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Obama and his party lying about “nonproducing” oil leases

Anytime you hear some dimwit regurgitate DNC talking points about the oil companies refusing to drill on lands they already lease, debunk that lie with this.  Read the whole thing, but savor the excerpt:

Oil companies take leases not because they know there’s oil on the land (or under the sea), but because they think there might be oil and need the lease in order to explore that possibility and to secure the legal right to pump it if they do find it. It’s simply ridiculous to assume, as the Democrats’ talking points do, that each and every lease actually contains a huge amount of recoverable oil, and the oil companies are simply refusing to drill there. Instead, the claim goes, the oil companies are clamoring for the right to grab up additional leases… which then, of course, they will also leave untouched.

Why are oil companies securing leases for oil they know is there but have no intention of drilling? If their goal is to not drill, why bother with the expense of a lease at all? They’re all in on it together, in this conspiracy theory, so they can all just agree to not drill at all. They hardly need to pay the government money for the right not to drill.

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Maybe Democrats really ARE Satanic!

From Confederate Yankee:

Too bad they worship someone other than the Obamamessiah:

Prosecutors said Craig’s victims met him through a shared interest in Satan worship. They alleged Craig shackled his victims to beds, kept them in dog cages and starved them inside his Albany Street home.He was charged with beating one victim with a cane and a cord and with raping a woman.

Johnson, who was third vice-chair of the Durham County Democratic Party and vice-chair for the Young Democrats, was charged with two counts of aiding and abetting. Prosecutors said she knew her husband planned the crime and watched as they were committed.

She has resigned her positions with the Democratic Party, said state Sen. Floyd McKissick, D-Durham.

When reached for comment this afternoon, Obama said, “this is not the Satan-worshiping third vice-chair of the Durham County Democratic Party that I knew.”

Heh…for the snark, not for the crime.

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Sexist Obama underpays women

When he’s not busy patronizing professional women by calling them “Sweetie”, the Obamaliar likes to spend his time engaging in some bold-faced lying laced with shameless hypocrisy.  From CNS News:

While Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama has vowed to make pay equity for women a top priority if elected president, an analysis of his Senate staff shows that women are outnumbered and out-paid by men.

That is in contrast to Republican presidential candidate John McCain’s Senate office, where women, for the most part, out-rank and are paid more than men.

Obama spoke in Albuquerque, N.M. last week about his commitment to the issue and his support of a Senate bill to make it easier to sue an employer for pay discrimination.

“Mr. McCain is an honorable man, we respect his service. But when you look at our records and our plans on issues that matter to working women, the choice could not be clearer,” Obama told the audience in New Mexico, a voter-swing state. “It starts with equal pay. Sixty-two percent of working women in America earn half or more than of their family’s income. But women still earn 77 cents for every dollar earned by men in 2008. You’d think that Washington would be united it its determination to fight for equal pay.”

On average, women working in Obama’s Senate office were paid at least $6,000 below the average man working for the Illinois senator. That’s according to data calculated from the Report of the Secretary of the Senate, which covered the six-month period ending Sept. 30, 2007. Of the five people in Obama’s Senate office who were paid $100,000 or more on an annual basis, only one — Obama’s administrative manager — was a woman.

The average pay for the 33 men on Obama’s staff (who earned more than $23,000, the lowest annual salary paid for non-intern employees) was $59,207. The average pay for the 31 women on Obama’s staff who earned more than $23,000 per year was $48,729.91. (The average pay for all 36 male employees on Obama’s staff was $55,962; and the average pay for all 31 female employees was $48,729. The report indicated that Obama had only one paid intern during the period, who was a male.)

McCain, an Arizona senator, employed a total of 69 people during the reporting period ending in the fall of 2007, but 23 of them were interns. Of his non-intern employees, 30 were women and 16 were men. After excluding interns, the average pay for the 30 women on McCain’s staff was $59,104.51. The 16 non-intern males in McCain’s office, by comparison, were paid an average of $56,628.83.

The Obama campaign did not respond to written questions submitted on the matter Thursday by Cybercast News Service.

Maybe his H.R. person “isn’t the H.R. person I know”!

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Moonbatosphere targeting McCain’s service

Apparently, the leftosphere thinks this will be an effective campaign technique.  Hey, tinfoilers, knock yourselves out.  They already think it’s funny to make fun of his teeth (yanked out in the Hanoi Hilton) and his blinking, so why stop there?

Exit question: If McCain’s service, which consisted of being a bomber, qualifies as “war crimes” to the left, how exactly do they square that circle with Kerry’s shooting of a Vietnamese kid in the back?

