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Kerry for Obama’s VP?

Oh, please…PLEASE choose this guy!  From a Kerryphile Boston columnist:

Barack Obama has yet to name a vice presidential nominee and some are wondering if he might turn to Massachusetts to round out the ticket.

John Kerry for vice president?

Don’t dismiss the notion just yet.

Some political insiders are telling WBZ it could happen.

So why would Obama reach out to Kerry as his choice?

Kerry brings more money and name recognition to the table than any other name on the Obama list so far. Americans do tend to love a comeback kid and this would be the most amazing political comeback since Richard Nixon came back from the dead forty years ago.

“I’m not looking for any new job, I’m running for re-election,” Kerry told WBZ last week.

Yeah, and we all know how Kerry’s word is rock solid and not prone to flippant changes.  For those of you on the left, the prior sentence was sarcasm.

There are a few things to consider about Kerry, Obambi:

1.  The truth was exposed, thanks to the Swift Boat Veterans.  If you want to awaken that sleeping giant again, be my guest.

2.  I’m not sure that the best way for a bodysurfing elitist snob with a Messiah complex to combat his image of aloofness and liberalism is to pick a windsurfing liberal elitist snob from Boston.

3.  Obama is currently attracting more interest from military voters than Lurch did in 2004 (though not much more), and the quickest way to lose what support he does have is to pick Hanoi John.

4.  “I actually did vote for the $87 billion…before I voted against it.”  Seriously, are you ready to start seeing (and defending) that again?

5.  You’ve already got the People’s Republic of Taxachusetts wrapped up, regardless of who you pick.

There are good strategic reasons to consider picking Evan Bayh (puts a normally reliably red IN into play), Bill Richardson (Latinos and NM in play, but he’s gonna have to defend that “UN Security Council” gaffe), etc.  But I can see no payoff whatsoever for picking Jean-Francois Heinz-Kerry…ergo, I hope The One picks him.

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Helen Thomas taken to the woodshed

Ouch!  Kevin Williamson lowers the boom on America’s crazy aunt in the attic:

Helen Thomas, Sycophant [Kevin D. Williamson]

Does this not cause even a little bit of cognitive dissonance for Washington Democrats?

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – As a tireless questioner of authority and a consummate Washington insider, pioneering White House correspondent Helen Thomas has covered nine U.S. presidents over a span of nearly a half century.

Next week on cable network HBO, Thomas, 88, makes a rare appearance as an interview subject in a documentary produced and directed by filmmaker Rory Kennedy, whose uncle “Jack” was the first Oval Office occupant Thomas followed as a reporter.

… “I could see President Kennedy was struggling. So, finally, I got up, and said, ‘Thank you, Mr. President.’ … I got him off the hook,” she says in the film.

So this “tireless questioner of authority” went out of her way to suck up to a president she liked when he was struggling, and then was featured in a film made by one of his relatives. Profiles in courage, indeed. Helen Thomas is and has always been a Democratic sycophant, celebrated mostly for her bad manners and for the fact that she seems to care far too much about what row she sits in during the kabuki performances we know as White House press conferences. Quick: Can anybody think of a major story broken by Helen Thomas, celebrated reporter? She’s been in journalism since World War II and her most notable achievement is popularizing the phrase “Thank you, Mr. President.”

When a former Klansman, pickled murderer, and defender of infanticide are revered by the left, it should come as no surprise that a talentless and zero-achievement Oswald Cobblepot look-alike pseudo-journalist also has a warm place in liberal hearts. 

Hmmm…I’ve never seen these two at the same place and same time!  Coinkidink?

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Moscow or moonbats?

Same diff, if you read this crap from the UK Times:

Russians were told over breakfast yesterday what really happened in Georgia: the conflict in South Ossetia was part of a plot by Dick Cheney, the Vice-President, to stop Barack Obama being elected president of the United States.

“George Bush’s Administration is promoting interests of candidate John McCain,” said Dr. Markov. “Defeated by Barak Obama on all fronts, McCain has one last card to play yet – the creation of a virtual Cold War with Russia . . . Bush himself did not want a war in South Ossetia but his Republican Party did not leave him any choice.” The Americans were now engineering an armed conflict between Ukraine and Russia, Dr Markov added. … 

I thought at first it was satire.  Then, I had a Vincent Gambini moment (from My Cousin Vinny): “You were serious about dat?”  Such paranoid conspiracy theories tend to originate in the moonbatosphere, but obviously the Russkies are drinking from the same Kool-Aid pitcher.

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Obscure rap group wants O’Reilly, Malkin killed

Story here and here, and the leftist comments following the first story reveal the dark recesses of their cold, black hearts.

Exit question: if I’m supposedly guilty of propogating “hate” that causes a psycho wingnut to shoot up a church, and if Mrs. Malkin is supposedly guilty of propogating “hate that turns people to murder” that causes an unemployed psycho to shoot an Arkansas Democrat, then what sayeth the moonbats of this clear instance of specifically instigating hate and murder?  If someone kills Billy O or Michelle, will the left show the same righteous indignation at that act as they’re showing to the aforementioned atrocities?  Somehow, I seriously doubt it.

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Jax area church rejects $600k lottery tithe

I don’t get this.  From my own back yard:

After Robert Powell hit the Florida Lottery jackpot last month and took home more than $6 million, he thought of his church.

And he offered to drop his tithe, around $600,000, in the collection plate of First Baptist Orange Park.

But the church and Pastor David Tarkington politely declined and told Powell they will not accept the lottery winnings.

Many churches do not approve of the lottery and gambling but on the other hand Pastor Dr. Lorenzo Hall of the El-Beth-El Divine Holiness Church says $600,000 can do a lot of good.

“I’m against the lottery, but if one of my members won the lottery, I wish and I hope he would give 10% to the church, we could do a lot of things with that money,” says Hall.

First Baptist Orange Park Pastor David Tarkington would not say exactly why the church refused the money, saying only he didn’t want to talk about members’ gifts.

First of all, I am not familiar with any Biblical passage that makes a reference to “gambling”, so if any of you are aware of such a passage, please feel free to enlighten me.  I’m not an expert on all things related to Scripture, so I would not object to being more informed on the matter.

But gambling aside, we’re not exactly talking about ill-gotten gains here.  We are talking about a state-sponsored program that, in part, funds education.  We are also talking about a man who seems to have had his heart in the right place by parting with 10% of his $6 million prize (which God expects us to do).  I mean, $600k to a church is NOT small potatoes!  A lot of great work can be accomplished to glorify the Kingdom with that kind of jack.

If the church is rejecting the man’s tithe due to a hangu-up on gambling, then I think the church is overreacting.  What do you think?

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