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Quote of the day, “Robert Reich sees time-traveling Republican mouthpiece” edition

Bubba’s former Labor Secretary, Robert Reich, is teaching impressionable young minds at Berserkeley how the GOP won both chambers of Congress in 1994:

Even worse, by that time the Dems had lost the House and Senate. Washington was riding a huge anti-incumbent wave. Right-wing populists were the ascendancy, with Newt Gingrich and Fox News leading the charge.

That’s a pretty neat trick…considering that Fox News didn’t start until October of 1996.  For those of you on the left, that’s two years after the Republicans won Congress.

But see, that’s just further proof as to how diabolical Fox News is.  Yessirree, FNC was actually able to start up in 1996, teleport back two years prior so as to give unflattering coverage to Democrats, then warp back to 1996.  All undetected.  Just like Timecop, except Jean-Claude Van Damme’s character is played by Sean Hannity.  That’s just scary genius right there.

For those of you on the left, the prior paragraph was an example of sarcasm.


January 27, 2010 - Posted by | Fox News, quote of the day

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