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Global warming movement is dead

To quote Bones from Star Trek: “It’s dead, Jim.”

Awesome column here, but the takeaway quote:

“The global warming movement as we have known it is dead,” the brilliant analyst Walter Russell Mead says in his blog on The American Interest. It was done in by a combination of bad science and bad politics.

In other news, DC is digging out from about three feet of global warming right now.


February 6, 2010 - Posted by | global warming


  1. In a way this is a shame. I respect the environment, and believe we can do more to consume less and leave a cleaner planet than we were left. Of course I believe it should be market driven rather than governmentaly driven. Science or no, it’s the right thing to do, and I believe most Americans or people in the world feel that way. Unfortunately radicals took over this good idea to push a contrary agenda. Lets not forget the idea of a cleaner planet is still a good one regardless.

    Comment by Steve | February 6, 2010

  2. Oh snap! What’s going to happen with all those promised “green jobs” now?

    Comment by Lee | February 7, 2010

  3. You know, Steve, if it had been presented your way to the country, they’d be getting a lot more cooperation that from the hysterical “You’re killing the planet and we’re all gonna die” crap.

    Comment by The Truth Hurts | February 8, 2010

  4. Radicalism rarely is right, and is often driven by alterior motives. No on has a problem with envionmentalism, and one can still believe in climate change or not. The reason for the failure is that the topic was taken over by those who advocate Communism and one world government. The movements leaders used Climate Change as the tool to ralley the third world and to punish the industerialized nations who they see as taking advantage of earth’s resources in a disproportionate way.

    To have a successful Environmental movement, as I said, it needs to be market driven. That way there is no blame, and all benifit from the cleaner planet economically and environmentally.

    Comment by Steve | February 8, 2010

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