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Wes Clark destroys any VP aspirations

What a sleazy son of a b#tch!  From FNC (via Michelle Malkin):

Retired Gen. Wesley Clark, a key military adviser for Barack Obama, dismissed John McCain’s war record as a qualification for readiness to be president.

Appearing on CBS’ “Face the Nation,” Clark downplayed the plane crash that led to McCain’s captivity during the Vietnam War, and said the squadron McCain commanded “wasn’t a wartime squadron.”

“He has been a voice on the Senate Armed Services Committee. And he has traveled all over the world. But he hasn’t held executive responsibility,” Clark said.

When asked by host Bob Schieffer how he came to describe McCain as “untested and untried,” Clark said it was “because in the matters of national security policy-making, it’s a matter of understanding risk. It’s a matter of gauging your opponents and it’s a matter of being held accountable. John McCain’s never done any of that in his official positions,” adding, “He hasn’t made the calls.”

When Schieffer noted Obama has not had wartime experiences, Clark said: “Well, I don’t think riding in a fighter plane and getting shot down is a qualification to be president.”

Retorts libertarian blogger QandO:

A squadron command doesn’t become “executive experience” only if the squadron is in a combat situation. It is either an executive experience or it’s not executive experience whether at war or during peace.

Does commanding NATO not count as executive experience if NATO isn’t at war? And btw, does getting fired from his NATO command negate Clark’s claim to executive experience?

…if the willingness to fight for your country, put your life on the line and suffer the brutality McCain suffered as a POW doesn’t make the cut as far as qualifications go, how far below that does a “community organizer” show up on the list of non-qualifications?

In other words, getting fired from NATO for nearly starting a war with the Russkies is more honorable than enduring torture for your country, and a guy who has misjudged everyone around him while toiling away being a “community organizer” has more “executive experience” worthy of being commander-in-chief.  Got it.  Thanks for the clarification.  #sshole.

Continues Wicked Wes:

…But he hasn’t held executive responsibility. That large squadron in the Navy that he commanded wasn’t a wartime squadron. He hasn’t been there and ordered the bombs to fall. He hasn’t seen what it’s like when diplomats come in and say, `I don’t know whether we’re going to be able to get this point through or not. Do you want to take the risk? What about your reputation? How do we handle it publicly?

Ed Morrissey has a summary of the Obamaliar’s qualifications in those areas:

  •  In “the matter of national security policy making.” Barack Obama hasn’t ever done anything.
  • In the matter of gauging your “opponents”, Obama wants to meet with them without preconditions despite having no national-security, military, or diplomatic experience.
  • Barack Obama hasn’t been on the Senate Armed Services Committee.
  • Barack Obama hasn’t had any executive experience.
  • Barack Obama hasn’t commanded anything, in wartime or not.
  • Barack Obama hasn’t dealt with diplomats in any capacity at all.
  • Barack Obama hasn’t ordered the bombs to fall, although to be fair, he has associated himself with someone who has — William Ayers.  (Ouch!  Score 1 for Morrissey! – Ed.)
  • Look, what Clark may have “inartfully” tried to say is that POW status in and of itself is not a reason to vote for someone.  That is true.  But for that disgusting waste of oxygen to suggest that Barry O’s flimsy record devoid of any substantive achievements is more noteworthy than anything McCain has done is not just partisan hackery…it’s pure, unadulterated, shameless moonbattery.

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    OH city cancels youth all-star game to prevent “bruised egos”

    The wussification of America continues:

    BEACHWOOD, Ohio — A local community has canceled an all-star game for youth baseball players because it doesn’t want to exclude anyone.

    The city of Beachwood and its recreation department drew the line at age 12.

    The phone lines lit up on WTAM on Thursday morning as parents and sports fans called to voice their opinion on the city canceling its all-star game for 9- to 12-year-olds.

    For decades the game has been played on July 4, but in a letter to the coaches, the parks and recreation department said the tradition is over, saying its not their desire to exclude any child from participating in a recreation event.

    The letter sites an article written by the CEO of the National Alliance for Youth Sports that says all-star games bruise young egos.

    It’s a thought he issued to WTAM host Bob Franz.

    “Below the age of 10, children don’t care. What they really care about is having fun and playing,” said Fred Engh.

    Franz has one father call in whose child would have played in next week’s all-star game. He said his son is very disappointed because this was the first year he was selected and he’s worked hard all year to get this honor.

    It’s becoming more and more apparent that achievement is being phased out of our culture, all in the name of political correctness.

