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Neanderthals died due to…you guessed it…global “warming”

The LA Times has an article on how Neanderthals (excluding modern moonbats, who seemed to have staved off extinction) died out due to global “warming”.  Actually, they say it’s because they froze to death, but they used the expression “climate change”, and as everyone knows, “climate change” is the expression du jour that environuts use when they talk about global “warming” in the context of freezing #ss cold weather.

Anywho, from the fishwrap:

Most anthropologists think Europe’s Neanderthals were out-competed to extinction by anatomically modern humans, but new evidence suggests that climate change played a much bigger role in their demise than previously suspected, a Canadian scientist said this week.

A dramatic cold spell in the region between 40,000 and 35,000 years ago sharply reduced the food supply for Neanderthals, rendering their survival problematic, anthropologist Eugene Morin of Trent University in Peterborough, Canada, reported Monday in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

The Neanderthals were distant cousins of humans who lived in Europe (based on what I see these days, I’d say they weren’t that distant from Euros! – Ed.) about the same time humans made their first appearance there.

Evidence from studies of deep-sea sediments indicate that temperatures in Europe dropped by nearly 15 degrees Fahrenheit during the period when Neanderthals were flourishing. 

Exit question: if man today is baking/freezing the planet or otherwise causing it to have erratic weather patterns, how does one explain the same erratic weather patterns in prehistoric times when both large human populations and carbon-spewing technological environment wreckers were non-existent?

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Schmuckabee craps on conservative ideals…again

From Hot Air:

This is why people like Rush Limbaugh say that Mike Huckabee is no conservative, and they’re right to say it.

His aides are wary of New Hampshire. “It’s all no tax, no government there,” said Bob Wickers, a top strategist. “It’s not ideal.” But they believe that the message of economic anxiety that he preaches will help in Michigan’s primary on Jan. 15 and in states in the South, which have high poverty rates in addition to strong groups of social conservatives.

“It’s all no tax, no government there”…said as if it’s a bad thing (”not ideal”), by an adviser to the current Republican front-runner. “No tax, no government” is the Republican ideal, or at least it used to be

Yes, it did used to be, and in my humble opinion, it is the wild deviation from that ideal that contributed greatly to the defeat of the GOP in the 2006 midterms.  So Huckabilly’s solution?  More of the “borrow and spend” initiatives we’ve been treated to over the last eight years.  Friggin’ wonderful.

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