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Fare thee well, my friends!

A little over four years ago, I gave this blogging thing a shot.  It began with an e-mail to my family and friends letting them know of my blog.  It took about a month or two of posts before someone finally left a comment, and I was excited about the comment…until it became clear that the commenter was a barking moonbat.  I thought “I sure hope it gets better than this!”

Well, it did.  Four years, five thousand posts, over ten thousand comments, and several national mentions later, this blog took off.  True, it never compared to the “big boys” of the blogosphere like Little Green Footballs or Michelle Malkin, but that was never my goal.  My goal was to inform, amuse, and spark discussion.  Along the way, I’ve made a lot of friends, and for that, I will always be grateful.  You guys are the best!

I also learned a lot of things myself.  I learned that politics, while important, is not the end-all and be-all of life.  Faith, family, friends, and fun are so much more important than who wins and loses elections.  I have been awakened to the reality that while politics is temporary, God is eternal.  Our time on Earth is limited, so I plan to make the most of the blessings that God has given to me.  If you lack faith, might I recommend “The Case for Christ” by Lee Strobel?  Powerful stuff.  Once Jesus saves you, your life will never be the same…and that’s a good thing!

At any rate, I want to thank each and every person who has visited this blog, regardless on whether or not you have commented here.  I also want to thank each person who has contacted me, either by comment or e-mail, and told me how much they’ve enjoyed my writing.  As a writer of any sort, that’s the best compliment that one can receive.  I have been moved by the kind words of folks who I may possibly never personally meet.

In closing, I would like to ask that you fine folks keep in touch.  You will probably see me around the blogosphere every once in a while leaving comments at places like Jenn’s Screw Liberals.  She’s a good friend of mine, like many of you are.  Also…

In light of the heavy lobbying I have received by many of you (and I am humbled by that), I am contemplating reviving Crush Liberalism in the spring, likely around March or April.  However, if I do, it would probably be in the form of a weekly column, much like Ann Coulter does (albeit with much less antagonism and shock factor…I doubt that God wants me to have that kind of p#ss and vinegar in my writing).  If that’s something you guys would like to see, please let me know by shooting me an e-mail at crushliberalism AT hotmail D0T c0m.  I want to collect your e-mail addresses so I can sell it to a spam house for profit…I’m kidding!  It’s so I can blast off an e-mail to you if/when the column comes out.

Until then, may God bless each and every one of you, and may you experience the peace and liberating joy than knowing Jesus brings to your life.  I love you all!

Your friend in Christ,

Jonathan aka Crush Liberalism

P.S.  If you’re ever going to be in the Jacksonville, FL, area, let me know and we may be able to get together for a moment or two.  It would be a pleasure to meet you!

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  1. May your seas be calm and your horizon clear. All the best, Jon.

    Comment by TheBad | January 1, 2009

  2. Love the idea of you returning in the spring! Hope is a great thing! Whatever you decide, we love you and wish you all the best. Happy New Years! God bless us, everyone…

    Comment by donna, Los Osos, CA | January 1, 2009

  3. This is NOT a good way to start the New Year, Sir! 😛

    I kid of course. I do hope you come back to blog a bit in the spring.

    Good luck Jon and God bless!

    Comment by Ed B. | January 1, 2009

  4. John,

    I’ve known you for many years (going back to FSU), and I can honestly say I have learned more from you than all the profs I had at FSU. You’ve made me a better person and teacher.

    God Bless!


    Comment by steve | January 2, 2009

  5. May the wind be at your back. You’ll be missed, and I do look forward to the day when you revive this site.

    Comment by Braden | January 2, 2009

  6. Enjoy your time off, and thanks for all the effort you’ve put in with this thing.

    Comment by Marla | January 2, 2009

  7. I was inspired by Crush Liberalism, Ronald Reagan, Sarah Palin, JC Watts…now is not the time to quit. Please reconsider. I created my site with a link to Crush Liberalism and the many many many others that have had enough of liberalism. please reconsider. happy new year. 2009 will be the year all Conservatives (#tcot, #SGP, etc) unite to CRUSH LIBERALISM!!!

    Comment by joe | January 2, 2009

  8. Thanks to a mutual friend, I learned of your blog and your leaving us. I hope that your words and thoughts will not disappear, as the mission you had set before yourself is as urgent and as important as it ever was. Still God has His plans for all of us, and if He leads you, you must follow. Thanks for your words and insight. I will be very busy reading your archives patiently awaiting the Spirit to move you to write again in the spring.

    God Bless,

    Comment by ARJIS | January 2, 2009

  9. A job well done son! Looking forward to seeing you in the spring.

    Comment by tnjack | January 2, 2009

  10. Dear Crush Liberalism,

    I’m one of the silent ones on this blog. I primarily know you through I always make sure to read you thoroughly there. I hope you do come back in April but I suspect we may see your comments here and there. As mom to the aforementioned blogger I wish you well and pray the Spirit of the Living Lord, Savior and Creator would give you peace and refreshment.

    Comment by mom | January 2, 2009

  11. Bummer! I was hoping you’d change your mind. Hope to hear from you in the spring.

    Comment by Lori C. | January 2, 2009

  12. Jon, good luck in your future endeavors, whether they include a return to blogging or not. I’ve enjoyed reading these past few years.