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    MSM editorial: repeal the Second Amendment

    Not surprisingly, the MSM is going crazier than a Reynolds Wrap vendor at a Kos convention over the Supreme Court’s upholding the Second Amendment last week.  The Chicago fishwrap penned an editorial calling for a repeal of the Second Amendment, which they acknowledge will never happen.  Details here.

    But here is probably the line that annoyed me the most from that editorial:

    The damage in this ruling is that it takes a significant public policy issue out of the hands of citizens. The people of Washington no longer have the authority to decide that, as a matter of public safety, they will prohibit handgun possession within their borders.

    The left just doesn’t get it, do they?  It doesn’t amount to a fart in a whirlwind what the residents of a city or state want if the end result is a trampling on the Constitution!  This is a nation of laws, and the supreme law of our land is the United States Constitution.  We are not a democracy, but we are a constitutional republic.  That may suck for the Chicago fishwrap newsroom, but it’s good news for normal America.

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    More fun with polls

    Only in Liberal World would the following poll make any sense:

    A recent poll in the state of Texas by The Texas Lyceum shows John McCain with a surprisingly small 5% lead over Barack Obama in the race for the presidency, 43%-38%, and also shows incumbent Republican Sen. John Cornyn with a razor-thin lead of 2% over Democratic Party challenger Rick Noriega, 38% -36%, in the race for a US Senate seat.

    However, as usual, it’s important to look at the poll’s demographic break down — particularly by party affiliation.

    The Texas Lyceum poll’s respondents self-identified 44% Dem and 32% Repub.

    As we wrote back in April, a little historical perspective is in order:

    Not only has a Democratic Party presidential nominee not carried Texas since 1976, but in the seven subsequent presidential elections since 1980, only Bill Clinton has come within 5% points of the Repubs’ presidential candidates (in 1992 and 1996). The five others lost by between 12.5% and 27.5% points.

    But the Democratic Party’s weakness in Texas is not just about presidential races.

    Since 1996, the Dems have not won a single statewide race in 74 tries. During that time, only nine Dem candidates received more than 45% of the vote (four in 1996, four in 1998, one in 2002); only three Dems have come within 5% points of their Repub opponents; only two have come within 2% points; only one has come within 1% point.

    In the three Texas gubernatorial races since 1998, the Dems’ candidates have not received even 40% of the vote. In the three US Senate races since 2000, the Dems’ candidates have received more than 40% of the vote just once (43.32% in 2002).

    To recap: Not only have Texas Dems lost their last 74 consecutive statewide races since 1996, they have fielded only three candidates who have come within 5% points of their Repub opponents in that 74-race stretch.

    In light of these facts, in what world is it realistic for a pollster to assume that the Dems have a 12% advantage over the Repubs in party affiliation in the state of Texas?

    Increasingly, it seems some pollsters need to put down the bong, the pipe, or that fourth martini glass before they decide to do a political poll — either that, or they need to see the doc about that fall when they hit their head perhaps much, much, much harder than they’d like to admit.

    Nope…no liberal media bias!

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    MSM euphemism of the day

    A new poll by Time mirrors the one I linked to yesterday, which shows a virtual tie.  Again, let me reiterate my distrust of polls, especially at this stage of the game.  At any rate, note this snippet from the story:

    McCain, a highly decorated Vietnam veteran, edged out Obama on national security issues. When asked who “would best protect the U.S. against terrorism,” 53% of respondents chose McCain to just 33% for Obama.

    Wow…a 20% lead is considered “edging out” Barry O?  Upon examining the parts of the poll where the Obamaliar leads by a smaller margin, such as his 6% lead over McAmnesty in female support or his 17% lead in Latino support, conspicuous by its absence is the expression “edging out”, dontcha think?  But I’m sure that’s just an editorial oversight.

    Nope…no liberal media bias!

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    Mosul’s al-Qaeda leader dies from carpal tunnel syndrome and a hailstorm of bullets…but mostly a hailstorm of bullets

    Bad news for the left: Another Al Qaeda leader dies.

    Worse news for the left: We’re winning the war on terror on every front.

    Sorry ’bout that.

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    Quote of the day…from an unlikely source!

    Something critical of the Obamessiah Obamaliar…from NPR?  Someone turn on the Weather Channel and see what the forecast for Hell is, pronto!

    “Can someone raise questions about the experience of a candidate who’s only been a US Senator for four years and who does not have a prodigious legislative record without being stained as a bigot?”

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    Father of Canadian health care disowns system, wants private sector involvement

    Heartache for the socialized medicine proponents, eh?  The left has wanted us to emulate Canuckistan’s health care system, but even the “Father of Canuckistan Socialized Medicine” (unofficial title, mind you) sees his pet project as the abject failure that it clearly is.  From IBD:

    Back in the 1960s, Castonguay chaired a Canadian government committee studying health reform and recommended that his home province of Quebec — then the largest and most affluent in the country — adopt government-administered health care, covering all citizens through tax levies.

