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Google backtracks on anti-abortion ads

Want to have scrape out that parasite in your womb known in some crazy circles as a “child”?  Want to advertise a service to that end?  We here at Google are more than happy to accommodate you!

Want to rebut the abortion lobby?  Drop dead…no pun intended.

That’s been the attitude by the “do no evil” company…until yesterday.  From the Times Online:

Christian and other religious groups opposed to abortion were allowed to advertise on Google for the first time from today, after the search engine capitulated in the face of a legal challenge.

Google had banned pro-life religious groups from buying adverts against search terms such as “abortion” and “abortion help” but was forced to abandon its policy after it was accused of breaching equalities legislation.

The challenge was brought by the Christian Institute, a cross-denominational pressure group, who said that Google’s change of heart was an acknowledgement of the rights of everybody to hold an opinion on the subject.

Mike Judge from the Christian Institute said: “Google were taking adverts from pro-abortion groups, and our view is that was a free speech issue. What we want to do is set out the acts in a pretty factual and pretty sensible way”.

Google had been taken to court by the Christian Institute earlier in the year, arguing that its policy was in breach of the Equalities Act of 2006. Initially, Google said it would fight in the courts, but changed its mind over the summer. Its new policy applies globally. …

We’ll see just how serious Google is about this.  Until then, feel free to use Goodsearch, where every time you search for something, your selected charity gets money.

September 18, 2008 - Posted by | abortion, Google, hypocrisy

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  1. While I have absolutely no problem with people pointing out, criticizing and boycotting Google for any political bias they might and do hold, the small-L libertarian in me cringes at the idea that this is a “free speech” issue that should be settled by the courts, or that content on their privately owned site should be regulated in any fashion.

    But of course, any “equal access” laws which do exist (in the UK in this case), regardless of my opinions on such state powers, should be applied fairly and equally, not in a fashion that favors one side or the other.

    The flip side of this being, a law like this could for example also force Christian sites to sell advertising space to pro-abortion groups as well as anti-abortion ones.

    Comment by JsinGood | September 18, 2008

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