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Ron Paul: The U.S. created Chavez and Castro

The Bircheresque crank blamed America for the rise in power of commie/socialist dictators Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro in Venezuela and Cuba, respectively.  During the Hispandering session (the Spanish-speaking GOP debate) the other night, Capt. Crazy laid this down:

PAUL: But let me — let me tell you — let me tell you why — let me tell you why we have a problem in South America and Central America: because we’ve been involved in their internal affairs for so long. We have been meddling in their business.


We create the Chavezes of the world, we create the Castros of the world by interfering and creating chaos in their countries, and they respond by throwing out their leader.


MODERATOR: Thank you, Congressman.

The “Blame America” mentality is seen every day on the left, but as Paul shows, they don’t corner the market on it.

December 11, 2007 - Posted by | Ron Paul


  1. We didn’t create Castro, but I do believe he would be gone if the embargo wasn’t in effect.

    Comment by Alli | December 11, 2007

  2. Alli
    Part of the problem is that we helped Castro then, suprise, he turned on us, due to the urging of Che.

    Comment by WMD_Maker | December 11, 2007

  3. “The “Blame America” mentality is seen every day on the left, but as Paul shows, they don’t corner the market on it.”

    Every time I hear the guy speak, he sounds like a democrat. I would hardly characterize him as a “righty”.

    Comment by TheBad | December 11, 2007

  4. “Every time I hear the guy speak, he sounds like a democrat. I would hardly characterize him as a “righty”.

    Thats liikely because your definition of the Right has been transformed by the new breed of Republicans. True republican core values dont stem from issues like this. These issues dont even requires a political outlook, all you have to do is judge its truthfullness alone.

    I dont think blaming America is the answer, but I do think its pretty irrational to avoid reflecting upon the effects of American foreign policy. You can totally blame America, you can view America as totally blameless. Either way, both represent a position of denial and ignorance.

    Comment by silus | December 11, 2007

  5. Before indulging in the knee-jerk reaction of accusing Paul of “blaming America”, analyze his answer. It would be difficult to name a country in Central or South America in whose internal politics we have NOT meddled. While many justifications can be made for this, the fact remains that the some segments of the populations of those countries may not always be as appreciative as we would like.

    Leaving aside Latin America, there are many instances of interference around the world that have produced significant blowback. It may may seem like ancient history to us, but the CIA overthrow of Mossagegh in Iran in 1954 has not been forgotten by Iranians. I know several Persians through backgammon. They love the US, they are now citizens, they fled the revolution, and they always cite our interference there as calamitous.

    Since when did it become a conservative value to be the world’s policeman? I seem to remember a time when conservative candidates promised NOT to involve us in nation building and conservative audiences applauded.

    When Clinton went into Kosovo and was roundly and rightly attacked by conservatives, no one claimed they were “blaming America” or failing to support the troops. It is a sad day for true conservatives when no voice is allowed to point out that mistakes have consequences. Conservatives stand, as I do, for personal responsibility and accountability. That means taking a hard look at the actions taken by us as a nation, and owning up when they produce uncomfortable results. Hopefully, we then learn not to do those same things again.

    The United States cannot be the world’s policeman or the world’s nanny. When US national security interests are genuinely threatened, we have a right and an obligation to act, not before. If Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro actually present a threat to the American way of life justifying a regimen of harsh measures, we are not the country I think we are.

    Comment by Enation | December 11, 2007

  6. To understand how the chaos was created in Cuba (similar to Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc.) by our United States government, and how Castro, a known Communist at the time, who was propagated by the New York Times, and was our government’s choice to lead Cuba, read “The Fourth Floor” by Earl Smith, written in 1962. Smith was the United States ambassador to Cuba at the time this was all taking place.

    Those of you that get your disinformation from Rush, Hannity, and any of the so-called mainstream conservative media are only learning the surface issues, those meant to scare and divide this country–and get Americans to support war (the other mainstream media sources are the same). These people are propagandists.

    I don’t agree with everything Ron Paul wants to do, but he is far above any other candidate today. Islam is a danger to this country, but there again, “we the people” gave millions of our tax dollars toward history books that Middle Eastern children are reading today that tell how dangerous Americans and Christianity are to their way of life. Why would the United States government manufacture the best enemies money can buy?

    Chaos is meant to bring about change in government. I suggest you understand what is happening in our country today with immigration, terrorism, and extreme environmentalism. Begin by learning about the soviet-like UN Agenda 21, one of those below the surface policies, for more than ten years now, that most people have never heard of. Americans need to stop playing the part of useful Democrat, Republican, environmentalist, conservative, liberal, etc., and start playing the part of American.

    Comment by Kevin | December 13, 2007

  7. Your mentailty that we Americans are high and mighty and not responsible for anything is the essential reason why so many people, not just terrorists, hate us. The foreign policy of America is very similar to your mentailty in which we can simply do as we please and not have to answer for our actions.

    Ron Paul recognizes that American is PARTIALLY to blame for many events that have occured and are occuring around our world today and he wants to minimalize the US’s concentration on foreign nations and direct it at (amazingly) the US.

    That is why I will be voting for him in the primaries. No other political candidate from either side of the aisle will take a stance to change the world’s negative perception of America.

    Comment by paulhsrseminar | December 18, 2007

  8. Thanks, Paul. I was wondering when you Paulnuts would show up and prove my point. You’re right: terrorists, Chavez, and Castro are good, while the country you purport to love is bad. Got it. Thanks for the clarification.

    Comment by crushliberalism | December 18, 2007

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