    The government followed his advice, leading to his modern-day moniker: “the father of Quebec medicare.” Even this title seems modest; Castonguay’s work triggered a domino effect across the country, until eventually his ideas were implemented from coast to coast.

    Four decades later, as the chairman of a government committee reviewing Quebec health care this year, Castonguay concluded that the system is in “crisis.”

    “We thought we could resolve the system’s problems by rationing services or injecting massive amounts of new money into it,” says Castonguay. But now he prescribes a radical overhaul: “We are proposing to give a greater role to the private sector so that people can exercise freedom of choice.

    Castonguay advocates contracting out services to the private sector, going so far as suggesting that public hospitals rent space during off-hours to entrepreneurial doctors. He supports co-pays for patients who want to see physicians. Castonguay, the man who championed public health insurance in Canada, now urges for the legalization of private health insurance.

    Well, well, well!  Say it ain’t so!  Who’d have thunk it, a Canuck realizing the wonders of capitalism and the free market and recognizing the pitfalls of socialism?  Pitfalls like these:

    What would drive a man like Castonguay to reconsider his long-held beliefs? Try a health care system so overburdened that hundreds of thousands in need of medical attention wait for care, any care; a system where people in towns like Norwalk, Ontario, participate in lotteries to win appointments with the local family doctor.

    Sick with ovarian cancer, Sylvia de Vires, an Ontario woman afflicted with a 13-inch, fluid-filled tumor weighing 40 pounds, was unable to get timely care in Canada. She crossed the American border to Pontiac, Mich., where a surgeon removed the tumor, estimating she could not have lived longer than a few weeks more.

    De Vires is far from unusual in seeking medical treatment in the U.S. Even Canadian government officials send patients across the border, increasingly looking to American medicine to deal with their overload of patients and chronic shortage of care.

    Since the spring of 2006, Ontario’s government has sent at least 164 patients to New York and Michigan for neurosurgery emergencies — defined by the Globe and Mail newspaper as “broken necks, burst aneurysms and other types of bleeding in or around the brain.” Other provinces have followed Ontario’s example. …

    In closing:

    However the candidates choose to proceed, Americans should know that one of the founding fathers of Canada’s government-run health care system has turned against his own creation. If Claude Castonguay is abandoning ship, why should Americans bother climbing on board?

    But yeah…let’s base our health care system on Canada’s, eh?

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    UN council: criticism of Islam is hereby banned

    Which U.N. council, you ask?  Hey, I’m glad you asked!  It’s the U.N. Human Rights Council.  No doubt the irony is lost on these numbnuts.  Observe:

    Imran Ahmed Siddiqui, the representative from Pakistan, echoed the ever-echoing refrain of all Islamic apologists in the West, when he complained that Littman’s initiative on genital mutilation, stoning and child marriage amounted to an “out-of-context, selective discussion on the Sharia law.” He asked that Littman not be allowed to speak: “I would therefore request the president to exercise his judgment and authority and request the speaker not to touch issues which have already been debarred from discussion in this Council.”

    Apparently, free speech isn’t considered a human right…unless an American flag is being burned, that is.

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    Night and Day, Obama’s Second Amendment edition

    Barry O last year, while courting the moonbats needed for the Dem nomination:

    “. . . the campaign of Democratic presidential hopeful Barack Obama said that he ‘…believes that we can recognize and respect the rights of law-abiding gun owners and the right of local communities to enact common sense laws to combat violence and save lives. Obama believes the D.C. handgun law is constitutional.’”

    The Obamaliar today, right before the predictable outcome of the Supreme Court – DC gun ban – Second Amendment case:

    With the Supreme Court poised to rule on Washington, D.C.’s, gun ban, the Obama campaign is disavowing what it calls an “inartful” statement to the Chicago Tribune last year in which an unnamed aide characterized Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., as believing that the DC ban was constitutional.

    “That statement was obviously an inartful attempt to explain the Senator’s consistent position,” Obama spokesman Bill Burton tells ABC News.

    If, by “consistent”, you mean “Changing my mind, or at least my rhetoric, within an seven-month window”, then yeah…”consistent”!

    Notes Ed Morrissey:

    Suddenly, with the general election looming, Obama discovers that his campaign’s statement was inartful.  This seems rather puzzling, because before he ran for public office, Barack Obama was supposed to be a Constitutional law expert.  One might expect the “inartful” excuse on wetlands reclamation or some other esoteric matter of public policy, but the Constitution is what he supposedly studied at Columbia and Harvard.  One has to wonder whether Obama has any competence even in his own chosen field to have seven months go by before realizing that he got the Constitutional question wrong.

