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“About those ‘300 dead women and children'”

Rusty nails the MSM on this one:

Remember the 200 -300 civilians that were allegedly killed by a U.S. airstrike against top Taliban leaders? The Taliban claimed that what the U.S. really bombed was a busy market. Upon checking the claims of heavy civilian casualties, NATO investigated. Number of actual civilians killed: ZERO.

It’s not so much that the Taliban makes these claims that bothers me, it’s that the Western press actually reports them.

Zero as opposed to 300? At least they were close, right? I mean, I can understand the MSM’s confusion: the number “0” does appear in the number “300” (twice, in fact). And who among us hasn’t confused zero with 300 at one point or another in our lives?

The MSM just blindly accepts the Taliban’s talking points without checking for themselves, continuing their trend of laziness in journalism.

August 7, 2007 - Posted by | Afghanistan, media bias


  1. Media sensationalism is nothing new. Then again, maybe they took a cue from Bush and did “The best they had with the information they were given.” Course, that’s not okay for people on the other side is it?

    “All Allegations are treated seriously,” said Lt Col Claudia Foss, ISAF spokesperson. “This one is no different. ” So basically, going on an initial report the ISAF investigated further and found it wrong. Like any of these media outlets did. Reported first, then asked questions. Imagine that.

    As a side note, this happened four days ago. The reports going on for weeks is inaccurate as hell. On top of that, this is the first I heard of it at all.

    Comment by wailin | August 7, 2007


    Comment by DJ | August 7, 2007

  3. Then again, maybe they took a cue from Bush and did “The best they had with the information they were given.”

    They were given information from the freakin’ Taliban, Wailin! They didn’t think that a tad bit suspect? Since it bolstered their opinion that the military is a bunch of bloodthirsty savages who get their rocks off wantonly killing civilians, then I’m guessing they had no problems running with that information, even though it came from the Taliban.

    Comment by crushliberalism | August 7, 2007

  4. Or perhaps, since the military didn’t give them any information they took what they could get. The source may be questionable, but that doesn’t mean the information is always wrong. That said, the military should move faster to avoid such claims being taken for more than what they eventually may be. They used to be so quick to tell us about their glorious explosions.

    Even if this had been true, most would consider it an accident and not intentional. How many times were wedding parties bombed accidentally? At least three I remember.

    Comment by wailin | August 7, 2007

  5. Walin’, I bet you were one of those who believed we bombed a Baby Milk Plant in Iraq the first time around, since the workers shown on TV had ‘Baby Milk Plant – Iraq” (in English) on their jumpsuits.

    Comment by The Truth Hurts | August 7, 2007

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