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LAT fears the Second Amendment might receive (gasp!) “same standing as First Amendment”!

Oh, the horror! The headline says it all.  From Say Anything:

Do Some Constitutional Amendments Have More Rights Than Others?

Apparently it is so according to this headline from the LA Times:

2008-03-17-latguns.jpgCall me crazy, but I thought our “inalienable rights” all had the same standing.

In order to believe that the Second Amendment is not an individual right, you would have to believe that every single one of the other Bill of Rights amendments are all individual rights (or are limits on the federal government’s power) except for the second one from the top. That, my friends, is highly illogical…which is why the LAT subscribes to that belief.

Nope…no liberal media bias!


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FL government school teacher forces student to pee in a lunchbox

A double dose of “Flori-duh!” and “fun with government schools” this morning, my friends.  From Orange County, FL:

The teacher will not be coming to school. She will be relieved of her duty with pay as the school district investigates, officials said.

“If you gotta go, you gotta go,” student Quonterious Thomas told Eyewitness News in an interview Monday.

Thomas, 13, says his language arts teacher, Jameeka Chambers, gave him two options when he had to go to the bathroom at Meadowbrook Middle School in Orange County. She said he could wait until the end of class or use her lunchbox in the back of the classroom.

The sixth grader said he used her lunchbox.

“If I had waited any longer, I would have peed on myself and that would have been even more embarrassing,” Thomas said, adding that his entire class of 19 students and his teacher watched.

When Thomas told his mom, she said she didn’t believe it at first and later realized how traumatized he was.

“I have never, in all the days been living, ever heard about anything happening in all my life. This is a really big shocker for me,” said Shameka Bryant, Thomas’ mom.

Orange County Public Schools told Eyewitness News the claims are under investigation. The district has taken statements from students in the class, but has not spoken to the teacher.

Chambers has been out of town at an education conference in New Orleans. This is her first year on the job and her record is clean. (Not any more, it’s not! – Ed.)

“I’m seeking counseling for him, asking questions. What was the purpose? I want to know,” Bryant said.

Orange County Public Schools wouldn’t specifically comment about what happened. The district says teachers have to allow students to use the restroom. 

“Suspended with pay” = “vacation”, in my view.  This looks pretty open-and-shut to me.  If I’m the kid’s parent, I’m suing the everloving hell out of the school and I am demanding the teacher be fired.

Exit question #1: IF you’re going to make a kid use the bathroom in class, why use your own lunch box like the teacher did?

Exit question #2: What would she have done if the kid had to “drop the kids in the pool” instead of just “tapping a kidney”?

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Insanity, Oregon style

From Neal Boortz:


Yup .. that’s what’s happening out west. It seems that with many wildfires out west they’re having to hire Hispanic firefighters in large numbers. Yeah .. and we all know they’re legal, right? Well, it seems that in Oregon there is some regulation which requires supervisors to speak the language of their crews. Since many of the crews are now made up of illegal aliens who cannot speak English, the supervisors are being fired or laid off. Just wonderful. Hire illegals who can’t speak English .. then fire the citizens who work as supervisors because they can’t speak the language of the illegal employees.  

Brilliant, Oregonians.  Just friggin’ brilliant.

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Where’s the Dem resolution condemning Rev. Wright?

Excellent observation by Garnering Right Ideas:

On February 29th 2000 Democrats pushed for a resolution to condemn Bob Jones University because of its religious beliefs and the fact that George W. Bush had spoken there. Bush was forced to apologize despite the fact that he did not share the beliefs of Bob Jones. Thus it is only fair that Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi push a resolution to condemn Trinity United Church of Christ and their Reverend Wright. 

I guess they filled their “condemnation of bigotry and expecting a subsequent apology from someone else for something that he didn’t say” quota for the decade.

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Brit, ex-aide to Blair, says we should talk to Al Qaeda

If by “talk”, you mean “Bomb them into oblivion and fry them to a crispy shell”, then I agree.  If not, you’re a tool.  From al-Reuters:

The Foreign Office on Saturday dismissed as “inconceivable” calls by an ex-aide to former British Prime Minister Tony Blair to open a channel of communication with al Qaeda.

Jonathan Powell, who served as Blair’s chief of staff between 1995 and 2007, said he would “want to find a channel to al Qaeda” if he was still in government, the Guardian newspaper reported.

He was quoted as saying that a secret back channel between the British government and the IRA, first opened in the 1970s, was a key factor that contributed to a peace deal in Northern Ireland three decades later, which he was central to securing.

Only by talking to al Qaeda and the Taliban in Afghanistan could Western governments hope to secure a long-term halt in their campaigns of violence, he was reported as saying.

He told the Guardian: “There’s nothing to say to al Qaeda and they’ve got nothing to say to us at the moment, but at some stage you’re going to have to come to a political solution as well as a security solution. And that means you need the ability to talk.”

He added: “It’s very difficult for democratic governments to do — talk to a terrorist movement that’s killing your people.

“[But] if I was in government now I would want to have been talking to Hamas, I would be wanting to communicate with the Taliban; and I would want to find a channel to al Qaeda.” … 

Aside from the obvious point that negotiating with terrorists gives any would-be jihadist with a bomb vest the incentive to blow shiite up (knowing that they, too, have a chance at getting what they want through negotiations), this needs to be asked: When one side’s starting point in a discussion is “We want all of you infidels dead, dead, dead”, then what, pray tell, is the point of “talks”?

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Montreal gets record snow

Heck, they even closed the schools in Canuckistan because of too much snow!  The culprit?  I’m gonna go out on a limb and say it’s global “warming”…er, “climate change”!

“Mon dieu! Where eez zis ‘global warming’, monsieur?”

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Reason #492,193 to distrust polls

CNN: Dems prefer Obama over Hillary.

Gallup: No, they don’t.

Look at the bright side: at least this time, we don’t have to worry about the MSM oversampling Democrats…since these polls only survey Democrats.

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