    Wait, wait, lemme guess: “This is not the Constitution I knew”, right?

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    Fun with polls

    Over the last couple of days, two polls that always oversample Democrats showed the Obamaliar opening up a 15% lead over Juanny Mac.  Today, Gallup releases a poll that shows a tie, 45%-45%.  Those of you who have been here long enough realize that I take polls with a grain of salt, but I put them up anyway for your consumption.

    Anywho, Stacy McCain (who is not related to presidential candidate Juan McAmnesty) has a great explanation as to why the polls have varied so widely:

    Given the fact that huge numbers of eligible voters don’t vote, a pollster — if his poll results are to be useful or credible — must try to screen for “likely voters.” This is a doggone difficult thing to do, but it must be attempted, because voters and non-voters differ significantly in their preferences. Non-voters are more likely to support liberal policies and Democratic candidates (a source of endless frustration to liberal Democrats). So a poll that doesn’t properly screen for “likely voters” will always skew leftward (as was true of the Newsweek poll that surveyed “registered voters” rather than “likely voters”).

    This is probably why early polls have historically overstated support for Democratic presidential candidates. The closer you get to Election Day, the easier it becomes to determine who the “likely voters” are. Thus, the samples in early polls contain lots of liberal-leaning eligible voters who, in the end, won’t actually bother to vote.

    Newsweak, the LA Slimes, and See B.S. have always loaded up their polls with extra Democrats (usually 10-15% more), smaller samples, and registered voters, and as a result, they’re always off come election day (at least, in terms of percentages, though not always outcome).  While I don’t know what party breakdown Gallup used here, at least their sample was respectable at 2,600.

    To be fair, this Gallup poll also uses registered voters instead of likely voters.  But if that’s the case, and since it’s a well-known fact that “registered voter” polls always overstate Democrat support, this little snapshot in time (obligatory “if true” disclaimer) isn’t good news for our pathologically lying Dem candidate.

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    SCOTUS: Second Amendment guarantees individual right to bear arms

    Finally, a victory for common sense…which would explain the four liberal justices’ dissent.  From FNC:

    WASHINGTON —  The Supreme Court says Americans have a right to own guns for self-defense and hunting, the justices’ first major pronouncement on gun rights in U.S. history.

    The court’s 5-4 ruling strikes down the District of Columbia’s 32-year-old ban on handguns as incompatible with gun rights under the Second Amendment. The decision goes further than even the Bush administration wanted, but probably leaves most firearms laws intact.

    The court had not conclusively interpreted the Second Amendment since its ratification in 1791. The amendment reads: “A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.”

    The basic issue for the justices was whether the amendment protects an individual’s right to own guns no matter what, or whether that right is somehow tied to service in a state militia.

    Justice Antonin Scalia, writing for four colleagues, said the Constitution does not permit “the absolute prohibition of handguns held and used for self-defense in the home.”

    In dissent, Justice John Paul Stevens wrote that the majority “would have us believe that over 200 years ago, the Framers made a choice to limit the tools available to elected officials wishing to regulate civilian uses of weapons.”

    What Stevens conveniently ignores is that the D.C. gun ban didn’t regulate firearms…it prohibited them.  It was a clear violation of the Second Amendment, and kudos to the Court for finally putting the debate to rest once and for all: the Second Amendment is an individual right, just as are the other nine amendments in the Bill of Rights.

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    Liberal FL rag biting the dust

    True, it’s not a total death, since the Palm Beach Post will still exist.  But one of only about four liberal fishwraps in Florida to endorse Tampa ambulance chaser Bill McBride in his massive loss to Jeb Bush in 2002 is having the axe drop on its newsroom.  Details:

    It’s been a long time coming, but Palm Beach Post publisher Doug Franklin handed down the bad news today (thanks to Pulp readers for posting it). Bottom line:

    — 300 jobs will be cut company-wide.
    — 130 newsroom jobs will be cut.
    — Buyouts are being offered to employees with at least five years vested in the pension plan.

    This is worse than expected (100 newsroom jobs had been floated here a couple of times). It’s gut-wrenching. …

    Couldn’t happen to a nicer birdcage liner!

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    New UK police station bows to Muslim political correctness

    The Islamification of Eurabia continues.  From the UK:

    HERTFORD’S new state-of-the-art police station was unveiled on Monday, in a move to put policing “back in the centre of town”.

