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Conservatives fighting national Republican Party

I am a conservative, NOT a Republican.  Olympia Snowe is a Republican, NOT a conservative.  One is not necessarily the other.

One of the many reasons that the GOP lost control of Congress and the White House was that the GOP alienated its conservative base.  Years of expanding the size of the federal government, Hispandering by way of catering to criminal immigrants, backing an old RINO for president, piling on pork, etc., have kept conservatives at home during the last two election cycles.

Has the national GOP learned a lesson?  Hardly.

One needs look no further than the special House election next Tuesday in NY-23.  The race is to fill a seat vacated by Republican John McHugh, tapped to be the Secretary of the Army.  The Dems picked a guy named Bill Owens.  The local GOP, in a closed-door behind-the-scenes decision, picked Dede Scozzafava over Doug Hoffman.  Hoffman decided to run as a member of the Conservative Party, since he never got a chance to fight in a Republican primary.

There’s a lot to the race, but here’s all you need to know about Scozzafava:

She’s no conservative.  She’s a RINO.  A pro-abortion, pro-ACORN, pro-union, pro-card check, pro-tax (before she was shamed into claiming to be anti-tax), pro-stimulus, pro-“cap-and-trade”, pro-gay marriage “Republican”.

Here’s what is sad, though: Scozzafava has the support (including heavy financial support) of Newt Gingrich and the national Republican Party.

It’s not like the district is a liberal district and you need a RINO to compete in it, a la Maine with Snowe and Collins.  No, the district was represented by a conservative Republican who won in a brutal year for Republicans by a comfortable margin!  It’s a red district that has been so since 1871, so there is NO need to nominate a RINO!

Newt and the national GOP fear that with Hoffman on the ticket, votes will be split and the Democrat Owens will win.  A recent poll (read into it what you will) suggests the race is actually down to two people: Owens and Hoffman, with Scozzafava fading badly.  The votes may indeed be split to where Owens will win.  If that happens, the GOP will have no one to blame but themselves for handing over a district they’ve held for 138 years, and they would be well suited to dump Scozzafava and tap Hoffman to run against Owens next year in the regular election.

However, if Hoffman wins, despite the powerful backing of Newt and the national GOP, the message will be loud and clear to the ol’ boys of the Republican Party: “Know your role, and shut your hole!”

By the way, Hoffman has earned a ton of endorsements from national Republicans who are bucking the party: Sarah Palin, Fred Thompson, Tim Pawlenty, Jim DeMint, and former NRCC chair Tom Cole.  Rush has endorsed Hoffman, too, and has his own unflattering assessment for the national GOP.  More national endorsements come in for Hoffman every day.  Romney and Huck, two names mentioned for 2012, are silent.

Exit money quote #1 from Newt:

Gingrich called Scozzafava a “liberal Republican” for her support of gay marriage and abortion rights. But he defended those positions as in-step with her district and her predecessor, former Rep. John McHugh (R-N.Y.), who was tapped to be President Barack Obama’s Army Secretary.

Is it too much to ask that before you make such ridiculous comments such as “It takes a liberal to win this district” and “Her views are just like her predecessor’s”, maybe you should know a little something of the electoral history of the district and of McHugh?

I mean, if I said “I endorse Cindy Sheehan for governor of MS, because anti-troop barking moonbats are the only ones who can get elected to statewide office in this cherry red state”, you’d think I fell on my head or something.

Also, McHugh earned a 100% rating from the National Right to Life Committee (a list that Scozzafava won’t be appearing on anytime soon), and a 0% rating from the pro-infanticide group NARAL.  You’d think Newt might have looked into that before saying that McHugh and Scozzafava were carbon copies of each other.

Exit money quote #2 from Newt:

Gingrich also attacked Hoffman for not having proper knowledge of local issues and living outside the 23rd district.

“So I say to my many conservative friends who suddenly decided whether they’re from Minnesota, or Alaska, or Texas, they know more than the upstate New York Republicans? I don’t think so,” he added.

Good point.  After all, outsiders from AK, TN, SC, TX, MO, MN, etc., certainly don’t know as much about NY-23 as…um…an outsider from GA.

Besides, I don’t think Newt needs to point out anyone’s carpetbagger credentials.  His own are pretty impressive.

In an election cycle where people are absolutely fed up with the Communist in Chief and his Marxist enablers in Congress, leave it to the GOP to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

October 28, 2009 - Posted by | conservatism, Newt Gingrich, shameful


  1. Well said. This issue is disheartening. If the party would just follow conservative principles we wouldn’t have such a schism. It was their undoing, as you pointed out in the last two elections and I’m afraid it might keep them reaping the gains they otherwise would get in 2010 if this continues.

    Comment by joe | October 28, 2009

  2. Excellent points! I think Newt may have just Neutered his chances for the presidency in 2012! I hope so. Maybe he and buddy McCain can reminisce and hold hands in their old (and totally out of touch) age.
    It’s time for a housecleaning of RINOs!

    Comment by tnjack | October 28, 2009

  3. I’m not fond of RINOs, either. I don’t have that much of a problem with RINOs like former Rep. Chris Shays of CT, if AND ONLY IF they come from districts that would NEVER, EVER vote for a conservative. The problem with NY-23 is that it is not such a district, yet the national party misread that fact.

    Comment by crushliberalism | October 28, 2009

  4. tnjack, I hope you’re right that Newt is done. I used to like him, but more and more he’s showing that he’s just another political opportunist who will say or do whatever it takes to get elected. I want someone with core values that are unwavering. Someone who’s more interested in SERVING their country, than being served by it.

    The RNC better wake up and listen to the people for a change.

    Comment by Kanaka Girl | October 28, 2009

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