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Webb not endearing himself to liberals

Jen notwithstanding, the kiddie p0rn author isn’t giving warm fuzzies to everyone on the left.  Timothy Noah from Slate is one.  Richard Just from TNR (yes, I know…that TNR) is another.  Excerpts from Just:

I am amazed at how many Democrats have fallen for Jim Webb. Suddenly, everywhere you look, people are touting Webb as the perfect running mate for Barack Obama. In recent days, as Webb has seemed ubiquitous (hawking his book, bantering with Jon Stewart, grinning at Obama’s side), a disturbing number of my otherwise sane friends, family, and colleagues have told me that they view Webb as a perfectly acceptable choice–or, more disturbingly, a good one.

This madness has to stop. Now. Unless we want to end up with a vice president who harbors a worldview that is fundamentally illiberal, not to mention downright creepy. …

I’d say “disturbing” and “creepy” are more than good words for it.  Anywho, good reading nonetheless.

June 13, 2008 - Posted by | Webb


  1. I knew Jim Webb as a staunch Reagan Republican and a conservative, anything BUT a liberal, check out his book “Born Fighting”. But ya know what they say, suck one cock and you will forever be known as a………..

    Unlike John Kerry, Webb’s combat record in Vietnam will never be questioned and his tour as SecNav during Reagan’s 600 ship Navy build-up, which had a large part in defeating the Soviet Union, was nearly stellar.

    He crossed over to the Dark Side but deep down, in my opinion, he is not a liberal. (No self respecting liberal would have a “gun bearer”. An aide with a white flag maybe but not a handgun!!!)

    Comment by Lee | June 13, 2008

  2. Lee, sorry but the guy is a flamer. A flaming Moonbat that is.

    Comment by Jenn | June 13, 2008

  3. I love the fact that Libs claim that they don’t like Obama considering Webb, a person they claim is not a lib. Come On! You have the most Liberal Senator in the country at the head of the ticket; you can’t go any further left unless you call up a member of the Communist Party!

    As far as Webb as a VP candidate, he may lock up VA (and the gay porn vote) for the Dems if he’s on the ticket. However, Webb brings very little government or real world experience to a ticket lacking that experience. Webb although has lots of military experience, and this could be helpful to Barak. Bringing VA to the Blue side may be all the Obamasiah needs to move into 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. This could be a good move/or not politically.

    Comment by Steve | June 13, 2008

  4. IMO, a Jim Webb choice will mean a John McCain presidencty.

    In other words, pick Webb!

    Comment by Franklin | June 13, 2008

  5. What? No commentary from jen? I thought she loved Captain Kiddie Porn.

    Comment by Kanaka Girl | June 16, 2008

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