    The hi-tech, £46 million project boasts up to date IT support, a confidential witness room and a ‘reflection room’ which will house a prayer mat, religious texts and a compass to allow Muslim staff members to pinpoint Mecca.

    Tell me again: why we should emulate the Euros and their dhimmitude-based society?

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    Boehner: Dems in bed with treehuggers

    Finally, a Republican with the stones to call it like it is.  From Politico:

    The war of words over skyrocketing gas prices intensified Tuesday on Capitol Hill, as House Minority Leader John Boehner (R-Ohio) accused Democrats of “worshiping at the altar of radical environmentalism” in their drive to block access to domestic oil drilling.

    In a sign of just how politically charged the issue has become, Democrats immediately fired back, directing Boehner to a “use it or lose it” energy bill set to be taken up on the House floor this week, that would require oil and gas companies to drill on the millions of acres of leases they already hold.  (Oh, you mean the less-than-3% of the available acres the feds will let them explore? – Ed.)

    House Republicans continued their drive to get their energy proposals released from committees on Tuesday, as Rep. Randy Kuhl (R-N.Y.) said he would file a discharge petition to release a bill that would repeal a federal ban on acquiring alternative fuels for government vehicles.

    “Republicans want to put everything on the table,” said Rep. Jeb Hensarling (R-Texas), the bill’s sponsor. “The Democrats somehow believe that you can either beg your way, sue your way, tax your way or castigate your way into lower energy prices.” …

    Alas, I don’t see Americans waking up to that reality anytime soon.  They still labor under the misconception that Dems know a thing or two about economics, and that’s just pure lunacy.

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    Obama’s first general election ad touts his vote on something he didn’t vote on!

    A hat tip to TheBad for this juicy yet unsurprising nugget.  Yet another lie in the long and ever-growing list of lies told by the Obamessiah and covered up by his friends and abettors in the MSM.  From FNC:

    Barack Obama’s first general election ad says about 46 seconds in that the Illinois senator passed laws that “extended health care for wounded troops who’d been neglected.”

    The ad “Country I Love”, which was released Friday, provides a citation at the bottom of the screen which reads “Public Law 110 – 181.”

    The problem is Senator Obama never voted for that legislation. Public Law 110 – 181 is part of the defense authorization bill which passed the Senate in January by a vote of 91 to three with six senators not voting. Barack Obama was among those six absent senators.

    This pathological liar could actually be more dishonest than Bill Clinton, a feat that heretofore was seen as nigh on impossible to achieve.

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    Soldier releases retort to MoveOn moonbats’ ad

    Recall the ridiculous ad last week whereby a mother of a baby boy said that John McCain, if president, “can’t have” her baby to send to Iraq?  Apparently, the dysfunctional derilicts at never did the math to see that even if McCain were elected twice, her son would be at most nine years old upon McCain’s exit from office.  Plus, we don’t have a draft, and even if the Dems got their way and implemented a draft, I’m certain that nine-year-olds would be ineligible.  But I digress.

    Anywho, a brave soldier of Iraq and Afghanistan has released a rebuttal video, whereby his wife and kids thank McCain for his commitment to combat terrorism…not to mention their un-Michelle-like love for their country.

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    Black Cultural Council: food regulations = “slavery”

    I couldn’t make this crap up if I tried!  From Houston:

    Leaders of the Black Cultural Council say volunteers and the black community felt “humiliated” after two health department food inspectors threatened to put a stop to a Juneteenth celebration over questions about food preparation for 600 free barbecue sandwiches.

    Council President Jo Ann Davenport-Littleton said health inspectors told them it was illegal for the group to serve the sandwiches because they were not prepared at the site where they were served.

    Gino Solla, the county’s top health official, said state law prohibits any food service operation from having food prepared in a private home for public consumption.

    “I hate that it happened,” Davenport-Littleton said in a story for today’s edition of the Odessa American. “I wanted people to go away talking about how great the celebration was this year. All you heard was ‘They were going to deny us barbecue. Here we are in modern-day slavery again.’

    Got that?  Food safety regulations is the same thing as forced labor!  Got it.  Thanks for the clarification.  Morons.

    Just imagine the similarly colorful metaphors had a case of E. coli broken out among the BBQ consumers.  Why, we may have had a Tuskegee Experiment comparison!

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    Non-political post of the day

    Check this crazy shiite out, from the UK:

    Amanda Knox, the American student accused of involvement in the murder of her British flatmate Meredith Kercher in Perugia last November, wrote in her diary that she was only a target in the case because she is attractive.

    In her diary and prison extracts, published in Corriere della Sera and written in Italian and English, she refers to her own looks, suggesting she has been singled out for world attention because she is attractive. “If I had been ugly, would they have acted in the same way? I don’t think so.”

