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Wingnut shooter in TN prompts brain-dead liberal to equate this blogger with said wingnut

In case you haven’t heard, some wingnut went on a shooting rampage in Knoxville.  He shot up people because of his contempt for liberalism.  I didn’t feel that putting up a post on this wingnut’s act of evil was needed, since I don’t know of anyone with functioning brain cells who would condone what this psycho did.

Well, I was wrong.  Apparently, some schmuck decided to equate this vermin’s evil acts with…my blog.  Comment here, with my retort afterwards.

I won’t repeat what I already wrote in response to “Against Violence”, since I don’t see the point.  Anyone who thinks that me leaving examples of the left’s lunacy on a daily basis is somewhere in the vicinity of shooting up a church barely warrants me dignifying his/her ludicrous remarks.  But hey, just in case anyone thinks that my words spawn tinfoil wingnuts like the Knoxville shooter, I’ll condescend to address that moronic linkage just this once.

Have I rejoiced in the deaths of political or ideological opponents?  No.  Have I danced on the grave (or in the case of Ted Kenndy, impending grave) of dead liberals?  No.  Have I wanted to pop a moonbat for spitting on a soldier?  You bet.  But I would LOVE to see AV or anyone else defend the spitting moonbat.  No, if you want to see a blog that promotes violence and antipathy, those moonbats over at Daily Kos, HuffPo, and other blogs in the moonbatosphere have been a magnet for such cretins.  While they, like this “Against Violence” person, blame us righties for the Knoxville shootings, they are already dancing a jig at the news of Bob Novak’s brain tumor.  Sorry, but I will not allow myself to be compared to those vile, despicable wastes of oxygen.

So, just in case you liberals out there were ambiguous as to what I think about the Knoxville shooter, let me type this really S-L-O-W-L-Y for you:  I roundly condemn the evil S.O.B. who did this and think there is a pit in Hell with his name written all over it.  Combating liberalism is to be done in the realm of ideas (which, when getting into a battle of wits with liberals, is like fighting an unarmed opponent), not in the realm of bullets.  There…have I made myself clear?

To quote the modern philosopher Forrest Gump: “That’s all I got to say about that.”

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MSM groupies at UNITY conference

They don’t even pretend to try and appear impartial, and they even try to defend their bias.  Michelle Malkin has the details, but here’s a telling excerpt:

In defending the pep-rally atmosphere, one Dateline NBC employee argued that journalists should allowed to be “human beings:”

Said Luz Villarreal, an associate producer for “Dateline NBC”: “I don’t think it’s such a bad thing if for 15 minutes you take off your reporter hat and respond to (Obama) as a human being at an event where you’re surrounded by people of color and you’re here for a united cause.”

Funny how that works. Expressing solidarity for the “united cause” of promoting pride in “people of color” is acceptable American media behavior. But wearing an American flag pin on the air to express solidarity with the united cause of pride in our country is not.

Racial/ethnic pride: Good.

National pride: Bad.

It’s “UNITY” you can’t believe in.

Nope…no liberal media bias!

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Obama uses reviled Blackwater for his security detail

Funny that the Obamaliar has railed against the “evil” Blackwater…yet he used them for his own security detail in Afghanistan!  From US News:

Sen. Barack Obama has not been a fan of private police like Blackwater in war zones, and some news outlets even reported that they were spurned for his trip last week to Afghanistan and Iraq. But Whispers confirms that Blackwater did handle the Democratic presidential candidate’s security in Afghanistan and helped out in Iraq. What’s more, Obama was overheard saying: “Blackwater is getting a bad rap.” Since everything appeared to go swimmingly, maybe he will take firms like Blackwater out of his sights, the company’s supporters hope.

Must not have been “the Blackwater I knew”!

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Question for the moonbatosphere

If you moonbats get your tinfoil hats in a tizzie over McLame’s out-of-context “100 years in Iraq” comment, then what say you about your boy Osamabama’s plans to keep 50,000 “residual” troops in Iraq for the foreseeable future?  Not exactly that “get out of Iraq” and “hope and change and stuff” you were expecting, huh?

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Dems to get out the vote…among drunkards

When they aren’t earning the coveted endorsements from Death Row murderers, Democrats like to spend their time courting the Animal House Blutos of the world.  From Miami:

The Hollywood nightclub is dark and the music so loud that conversation means leaning into an ear and shouting. But the drinks are free until midnight, and anyway most in the upstairs room of Passion nightclub are dancing, not talking.

Still, Chris Chiari, a Democratic candidate for the Florida House of Representatives, mingles in the crowd, drink in hand, campaigning.

He shouts, by way of conversation: “This is real political action.”

This, to be exact, is Party Politics Inc. — the latest, but not the first or only effort to engage 20-somethings in politics by appealing to their inner party animal. …

Fat, drunk, and stupid is no way to go through life.  Unless you’re Ted Kennedy, in which case those traits serve you quite well.

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