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Will Obama learn from California’s economic disaster?

Sure he will…when monkeys fly out of his squeakhole.  I mean, just last week, Uhhhh-bama was telling us how awesome Cali’s economy has been and how the rest of the country should emulate it.

See, while his gaffe-tastic VP admits that they didn’t have a firm grasp on economic reality when they passed the Generational Theft Act (or, if you prefer, the “stimulus” bill), they are intent on pushing us into a debt explosion that will likely double long-term interest rates and cause another recession.  Kevin Hassett at Bloomberg thinks that Californiastan’s lesson will derail Oprompter’s socialist plans, but I disagree.  After all, leftists don’t let facts and reality get in the way of their warped worldview. But here’s an excerpt from Hassett that hits the nail on the head:

The Obama administration has no shame, and is willing to abandon reason altogether to achieve its short-term political goals. Ronald Reagan ran up big deficits in part because he believed that his tax cuts would produce economic growth, and ultimately pay for themselves. He may well have been excessively optimistic about the merits of tax cuts, but at least he had a story.

Obama has no story. Nobody believes that his unprecedented expansion of the welfare state will lead to enough economic growth. Nobody believes that it will pay for itself. Everyone understands that higher spending today begets higher spending tomorrow. That means that his economic strategy simply doesn’t add up.

Oh, it “adds up”, alright.  It adds up to be the most irresponsible and damaging blow to capitalism possible.  One wonders if that’s not the left’s true intent.


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AP swoons over “special relationship” between Obama and MSM

I hope you haven’t recently eaten anything, because it will come right up.  Intro:

Even President Barack Obama, a gleam in his eye as he talked at the Radio and Television Correspondents’ Association dinner two weeks ago, seemed to recognize the special relationship he’s forged with TV networks in the opening months of his administration.

“A few nights ago I was up tossing and turning and trying to figure out exactly what to say,” he said. “Finally, when I couldn’t get back to sleep, I rolled over and asked Brian Williams what he thought.”

The reference to the NBC anchor and host of the prime-time “Inside the Obama White House” special this spring drew loud laughter.

Nope…no liberal media bias!

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