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Canadian university’s student government backtracks on cystic fibrosis fundraiser ban

This is a follow-up to last week’s story about how Carleton University cancelled a cystic fibrosis fundraiser because the victims of C.F. are all white.  Apparently, even Canuckistan is capable of some common sense every once in a blue moon.  Details:

Following vocal protests from students, the Carleton University Students Association voted unanimously Monday night to:

* Support next year’s cystic fibrosis fundraiser, called Shinerama.
* Donate at least $1,000 to the organization.
* Issue a formal apology.

In addition, the student councillor who crafted the controversial motion to drop the fundraiser resigned…

Meanwhile, a group on campus has submitted a petition signed by 1,000 students calling for the student association president, Brittany Smyth, to be impeached over the incident, which they are calling “Shinerama-gate.”

While it never should have come to this, I do have to give the Canucks credit for dealing with this in such a forthright manner.  Hopefully, their impressionable young minds learned a lesson about the toxic nature of political correctness and how it’s nothing more than an obstacle to compassion.


December 3, 2008 - Posted by | Canucks

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  1. Jonathan, I have a personal favor to ask you and it is a chance to help out a young Marine who will never get the chance to deploy now. Would you please read the first article on my site and repost it here? I would never ask such a thing for myself, but this is not for my benefit at all.

    Thank you.

    Comment by Concerned Citizen | December 3, 2008

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