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Kick the Canuck

Back to the boardroom, folks.  In the meantime, if anyone feels like playing “Kick the Canuck” with a new moonbat my site attracted today, have at it (go through the comments…you’ll easily spot him):


February 22, 2008 - Posted by | Canucks, moonbats


  1. Thanks Jon, you just made my day a lot brighter. :-p

    Comment by Ed B. | February 22, 2008

  2. France has the #1 healthcare system in the world?!?!??!! I thought all the “concensus” among moonbats was that it was Cuba. This guy must be a Quebecois (pronounced Kebbie Curr).

    Comment by WMD_Maker | February 22, 2008

  3. Glad I could help, Ed! And if a Canuck gets teased in the process, it’s a win-win! 😀

    Comment by crushliberalism | February 22, 2008

  4. Actually Japan has the #1 healthcare system in the world. However it works because the people are single-ethnic that keep to a culture of moderation that reduces early onset of chronic diseases like Type 2 diabetes and other obesity-related diseases. Those just don’t exist there. That’s why it’s pretty useless to compare the US system to others, it’s apples vs oranges. Our demography is totally different.

    Comment by FreedomLover | February 23, 2008

  5. Gotta love these libbies – “#1” system based on what, specifically? Mortality rate? Doctors per capita? Cost? Rated “#1” by whom, specifically? And seriously – France? Not bloody likely. Japan I might buy, and FreedomLover makes some good points as to why that might be, but those points also accurately depict why a comparison of Japan to the United States is apples to oranges.

    A liberal is always quick to throw out percentages and statistics, but they always seem to quiet down considerably when you ask them to reference a source on the matter. Sticky thing, facts are. They get in the way of the party line.

    Comment by TheBad | February 23, 2008

  6. Big J – love it! Used to live in Michigan and had a lot of fun across the border (still like Canadian beers). But better health care? The whole argument caused a coffee spew on my monitor. The human condition causes a pretty standard “what’s in it for me?” mentality that results in any government-regulated industry suffering an erosion of quality and price. (Look to the improvements in telcom services stateside once de-regulated for an example.)

    Demographics are a good starting point for an apples to apples comparison of any industry, but personal choice is always a factor also. Always take barking moonbats for what their opinions are worth (usually less than you pay for them). An interesting fact is that you put a fly in a glass jar for a couple of hours and then remove the lid and it’ll never fly out the top. This is why it is difficult to help those who grew up in a nanny state to ever truly appreciate freedom; it just doesn’t enter their mind that they can do for themselves…

    Comment by Submariner | February 23, 2008

  7. Canuck beer rules, Subby. Everything else from Canuckistan, though…

    Comment by crushliberalism | February 24, 2008

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