    Comment by A.C. McCloud | January 3, 2009

  13. Yes, yes! A weekly would be excellent. Don’t be a stranger.

    Thanks for all the good stuff over the years!

    Comment by Henry, Ojai, CA | January 3, 2009

  14. May God bless you Jonathan and all of the “regulars” at Crushliberalism. I will miss you all!

    Aloha ‘Oe … until we meet again.

    Comment by Kanaka Girl | January 5, 2009

  15. It’s been a true pleasure reading your perspectives and trading comments with you over the past few years. I’ll definitely miss your blog. I’ll be looking for your occasional input in various bloggers’ comments sections (and hopefully some on my blog, too).

    I look forward to meeting you in person in the near future as I’ll be back in Jax for my 30-year reunion in 2015, if not sooner.

    Comment by Reverse_Vampyr | January 5, 2009

  16. You’re among “the good guys,” Jonathan. It’s been a wonderful four years of Crush. I am proud and honored to know you as a fellow blogger on the Right side of the Center. We are fortunate to have you on “our” side. Thanks for all the tips and answering the periodic questions I tossed out at ‘ya over the years. Happy New Year and let’s stay in touch.

    Comment by David Drake | January 5, 2009

  17. Jonathan….I have visited your blog everyday for two years now and am sad to see you go….With that said, I sincerely hope to see more of you this spring. May God bless you and guide you to the next stages of your life

    Comment by michael | January 5, 2009

  18. Thank you, everyone! Until we meet again… 🙂

    Comment by crushliberalism | January 7, 2009

  19. So, does this mean you can make it to more games next season?!?!? 😉 You’ve done a great job, and this blog will be greatly missed. Best of luck always, and God Bless. Hopefully I’ll make it up to your neck of the woods again soon.

    Comment by ManicNole | January 8, 2009

  20. I hope so, Manic. Thanks for your friendship and your patronage!

    Comment by crushliberalism | January 8, 2009

  21. You WILL be missed, sir.

    Sounds base, I know, but please buy some o’ my bumper stickers:

    Comment by Joltin' Django | January 16, 2009

  22. Now that you seem to have found the Lord, do you apologize for all the times you suggested that I engaged in bestiality because my opinion differed from yours?

    You can leave your apology here.

    How is your goatee?

    Comment by Chris | January 16, 2009

  23. Man, I thought you were kidding. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! -Jenn

    Comment by operationvalentine69 | January 16, 2009

  24. “Chris”,

    Yes, I have apologized. On two occasions, in fact. The first one was in this post, and the second was a reply to a hit-and-run comment you left. Had you bothered to see if anyone replied to your gloating, you would have seen it. At least you can see it now.

    Yes, I did indeed apologize for my own actions. After all, on Judgment Day when I appear before God Almighty, I will have to give an account of my life. Do you think “Well, this ‘Chris’ guy started it!” is going to wash? Me neither. You are responsible for your actions, and I am responsible for mine. Thus, my apology was humbly and sincerely given.

    “Chris”, the great thing about coming to Christ is that the anger and hostility I have felt towards depraved souls like you is gone. Said anger has been replaced with sympathy, because I genuinely hope that whatever depravity lurks in your heart will one day be annihilated by the Holy Spirit. My friend, if God can save a wretch like me, he can save you, too.

    Go with God,


    P.S. The goatee has been replaced by a full beard. Thanks for asking! 🙂

    Comment by crushliberalism | January 16, 2009

  25. Good luck brother…your dissection of moonbat madness always informed and amused me. Hope to see you around in the future!

    Comment by Capitalist Fanboy | January 17, 2009

  26. Sorry to see you leave. It does seem that a blog does have a certain lifespan, past which it begins to cut into the rest of one’s life. Always enjoyed your posts.

    Comment by yojoe | February 5, 2009

  27. Jonathan– saddened to hear you are putting Crush Liberalism on hiatus. I still lurked here every once in a while, whether or not I commented. Thanks for your support over the years…and God Speed in whatever you do…if I’m ever in Jacksonville, I’ll look you up. If you’re in the NYC area, drop Buckley and I a line.

    RH Potfry

    Comment by RH Potfry | February 8, 2009

  28. Will do, Potfry. You guys still have the most hilarious satire blog on the web, by far. 🙂

    Comment by crushliberalism | February 9, 2009

  29. Dude, I cannot believe you’ve kept to your retirement. The Obama adminstration is providing sooooo much material.

    You’ve GOT to be feeling like a dieter in a chocolate factory, man.

    Comment by The Truth Hurts | February 13, 2009

  30. Yeah, at times it is tempting to pound out a post. Dude is a providing a cornucopia of blogworthy material. But, retirement is pretty nice right now! 8)

    Comment by crushliberalism | February 15, 2009

  31. Crush, I can believe you are holding off here. MUST be like an alcoholic at Munich Octoberfest…

    Comment by DJ | March 6, 2009

  32. Hurry back Crush. You’re needed.
    It’s time.

    Comment by tnjack | March 9, 2009

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