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2009 election results

I was 2-of-3 in my predictions yesterday.  I got VA and NY-23 correct, but I got NJ wrong.  I’m thrilled that the people of NJ decided to stop their insanity (continuously electing Democrats while their economy tanked and taxes skyrocketed) and try something different.

The left and right will spin these results to their liking, but here’s my takeaway for the evening:

VA:  This is still a center-right state.  Dems win in VA by pretending not to be liberal.  All Creigh Deeds had to run with last night was “Don’t vote for McDonnell, because he wrote something I find objectionable when he was in college!”  Oddly enough, no one in the MSM seemed that concerned about what Barry or Shelly O wrote in college, but I digress.  The fact is that B.O. just isn’t that popular in VA these days.  That may explain why he stayed away from the campaign trail there.

NJ:  This is still a deep blue state.  Granted, the governor-elect Chris Christie didn’t have to pretend to be a moderate or a RINO to win, as he ran on conservative principles.  But with taxes so ludicrously high and the economy there in dire straits, the people of NJ didn’t trust or like Jon Corzine.  Corzine even called in B.O. to run his campaign, and it didn’t work.  (Sidebar: Some on the left say that Deeds lost VA because, in part, he didn’t embrace Uhhhhh-bama.  That dog won’t hunt, because Corzine did embrace B.O., and he still lost by about 4%…in a dark blue state.)  Christie will have to contend with a predominantly Democrat legislature, but let them go on record opposing tax cuts and tax reform.

NY-23:  Michelle Malkin has a great summary at her blog that best reflects my view.  Sure, it would have been awesome for Hoffman to win.  And it looks like Scuzzieblahblah’s defection tilted the election to the Democrat Bill Owens.  However, hopefully the GOP learned a valuable lesson here: instead of allowing a bunch of senile old dudes to pick the party’s nominee in a pizzeria and then pumping a cool mill into the leftist’s campaign, how’s about allowing a primary and then stay the heck out while the people of that district pick their winner (see FL in Senate 2010 race)!  It is highly unlikely that Scuzzie would have gotten a second look in the district were she on a primary ballot, and her endorsement would have instead had two effects: jack and squat.  We accept RINOs where we know that we absolutely MUST (see the Maine sisters in the Senate), but we won’t accept pro-abortion, pro-ACORN, pro-gay marriage, pro-union “Republicans” in cherry red districts.

Anywho, does this 2-of-3 Republican evening spell doom for the Dems next year?  Hard to say, since 12 months is a political eternity.  However, it certainly means that taking a snapshot of today, things are not looking good for them at all.

November 4, 2009 - Posted by | conservatism, polls


  1. I had to laugh when Robert Gibbs came out and said Obama wasn’t watching the returns. Just like he had no idea when millions of American citizens were marching in the streets to protest his Marxist policies? Either the guy is completely delusional or he’s an unabashed liar. (My guess is BOTH!) Either way, yesterday was only a tiny little taste of what’s to come in 2010.

    Comment by Kanaka Girl | November 4, 2009

  2. I thought it was great also. It also exposed a couple of RINOs in the process. Newt and Michael Steele both endorsed Scuzaflavoflav who dropped out and turned her support to the democrat! Personally I think both Newt and Steele should turn in their Executive Washroom Keys to the Republican Party Headquarters.

    Comment by tnjack | November 4, 2009

  3. KG, he really wasn’t watching the election returns. He was too busy watching a documentary…about himself!

    Comment by crushliberalism | November 4, 2009

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