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Scott Brown wins Ted Kennedy’s people’s seat

In related news, Hell freezes over.

There’s lots of postmortem to be performed here over the next couple of days or so.  A few of the gems are here:

House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer says that the reason that MA is electing a Republican is because of…anger at Republican obstructionism?  Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?  My head’s about to explode.

Obama has learned a lesson from tonight’s disaster in MA.  The lesson?  Don’t play nice, and keep on ramming socialism down the peasants’ throats, whether they like it or not.

Boston Globe has a “Dewey Defeats Truman” moment.  But nope…no liberal media bias!

You know what is the absolute tastiest, sweetest, most chocolatey irony of them all?  The Dems’ naked power play in MA back in 2004 came back to bite them square in their Marxist elitist tushes today!

Recall that back in 2004, Senator Jean-Francois Heinz-Kerry (who is rumored to have served in Vietnam) was running for president against Bush the Impaler (for those of you on the left, that reference is making fun of you, not Dubya).  Polls showed that Kerry stood a chance of winning.  The governor of MA at the time was Republican Mitt Romney, and Democrats feared that if Kerry won, he’d have to give up his Senate seat to whomever Romney appointed, which would have been a Republican.  Rather than allow that to happen, Ted Kennedy laid off the sauce long enough to lobby state Dems to change the law.  Instead of a gubernatorial appointment, a special election would decide who the replacement would be.  The blue state would choose a Democrat, thus preventing the Republican governor from altering the makeup of the U.S. Senate.

As it turned out, Kerry lost.  So for the time being, the issue seemed moot.  But then Kennedy died, and the 2004 law reared its ugly head.  The current governor of MA, Deval Patrick, is a Democrat, but he couldn’t appoint a permanent Democrat replacement.  Instead, the electorate was tasked with doing that today.  And wouldn’t you know it?  They elected a Republican!

Had Dems left well enough alone in 2004, today wouldn’t have happened.  They thought they were being clever back then, but little did they know that they were merely setting themselves up for a future humiliation, the likes of which they could never envision.  Karma’s a female dog, no?  😆

January 19, 2010 - Posted by | Massachusetts


  1. This is a brilliant post! You are on fire! Whiskey Tango Foxtrot….I love it!

    Comment by George | January 19, 2010

  2. Thanks, George! My faith precludes me from using the real terminology behind WTF! 😆

    Comment by crushliberalism | January 20, 2010

  3. I just fear he’s a typical New England RINO. He talks a good game now, but he has to get reelected, and I fear he may turn left.

    BTW did anyone else watch the excuse fest on PMSNBC last night. Why wont they just admit even Mass, and it’s left leaning population looked at Cokley, and said way to leftist. Also they need to face up that Obama has no coat tails.

    Comment by Steve | January 20, 2010

  4. Steve,

    He may ultimately prove to be a RINO. But if he keeps his word and (a) fights against ObamaCare and (b) fights for low taxes, then he can be useful. After all, what’s better: a liberal Democrat from MA or a squishy Republican from MA? A bedrock conservative from MA will likely never emerge, so we should probably take what we can get.

    Comment by crushliberalism | January 20, 2010

  5. Can’t you just hear the pitter patter of the democrat lawyers’ feet as they’re beating a path to Mass? They will search the dumpsters AGAIN to find dirt on Scott Brown and probably the same ones that went to Alaska a few years ago!

    Comment by tnjack | January 20, 2010

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