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CA government school punishes student for wearing American colors

Your tax dollars at work, Californiastan:

Students at Dos Palos High School protested Thursday — by wearing patriotic regalia to school — after a sophomore student was forced to remove a T-shirt depicting the American flag.

Officials at the Merced County school confirmed Thursday that Jake Shelly was forced to take off a red, white and blue tie-dyed American flag T-shirt on Tuesday. The shirt said nothing offensive, just: “United States of America, Washington, D.C.”

The school’s assistant principal issued Shelly a bright yellow T-shirt that read “DCV: Dress Code Violator” to wear for the rest of the day. He was given his shirt back after classes ended.

“It was really embarrassing and humiliating to have to wear that all day — and just for supporting your country,” his sister Kaycee Shelly said.

Kaycee Shelly told members of the media at lunchtime that her brother was overwhelmed and did not want to do any more interviews.

Earlier in the day, he was speaking with a local news station when an unidentified teacher walked up to him, ripped off the microphone clipped to his shirt and told him he was not allowed to talk to the media.

District officials said they apologized to the student, his family and the local American Legion on Wednesday — Constitution Day.

“In reviewing the dress code at the time, an administrator felt the shirt was in violation of that section of the dress code,” said Superintendent Brian Walker. “She asked him to remove it and he did.”

The assistant principal initially thought Shelly’s T-shirt violated a clause of the school dress code that does not allow “shirts/blouses that promote specific races, cultures, or ethnicities.”

School officials said they will now interpret that clause of the dress code — which was written at the beginning of this school year — differently. …

I’m guessing that the overzealous politically correct nimrod who punished the student will suffer no disciplinary actions whatsoever.  Memo to moonbat administrators: America is not an ethnicity or a race!


September 22, 2008 - Posted by | California, moonbats, political correctness, public education


  1. America is not an ethnicity or a race!

    I suppose it is if you name your school “Dos Palos High School”. Were there no ENGLISH names available?

    Comment by Kanaka Girl | September 22, 2008

  2. Can’t wear red, white, and blue. No speaking to the media.

    That’s school’s motto should be, “No Freedom Allowed”

    I wish I had gone to law school….

    (Yeah, yeah, I know you’re a lawyer bigot and a California bigot. 😉 )

    Comment by Henry | September 22, 2008

  3. which ACLU attorney was taking this case forward?

    Comment by dj | September 22, 2008

  4. Only in Commie Cali…

    Comment by The Conservative Manifesto | September 22, 2008

  5. I would imagine that Che Guevara shirts are acceptable though.

    Comment by TheBad | September 22, 2008

  6. It reminds us of the bumper sticker:
    “Question: With all the violence/killings in the schools, why has God abandoned our children?
    “Answer: I am not allowed in school. signed God”

    Comment by tnjack | September 22, 2008

  7. I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again:

    Make no mistake, liberalism will destroy us all. There’s no question about it.

    These people make me absolutely sick. The blind leading the blind.

    Comment by Braden | September 22, 2008

  8. “I wish I had gone to law school….” – Henry at September 22, 2008 @ 11:09 am
    Henry – I can’t bestow you with a Juris Doctorate, but if you’d like to send me $20K a year for 3 years, I’ll send you a bunch of boring books to read and then make you take a two-day test on all the material that WASN’T in the books. That will approximate the law school experience.
    Not that I’m bitter or anything.

    Comment by PabloD | September 23, 2008

  9. End the Occupation! Liberals Out of Our Schools Now! Banning “Offensive” Shirts…

    How far students on school grounds can go when expressing themselves on their clothing is a topic that warrants much debate. So when a story comes out that a student’s is required to remove his shirt by threat of suspension, it kind of interests me w…

    Trackback by Vocal Minority | September 24, 2008

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