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Helen Thomas taken to the woodshed

Ouch!  Kevin Williamson lowers the boom on America’s crazy aunt in the attic:

Helen Thomas, Sycophant [Kevin D. Williamson]

Does this not cause even a little bit of cognitive dissonance for Washington Democrats?

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – As a tireless questioner of authority and a consummate Washington insider, pioneering White House correspondent Helen Thomas has covered nine U.S. presidents over a span of nearly a half century.

Next week on cable network HBO, Thomas, 88, makes a rare appearance as an interview subject in a documentary produced and directed by filmmaker Rory Kennedy, whose uncle “Jack” was the first Oval Office occupant Thomas followed as a reporter.

… “I could see President Kennedy was struggling. So, finally, I got up, and said, ‘Thank you, Mr. President.’ … I got him off the hook,” she says in the film.

So this “tireless questioner of authority” went out of her way to suck up to a president she liked when he was struggling, and then was featured in a film made by one of his relatives. Profiles in courage, indeed. Helen Thomas is and has always been a Democratic sycophant, celebrated mostly for her bad manners and for the fact that she seems to care far too much about what row she sits in during the kabuki performances we know as White House press conferences. Quick: Can anybody think of a major story broken by Helen Thomas, celebrated reporter? She’s been in journalism since World War II and her most notable achievement is popularizing the phrase “Thank you, Mr. President.”

When a former Klansman, pickled murderer, and defender of infanticide are revered by the left, it should come as no surprise that a talentless and zero-achievement Oswald Cobblepot look-alike pseudo-journalist also has a warm place in liberal hearts. 

Hmmm…I’ve never seen these two at the same place and same time!  Coinkidink?

August 15, 2008 - Posted by | media bias

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