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Anti-2nd Amendment reporter fired for badgering old man

Remember the story out of Dallas back in October about the reporter who hounded a 70-year-old Army vet who blasted a home intruder?  If not, here’s your refresher.  She was suspended shortly after the incident.

Good news: the wench has been fired, and deservedly so.  From Uncle Barky:

Rebecca Aguilar’s 14-year career as a Fox4 reporter has officially ended via a letter from an attorney representing the station.In a telephone interview Wednesday night, Aguilar, 49, said she was checking her mail at mid-afternoon that day when she noticed an envelope under her front door mat. It informed her that Fox4 was exercising an option to drop her at the halfway point of a two-year contract that began on March 6, 2007.

“No doorbell, no knock on the door,” said Aguilar, who had been on paid suspension since Oct. 16th following her controversial interview with an elderly West Dallas salvage business owner who had shot and killed two alleged burglars within three weeks time.The interview had been hotly debated in both Dallas and around the country. Some accused Aguilar of “ambushing” a feeble old man; others said she had been aggressive, but not unduly so, in getting a story that rival stations also wanted on their newscasts.

The suspension came less than two weeks after Aguilar had accepted the Broadcast Journalist of the Year award from the National Association of Hispanic Journalists. Three other Fox4 staffers connected with the story belatedly received suspensions lasting less than a week combined.

“I just think it’s really sad that I gave this company 14 years and I did about 6,000 interviews,” Aguilar said. “And now I’m out of a job because of one interview? It’s like in one swoop it ruined my reputation. It ruined my name.”  

No, dumb#ss, you ruined your name!  Continuing:

Aguilar said that most street reporters are expected to “go out there and ask the hard questions. As journalists, shouldn’t we able to do the same thing on the inside? We shouldn’t live in fear. Because once you put fear into a reporter, how can you expect that person to pursue the truth, pursue the facts? We cannot as reporters be Jekyll and Hyde, one person on the inside, another person on the outside. Those plantation days are over.” 

“Plantation days”?  Care to elaborate, Señora?  Besides, there’s a difference in “agressive reporting” and what you said to a traumatized old man: “Are you a trigger happy kind of person? Is that what you wanted to do, shoot to kill?”


Aguilar, whose husband still works at Fox4, contends that the station may have “ruined my career.”

Again: no, dumb#ss, you ruined it!  Take some responsibility for your own putrid actions, you jackass!


March 6, 2008 - Posted by | gun rights, media bias, Texas


  1. “Personal responsibility” is not in a liberal’s vocabulary. People are always victims of some system – even their own behavior is a result of “their environment,” usually one of oppression or manipulation by “the man.” Unless of course you’re a white male – then you’re to blame for everything. Only white males, I guess, are capable of making personal choices as individuals and taking responsibility for their own actions. And for everyone else’s.

    Comment by jsingood | March 6, 2008

  2. One rabid anti-2nd Amendment reporter down, about 500,000 to go…

    Comment by PabloD | March 6, 2008

  3. “Because once you put fear into a reporter, how can you expect that person to pursue the truth, pursue the facts?”

    How does Jonathan put it?

    Something like, Bwahahahahahahahahahaha! 😆

    Comment by Henry | March 6, 2008

  4. “Personal responsibility” is not in a liberal’s vocabulary. – Absolutely perfectly put, jsingood.

    And not only that, George W. Bush had illegal, non-FISA approved wiretaps that contributed to her getting the axe. And Haliburton plotted it with contract security. And the wind took it. And the sun was in my eyes. And, and, and, and… ad infinitum.

    Comment by Submariner | March 7, 2008

  5. if the NEW YORK TIMES,WASHINGTON POST,ATLANTA JOURNAL/CONSTITUTION,BOSTON GLOBE or any of the other birdcage linners fired all thier anti-gun collumists and reporters they would go out of buisness becuase there would be noone left not even the copy boy

    Comment by SPURWING PLOVER | March 31, 2011

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