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Quote of the day, “Hope” and “change” and “unity” edition

From the Obamination’s spokesdude:

Obama campaign chief of staff Jim Messina slams McCain in a meeting with Iowa Democrats.

Speaking of McCain’s home state of Arizona, says: “If Senator McCain continues to be the schmuck he’s being, we’re going to play there, you know, and go tell some truth.”

Not very Messiah-like, is it?  Or am I racist for pointing out that Sen. Hopenchange’s resorting to name-calling is not exactly what you would call a diplomatic way to campaign?

Maybe by using the word “schmuck”, Barry O’s trying to display his Jewish street cred AND appeal to the moonbat base that makes up the bulk of his party, all at the same time.  Friggin’ brilliant, O.

August 27, 2008 - Posted by | McCain, Obama, quote of the day, shameful

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