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Criminal aliens die from loneliness and homeowner’s shotgun…but mostly from shotgun

Don’t mess with Texas.

And they were dead. Mr. Horn has not yet been charged, but a grand jury will most likely hear the case. However, “The Factor” has been investigating, and the victims or perpetrators, depending on your point of view, were both illegal aliens with criminal backgrounds. So once again, our chaotic immigration system has led to death.

Miguel Dejesus and Diego Ortiz were both from Colombia. Dejesus spent six years in a Texas prison for drug dealing, then was deported. Obviously, he came back illegally. Ortiz was arrested by Houston police on a drug charge. We don’t know much more about him, because Houston is a “Sanctuary City” and does not cooperate with Homeland Security or with the press in matters involving criminal aliens.

As you may know, Houston is one of the most crime ridden cities in America and criminal aliens have added to that problem. Mayor Bill White and Police Chief Harold Hurtt remain totally defiant in the face of all the chaos. They are supported by the far left Houston Chronicle but now they may be partly responsible for the deaths of Dejesus and Ortiz.

You see, if Mayor White and Chief Hurtt would themselves obey the law and inform Homeland Security any time an illegal alien is arrested, some of the deadly dealings might stop. But White and Hurtt refuse to do that. … 

No word yet as to whether Homeland Security will charge the homeowner for blasting the criminal aliens.


December 7, 2007 - Posted by | gun rights, illegal immigration, Texas


  1. Good riddance.

    Comment by Reverse_Vampyr | December 7, 2007

  2. From some of the reports I heard he was on the phone for quite a while with the 911 operator who was more interested in keeping him in the house (letting the theives get away)than sending cops to the scene.

    Comment by WMD_Maker | December 7, 2007

  3. Correct, WMD. One of the links above has a transcript of the 911 call, and you’re exactly right: the 911 operator was telling the dude to stay inside and wait for the cops. It’s not bad advice, but it took the cops too long to get there.

    Comment by crushliberalism | December 7, 2007

  4. Horn deserves a medal – not an indictment!

    Comment by Kanaka Girl | December 7, 2007

  5. I agree with Kanaka. Give the guy a medal and a finders fee. You know if more criminals ended up dead at the hands of their victims it might be a fairly good deterent to crime. Texas now officially has a ‘Castle Doctrine’ in place so I am betting he will not get charged.

    Comment by Concerned Citizen | December 7, 2007

  6. Yahoo that is wonderful a Castle Doctrine.
    I guess deranged or predatory individuals will think twice before praying on the weak!

    Comment by Chilerkle | December 7, 2007

  7. Chilerkle
    Texas has long had “protect your stuff” by shooting laws the Castle Doctrine that went into effect this year clearly states that the victim/perp or their family cannot sue you for shooting the POS.

    Comment by WMD_Maker | December 8, 2007

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