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Notes from Obama’s SOTU address

1.  Chris Matthews says he forgot B.O. was a black man “for and hour”.  Awaiting howls of racial condemnation from the left in 3…2…1…

2.  B.O. criticized the recent Supreme Court decision that allows businesses and organizations to exercise their First Amendment rights.  Justice Alito dissented, publicly.  Rep. Joe Wilson just called to tell Justice Alito that he could have been a little more vocal about it. 😆  Anywho, you would figure that a constitutional law professor like Uhhhh-bama would be a little more familiar with the Constitution and with Supreme Court precedents.

3.  Not content with the negative fallout from his unpopular socialized medicine plan, B.O. thought trying to implement another massively unpopular policy (allowing gays to serve openly in the military) would be just the thing to get America back on his side.

4.  Here’s our DHS Secretary, putting the “nap” in “Napolitano”.  Reid apparently forgot to take his 5-Hour Energy shot, too.

5.  Fact check: You know, Obama’s kinda full of bovine feces on a bunch of things he said last night, huh?

6.  Russ (via Ace) said that the big winner from the SOTU speech was…Jimmy Carter.  How?  Because now, Carter is no longer the official worst president we’ve seen in our lifetime.  B.O. now has that dubious distinction.  After all, can you ever recall a president that was a lame duck after just ONE year?

January 28, 2010 - Posted by | bigotry, Constitution, health care, Janet Napolitano, moonbats, Obama, Reid, Supreme Court


  1. I just had a very lengthy discussion with a college-student co-worker over Obama’s policies and his speech. (Admittedly, I didn’t watch the speech. I tried, but I just couldn’t stomach more than about 5 minutes of it.) My co-worker, however, not only drank the kool-aid last night, he got outright drunk on it. He loves Obama because Obama is going to wipe away his college loans. He said his “income to debt ratio” is seriously upside down and Obama is going to remedy that. I SOOOO can’t wait until he gets out into the REAL world and Obama starts reaching into HIS pocket to subsidize his minions. When I told him I grew up in a time where people actually WORKED to pay for college and thought there was absolutely nothing wrong with that, he looked at me like I threw kerosene on a fire.
    I fear for our future.

    Comment by Kanaka Girl | January 28, 2010

  2. I’ll give Obama this… He can read a good speech!

    However America needs to wake up! Nothing is for free. Everything has a cost: Money, Freedom, Security, Equality. One doesn’t ever come without you sacrificing all or part of the others. Make your choice and live with it. I choose Freedom.

    Comment by Steve | January 28, 2010

  3. I had to have two glasses of wine before I could watch the speech. In my opinion, his speeches are pure rubbish. People seem to be swept away by the mechanics, which may remind them of an impassioned preacher (especially when he does the shouting over applause…so annoying…) but it is pure pablum. By the way, I’m glad Jimmy Carter was mentioned here…most people always say this is the worst X or Y since the Depression, and I tell them that I’m old enough to remember Jimmy Carter.

    Lastly, when Obama was elected, I thought we were going to experience Jimmy Carter’s second term. Now, I think we’re seeing the prequel! I hate to say it, but I fear the Carter years will be a golden age compared to the incompetence of the Obama administration.

    Comment by George | January 28, 2010

  4. I thoughr when you mentioned item 2. that it sounded like Nobama was trying to punk out a rival gang member. No wait… this was the Supreme Court which is an EQUAL power to the executive branch,at least presently it is STILL an equal power. He’ll have to work on that!

    Comment by tnjack | January 31, 2010

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