    What??  You mean being sexy is against the law?  Well, then figuratively speaking (and with no pun intended), I’m screwed!  For those of you on the left, that was a joke.

    Looking at the suspect, though, I must say that someone sure has delusions of grandeur.  I mean, it’s not like you need to tie a T-bone around her neck to get the dog to play with her, or that she looks like a pug that chased a parked car and caught it.  But she’s not exactly Bo Derek in 10, either.  She’s quite a bit on the homely side, especially to be making such “Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful” proclamations.

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    Obama’s “judgment” alienates Cubans in FL

    Hope and change and whatnot, right?  From Ed Morrissey:

    Eric Holder continues to cast a long shadow over the Barack Obama campaign. The former deputy AG for the Clinton administration played a key role in perhaps the most scandalous presidential pardon ever, which Clinton issued to fugitive Marc Rich in the last hours of his presidency. His role in another pardon and in an international custody case has brought the Obama campaign under fire in Florida, where Elian Gonzalez is still seen as a victim of Janet Reno:

    Eight years after the furor over the repatriation of Elian Gonzalez to Cuba possibly cost Al Gore the state of Florida in his 537-vote loss to George W. Bush, the international custody saga has returned to haunt another Democratic presidential nominee, Barack Obama.

    With two top advisers who played key roles in the episode— Greg Craig, who represented Elian’s father in Cuba, and Eric Holder, then a Clinton administration deputy attorney general when federal agents stormed the Miami home of Gonzalez’ relatives to remove the then-six-year-old and return him to his father in Cuba—Obama now finds himself on the wrong side of an emotional issue in a battleground state.

    The wound reopened again last week after Gonzalez returned to the headlines in South Florida following a report in a Cuban communist youth newspaper that he has joined Cuba’s Young Communist Union.

    The Obama campaign had hoped to make inroads into the Cuban-American community in south Florida this year with a mix of new initiatives and tough talk on Cuba, but the presence of Craig and Holder has provoked anger instead, and not just among Republicans. Danny Diaz, the Democratic mayor of Miami but also the attorney for the Gonzalez family in the US, has so far refused to endorse Obama for the general election. Obama’s normally-adoring crowds get joined by dozens of protestors in Florida, angry at Obama’s inclusion of two men they see as tainted by the Gonzalez affair.

    However, why Obama wants to associate himself twice over with one of the authors of that case seems beyond understanding. Holder has all sorts of baggage clinging to him like a Midwesterner and his Bible. Now that baggage has transferred to Obama, for no apparent good purpose. If this is the kind of decision-making we’ll continue to see with Obama, voters should wonder what “change” means.

    Lemme guess: this isn’t the Eric Holder he knew, right?  Little wonder McCain has an 8% lead here.

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    Quote of the day

    From Ed Morrissey, regarding the left’s and right’s approach to energy:

    …What we have is two different approaches in economic policy. The Democrats, and especially Barack Obama, believe in constricted supply and so want to regulate demand. Conservatives believe in boosting supply through open markets and deregulation rather than leaving resources in the ground, while encouraging the innovation that will bring the next era in energy production. The Right also wants to use nuclear power, which even Europe’s Left has managed to survive without getting a case of the vapors.

    But it’s the difference between the politics of scarcity and the politics of abundance that most defines the two parties. It’s why the Democrats have been such pessimists about, well, everything, and why Republicans like Ronald Reagan have optimism about America’s economic future. It didn’t hurt that Reagan turned out to be correct as well as Right.

    The left is all about the equal distribution of misery, bringing everyone down instead of bringing everyone up.

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    NASA nut: Put oil company execs on trial for fostering doubt about global “warming”

    When he’s not busy cooking the books with false global “warming” data, James Hansen likes to pass his spare time being a though-police enviro-Nazi.  And the right is supposed to be the thought police?  From the Guardian:

    James Hansen, one of the world’s leading climate scientists, will today call for the chief executives of large fossil fuel companies to be put on trial for high crimes against humanity and nature, accusing them of actively spreading doubt about global warming in the same way that tobacco companies blurred the links between smoking and cancer.

    Exit question: if Big Oil execs are the perpetrators of such a “crime”, then wouldn’t 31,000+ scientists who use that crazy new-fangled contraption known as “science” be an awful lot of co-conspirators?

