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Hilldawg admits defeat strategy

Boy, if this isn’t a perfect glimpse into the mindset of the left, I don’t know what is!  From the b#tch’s horse’s mouth:

We’re going to inherit so many challenges from President Bush.  When you think about it, we have two wars, not one.  We don’t talk about Afghanistan enough.  We’ve got two wars.  We’ve got to end one, we’ve got to win the other. 

Got that?  We need to win the war in Afghanistan, but not the one in Iraq.  Got it.  Thanks for the clarification.

But hey…they “support the troops”, right?

February 29, 2008 - Posted by | Afghanistan, defeatism, Hillary, Iraq


  1. I am more afraid of Obama….Hillary sad as it is, Obama the ones to be nervous about.

    Comment by dtodeen | February 29, 2008

  2. Notice how she said “end”, not “lose”. Anybody with half a brain knows what she means.

    Why has no one called her out on stuff like this?

    Comment by Ed B. | February 29, 2008

  3. Neither one has enough common sense to properly fight terrorism. H#ll they don’t even believe there is a war on terrorism!

    Comment by tnjack | February 29, 2008

  4. “Why has no one called her out on stuff like this?”

    CNN: Clinton News Network
    ABC: Always Believe Clinton
    CBS: Clinton Broadcasting System
    NBC: Nothing But Clinton

    Sure, the media will pound on her for some stuff as it relates to pushing B. Hussein forward in the primaries. However, B. Hussein has made is clear-as-vodka that he will immediately surrender in Iraq if he gains office. So, MSM silences.

    Comment by TheBad | February 29, 2008

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