Crush Liberalism

Liberalism: Why think when you can “feel”?

Obama: ObamaCare will NOT pay for abortions; FactCheck: Yes, it will

Whom should I believe?  A compulsive liar who has a proven track record of corruption and thuggery, or an organization that prides itself on accuracy with data and investigative facts to back up their claims?

I’m leaning towards the latter.

August 24, 2009 - Posted by | abortion, health care, Obama


  1. It’s kind of ironic that O is quoting the Bible when trying to sell this boondoggle.
    Perhaps he should go back and read the Ten Commandments…

    Thou shalt not STEAL…
    Thou shalt not KILL…
    Thou shalt not bear FALSE WITNESS…

    Comment by Kanaka Girl | August 24, 2009

  2. KG, Don’t forget false idols…ie Big Gov’t worship

    Comment by DJ | August 24, 2009

  3. But those never pertain to Chicago politicians do they?

    Comment by tnjack | August 24, 2009

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