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NYT fails to cover first Operation Enduring Freedom Medal of Honor winner

From the New York Post:

Every major daily paper in New York took note of President Bush’s decision to bestow the first Medal of Honor of Operation Enduring Freedom on Navy SEAL Lt. Michael Murphy – a Long Islander who gave his life for his country and his fellow SEALs.

Every paper but one, that is.

And it shouldn’t be particularly hard to guess which one.

By now, most folks know exactly how much The New York Times despises the U.S. military.

How it detests any mission that involves U.S. troops – whether to protect Americans by killing terrorists or to help stave off a bloodbath in the Middle East.

How the paper works tirelessly to promote its anti-war, anti-military agenda – even in its supposedly objective news pages.

So while Bush’s announcement merited stories and appreciative editorials in The Post, The New York Sun, the Daily News and even the front page of liberal Newsday, it shouldn’t be all that surprising that the Times didn’t publish a single word about Murphy’s well-deserved honor.

What did the paper of record focus on yesterday? No fewer than three stories reported on how Americans had killed innocent Iraqi civilians.

Regarding the war, of course, the Times’ “coverage” was pernicious long before the fighting began.

Since then, it has focused obsessively on the mistakes and sins of American GIs (Abu Ghraib, anyone?) – and rarely has it played up U.S. victories.

Indeed, it would be hard to cite a news outlet more responsible for sapping U.S. morale – and emboldening America’s enemies – than the Times.

But Murphy was a New Yorker.

He served with unusual valor and distinction in Afghanistan.

When Taliban militants ambushed his four-man team in 2005, he risked his life scrambling to an open spot to radio for help. He got his call through, but was later killed in the battle.

Surely even editors at the Times could have had the heart to report – if not honor – such courage and self-sacrifice.

Unless, of course, they’re so blinded by their disdain for America’s fighting men and women and their missions that they just can’t muster the decency to do so.

That must be it. 

One of their own, the first to win a prestigious (unlike the Nobel “Peace” Prize) award, and the Old Gray Hag can’t see fit to put it in their fishwrap?  You can be sure that had this guy been accused in a Murthaesque fashion of killing innocent civilians, the NYT would have been on that story like Jimmah Carter on peanut butter.

Nope…no liberal media bias!

October 15, 2007 - Posted by | Afghanistan, media bias


  1. I still think that a congressional investigation into the NYT for treason is warranted. Too bad the DOJ has no b#lls!

    Comment by tnjack | October 15, 2007

  2. If you want to read the hole story about murphy and his seal team,read the “lone Suvivior” by Marcus Lutrell the only seal to survive this battle. Four seals took on 300 taliban in afganistan. This is one of the best books on the war that I have read. It is on the best seller list.

    Comment by paratrooper | October 17, 2007

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