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    The MSM’s economic ignorance on unemployment

    Brilliant analysis by the Georgia Public Policy Foundation:

    The mainstream media dusted off its copy of Casablanca this week and offered its best imitation of Claude Rains to declare, ‘We’re shocked – shocked! Unemployment has increased 10 percent!’ Really? Well, it did increase from 5.0 percent in April to 5.5 percent in May, the month that offers scores of freshly minted high-school and college graduates seeking full-time employment. The media that pride themselves on understanding nuance are shocked that May unemployment has increased relative to April? However, there is more to unemployment numbers than the arrival of new grads – specifically, the 40 percent increase in the minimum wage – $5.15 per hour to $7.25 – that Congress passed in 2007. To minimize accountability for their actions, however, Congress delayed implementation until 2008. Businesses, being consumers of labor, responded to the increased cost just as consumers have responded to the increased price of gas – by reducing their consumption. In the case of the motorist, reduction means combining trips and shopping closer to home. For business, it is reduced payrolls and increased work loads for remaining employees.

    Minimum wage is a payoff for unions.  It is not, nor will it ever be, a way to lift people out from poverty.  After all, the overwhelming majority of minimum wage earners are high school students, college students, or interns/trainees.  These workers are the ones who get shafted, because those that are lucky enough to NOT lose their jobs are having to pay more for everything.

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    Kim Jong Il endorses Obama

    Castro, Khaddafi, Hamas…now the NorKoms.  These coveted despot/terrorist endorsements just keep piling up!

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    It’s official: Obama’s a filthy liar

    I know I’ve chronicled several instances of Barry O’s outright lies, but when liberal Mark Shields says you’ll flunk a polygraph, you’ve officially jumped the shark.  From PBS:

    It was a flip-flop of epic proportions. It was one that he could not rationalize or justify. His video was unconvincing. He looked like someone who was being kept as a hostage somewhere he was so absolutely unconvincing in it. It could not have passed a polygraph test.

    I mean, coming up with this bogus argument the Republicans have so much more money — the Republicans don’t have so much more money. He’s raised three times as much as John McCain has. …

    Shields wasn’t through, further smacking the Obamessiah in his column:

    … Sounds good until you check the facts. McCain has raised a grand total of $650,000 from the lobbying industry (Obama pledges not to accept lobbyists’ or PAC money), according to the Center for Responsive Politics, and just 1 percent of his contributions are from PACs. Talk about a paper tiger.

    But everybody remembers the most famous 527 group of all, the 2004 “Swift boats” attack ads questioning John Kerry’s bravery in Vietnam. Here are the numbers: The 527 spending has heavily favored Democrats over Republicans in every election cycle since 2000. In 2004, Democratic-leaning 527 groups spent $316 million to Republican-leaning 527s’ $113 million. So far in 2008, the 527 spending has been $116 million to $69 million in favor of the Democrats.

    Ed Morrisey thinks the MSM will eventually pile on Osamabama and stop being in the tank for him.  I  don’t buy that.  Sure, they’ll muster up some righteous indignation, but do you honestly think the MSM is going to sit back and allow a John McCain presidency to materialize?  I don’t.

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    Obama: GOP going to point out my blackness

    Or, more accurately, his half-blackness.  Either way, the “great uniter” sure knows how to draw bitter, clingy white folks over to his side, doesn’t he?  He comes into my backyard and delivers this kind of drivel (from the AP):

    Democratic presidential contender Barack Obama said on Friday he expects Republicans to highlight the fact that he is black as part of an effort to make voters afraid of him.

    “It is going to be very difficult for Republicans to run on their stewardship of the economy or their outstanding foreign policy,” Obama told a fundraiser in Jacksonville, Florida. …

    Yeah, because that leap to $4+ gas and jump in unemployment happened over the last two years under the Dem Congress…but somehow that’s the GOP’s fault. Anywho, continuing:

    …”We know what kind of campaign they’re going to run. They’re going to try to make you afraid.

    “They’re going to try to make you afraid of me. He’s young and inexperienced and he’s got a funny name. And did I mention he’s black?”

    “We know the strategy because they’ve already shown their cards. Ultimately I think the American people recognize that old stuff hasn’t moved us forward. That old stuff just divides us,” he said.

    If, by “old stuff”, you mean “that stuff that I just said and made up with no basis in fact”, then yeah…”old stuff”!  And I suppose that “you guys are a bunch of racists” is a tactic that doesn’t “divide us”, n’est-ce pas? 

    The GOP isn’t going to hit him on his defeatist attitude, his pansy-#ss approach to fighting terrorism, his poor judgment of character (see Rezko, Wright, Ayers, Dohrn, Jim Johnson, et al), his Marxist tendencies, or anything like that?  Nope…they’re going to try to point out something that only the visually impaired don’t already notice: his skin color.  Dumb#ss.

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