that Europeans have turned against America in increasing numbers. You can blame Iraq or George Bush. But it’s also true that Europeans have been fed a steady diet of media distortions about America for years.

And if you repeat a distortion long enough, it can become reality.

A former BBC journalist says a drawing of Bush as Hitler is hung in the BBC newsroom.

Not that this should surprise anyone, especially since the Beeb admits its own moonbattery. I just wish the left would stop pretending that the Beeb is a legitimate news source, when by their own admission, they’re a mouthpiece for the left.

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Non-political (and just plain surreal) post of the day

Via Hot Air:

Somewhere Christopher Hitchens pours himself another scotch and chortles sinisterly. Taste the cold steel of Sister Domenica’s blade:

TWO PEOPLE were injured and another two were arrested after scuffles broke out between two rival factions of nuns residing in an Old Calendarist convent in Avdellero late last night.

Nuns and priests from both sides confronted each other after unrest broke out at around 10pm.

The church was covered with blood as nuns and priests from both sides attacked each other using sharp objects…

It has been reported that the convent is segregated, with Archimandrite Sevastianos’ followers occupying certain buildings and the resident nuns staying in others. At nightfall, Sevastianos and his nuns barricade themselves inside the chapel, as a precaution, with friends and relatives of the two groups taking turns at patrolling the premises.

Fortunately, one of our voyeurs “investigative journalists” (we’ll call him “Louie”) from the Crush Liberalism Objective World News Service (aka CLOWNS) was on vacation in Cyprus and claimed to have transcribed the following conversation:

Sister Mary-Katherine: Yo, yo, yo…this is our turf, Sevastianos Crips!

Sister Ruth Hosanna: Don’t think so, bee-yotch! Get to steppin’, or my peeps will get medieval on your…

Sister Delilah: That’s it, Ruthdawg! I’m poppin’ a cap in your…uh…well, we don’t have guns here, so I’ll use this letter opener instead. ‘You down with G-O-D? Yeah, you know me!’

Sister Sheneequa: Oh no, you dih-unt! It’s on, Mutha Penguin!

Sister Delilah: Who you callin’ a ‘penguin’, you nappy headed…

At this point, the violence and bloodshed began, so Louie bolted for his safety. And of course, I believe Louie’s version of events, especially since he said the transcribed document was cleared by Dan Rather…so you just know it’s authentic!

All over the world, CLOWNS getting the news to you… 🙂

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"Bernstein: Clintons Would Operate Joint Presidency"

From the NY Sun:

If Americans elect Senator Clinton as president next year, they will also be re-electing her husband, according to the author of a new biography of the former first lady.

Carl Bernstein, one of the reporters who broke the Watergate scandal which brought down President Nixon, told the Daily Telegraph that the couple would operate a joint presidency in which President Clinton would advise on policy and tactics as well as act as troubleshooter.

“There is no question in my mind it would be a co-presidency because he has better judgment than she does on most political matters. He would be a constant presence,” Mr. Bernstein said.

And exactly how would this differ from the Bubba presidency? This confirms what the rest of us have already known: (1) the Clintons don’t have a “marriage” as much as they have a “power-sharing partnership”; (2) Her Highness is NOT going to “be her own woman” in this campaign or in her (God in Heaven forbid) presidency, should we have the misfortune of experiencing it.

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Congressional approval at historic lows

From USA Today:

Just 14% of Americans have a great deal or quite a lot of confidence in Congress.

This 14% Congressional confidence rating is the all-time low for this measure, which Gallup initiated in 1973. The previous low point for Congress was 18% at several points in the period of time 1991 to 1994.

And it was in 1994 that Congress was cleaned out. It seems that the Dems have outdone themselves here in that they’ve managed to do in six months what had before taken them three years.

More bad news for the left:

Congress is now nestled at the bottom of the list of Gallup’s annual Confidence in Institutions rankings, along with HMOs. Just 15% of Americans have a great deal or quite a lot of confidence in HMOs. (By way of contrast, 69% of Americans have a great deal or quite a lot of confidence in the military, which tops the list. More on this at on Thursday).

They’re as unpopular as HMO’s. Lovely. And much to the chagrin of Reid, Murtha, Kerry, the Code Pinkos, et al, Americans love our soldiers and think our military is doing a great job. That’s gotta sting.

So what’s the Dems’ solution for dealing with this perception that they suck? Simple: pass a criminal alien amnesty plan that only 3% of Americans support! In the words of those dudes on the Guiness commercials: “Brilliant!”

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