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Castro: We saved Reagan from ’84 assassination


Fidel Castro claims Cuba’s government saved the life of President Reagan by giving American officials information about an assassination plot in 1984.

The essay published Wednesday in the Communist Party newspaper Granma appeared to be the first time Cuba has made the claim. It seemed aimed at showing Cuba has cooperated with the United States in the past.

Point to ponder: does this hurt Fidel’s standing with Mikie Moore and the tinfoil nutters of the left?

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Reason #1,278 not to vote for Ron Paul

Besides the fact that he’s chugged a pitcher of Crazy Juice, here’s a reason not to consider the Bircheresque crank who indulges the lunatic fanatsies of Truther moonbats:

He thinks that mall security guards are more competent at their jobs than the Marines are at theirs.  ‘Nuff said.

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TN Dem state representative arrested on multiple charges

As Ace puts it, “Tennessee State Democratic Rep Arrested For DUI, Vandalism, Full-On Meth-Tweakin’ Insanity”!  At least the MSM actually gives us his party.  There’s a first time for everything, my friends.  From Ace:

Reason he was weaving in and out of lanes? His SUV has a wide stance.

I hope he gets Al Gore Jr.’s lawyer, because he’s going to need it:

video of the arrest of House Judiciary Chairman Rob Briley over the weekend shows the Nashville Democrat alternately berating police and breaking down in sobs.At one point a profane Briley asked officers to take him out to the woods and shoot him in the head.

Briley called the officer a Nazi and a brownshirt, then sang the first line of “Springtime For Hitler” from the Mel Brooks movie and musical “The Producers.”

The video is not yet available, or at least I couldn’t find it; let me know if you do.

Incidentally, he was arrested for vandalism after being released on the DUI — cops found later he had done about a thousand bucks’ worth of damage to the back of their cruiser trying to kick out the glass when he was left there alone.

So, let me answer the questions liberals want to ask:

Are you saying the arrest of a psychotic state rep means the war in Iraq is won?

Yes. And…?

The Vid:

It takes a while for the howling and sobbing to begin. Then it gets pretty good.

Thanks so much to SarahW.

Update: Actually, when confronted with the actual human suffering rather than just dryly reading about it, it’s not as funny as I first thought.

It’s far funnier.

No, really, it’s not funny at all. I take no delight in this at all.

Well, some. But who’s counting?

I’d have more sympathy if he didn’t fall into the default whine about it being “Nazi, Germany” when someone’s pulled over for driving in jerk-eyed meth cyclone.

If you want to see it, then go grab a bag of popcorn and a nice refreshing beverage before watching the video, because it’s fun for the whole family!  Dude is nuttier than a sphyilitic Kos contributor on ‘shrooms.

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Quote of the day

You go, Sen. DeMint!  From NRO

DeMint’s Brutal Takedown of Obama Yesterday   [David Freddoso]

In case you missed it, from Lynn Sweet at the Chicago Sun-Times:

Each member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee had seven minutes to question Petraeus and Crocker about the Iraq War. Obama used about six minutes of his time to lecture Petraeus and Crocker….As Obama was wrapping up, he said, “That, of course, now leaves me very little time to ask questions, and that’s unfortunate.” …

…Petraeus never got to answer Obama’s 266-word question. Rushed at the end, Obama asked about benchmarks not met. Crocker said, “Senator, I described for Senator Sununu a little bit ago some of the things that I think are going to be very important as we move ahead.”

Sen. Jim DeMint (R-S.C.) followed Obama. He told Petraeus and Crocker, “As you have found, our hearings are more about listening to ourselves than listening to our witnesses.”

Ouch.  That’s gonna leave a mark for Barry O.

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Thankfully some in teachers’ unions get it!

From Michelle Malkin:

After years and decades of coerced dues-paying, this is a promising sign:

Washington’s teachers, Democrat and Republican alike, increasingly agree that they should not be forced to pay for the Washington Education Association’s politics. In a poll commissioned by EFF, teachers were asked if they agreed or disagreed that, “Teachers should not be forced to pay for someone else’s politics, including the WEA’s.”

73% agreed compared to 62% who agreed in a poll ten years ago when the same question was asked. Support for the statement increased sharply among both Republicans and Democrats.

1997 2007

Republicans 81% 92%

Independents 67% 66%

Democrats 52% 66%

Now think about WEA’s decade-long campaign to convince teachers that, when it comes to politics, it knows best. WEA’s message has not resonated with teachers, even those who side with it ideologically. Maybe for teachers, the First Amendment cannot be “untaught.”

And it’s no wonder more educators are revolting against their non-education associations, which focus on everything BUT real education. As I’ve said before, the teachers union bosses are the looters libs ignore.

There may be hope for Washington state yet.

No one cares who teachers vote for, but to confiscate the money from teachers in order to fund political agendas (and as this poll shows, regardless of whether the teachers agree with the politics or not) is indefensible.

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Her Highness still trying to get Hsu’s dirty money

The Hsu has dropped, but Shrillary’s shamelessness continues. From Hot Air:

You cannot be serious.

The campaign is refunding $850,000 to [Hsu’s bundled] donors, viewing the money as tainted. Yet the campaign is also risking another public relations mess by saying that it would take back the money if it clearly came from the donor’s bank account, not from Mr. Hsu or another source. The risk is that Mrs. Clinton will appear to want more cash no matter whether it was once colored by a disgraced donor.

The campaign will try to get most of the donors to give the money back right after the refunds, said a senior Democratic strategist who advises Mrs. Clinton’s campaign. “That’s the plan,” the strategist said.

The strategist, who spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss internal campaign deliberations, added that the Clinton campaign was deeply worried that the controversy could grow.

“They are worried there are more out there,” the strategist said. “Bundlers. The feeling is there are a few more that will have Hsu problems.”

Riddle me this: If the worry is that Hsu was using at least some of these people as fronts so that he could exceed the federal limits on how much he could donate to Hillary, then how will the money be any less tainted if they re-gift it to her? I.e., if Hsu cuts John Doe a check for $100,000 and asks him to spread it around among Democrats A-Z, then giving that money back to John so that he can give it right back to you doesn’t “cleanse” it. It’s Hsu’s money; John never should have had it in the first place. If you donate the money to charity and then hit John up for a donation from his own bank account, that’s fine. But that ain’t what she’s planning to do. Exit question: Why not at least wait until the DOJ investigation of Hsu’s bundled donations is over so you know which donors are clean and which aren’t? 

These people are despicable.

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